Two Year Anniversary

Today is the day.

I’m over 151,000 hits, so I had close to twice as many hits this year as last while posting only half as often as last year.  Thanks to my Readers who clicked and read and commented, and to the Rabbits who consistently linked to this blog.

My stats:

I don’t really have much else to say about this in particular.  The bar graph doesn’t leave much room for creativity.

Rather let me  talk about more fundamental matters:

Ananda K. Coomaraswamy said this of art:

“The student of art […] must rather love than be curious about the subject of study.”

This sounds right at first, but is it??  I think it betrays a fear of some sort.  As if being curious, or accepting the fact that one is curious, would eventually kill love, or even worse, could deny that there was ever any love in the first place.  In fact, if you think about it, this is silly.  Curiosity is a fundamental part of love.  Deleuze, speaking about Proust, says the following:

“It may be that friendship is nourished on observation and conversation, but love is born from and nourished on silent interpretation.  The beloved appears as a sign, a ‘soul’; the beloved expresses a possible world unknown to us, implying, enveloping, imprisoning a world that must be deciphered, that is, interpreted…To love is to try to explicate, to develop these unknown worlds that remain enveloped within the beloved.”

Sadly, Deleuze/Proust ends up saying that “jealousy is deeper than love”.  I’d like to think that although jealousy can be a strong passion, jealousy with regard to people or even works of art or anime, it can be transcended and left behind.  Think about the worship of gods and goddesses and the love that the faithful give to them.

You might think the gods are so lofty that we can’t be jealous of them because of their fundamental difference from us.  But take the case of Dyonisus.  As is said in Bacchae:

“His mother dropped him early,

as her womb, in forceful birth pangs,

was struck by Zeus’ lightning bolt,

a blast which took her life.”

Dionysus’ birth was as hard as any mortal’s.  Did he despair?   Did Dionysus go straight  into the monastery and pray for his mother’s soul?  Hmm, not exactly.  Instead:

“He’s welcome in the mountains,

when he sinks down to the ground,

after the running dance,

wrapped in holy deerskin […]

As he dances, he runs,

here and there,

rousing the stragglers,

stirring them with his cries,

thick hair rippling in the breeze.”

Dionysus recovered from a terrible beginning and literally sprang to life.  How could his followers not love him each in their own way?  The Maenads themselves say:

“Ah yes, what’s good is always loved.”

In their sacrifices big and small they share something of the god himself.  No, they are the god.  They endure, they laugh and they carry on.

In the midst of this sea of troubles

no one would ever overcome you

could you but find the courage I see

in the fiery orbs beneath your eyes.

I wish everyone in the blogosphere and beyond the best in everything as I set out in my third year of blogging.  See you around.

~ by Haloed Bane on November 11, 2010.

43 Responses to “Two Year Anniversary”

  1. I was thinking of Reavers at seeing the bar graph.

    Anyway congrats~! Maybe I should start getting into Leijiverse to get more out of your recent blogging…

    • Thank you so much.

      If you ever decide to probe the Leijiverse, just look around my blog to see what shows catch your attention [I’ve tagged every single post on this metaverse with “Leijiverse”, that’s why the tag on the right is so huge!]. Most of Matsumoto’s work is not ruined by spoilers (the only major exception in my opinion is Captain Herlock: Endless Odyssey; don’t ever read anything about it until you watch it all).

  2. So many bloggers celebrate their anniversary this month. I guess November is the trend two/three years back to start a blog.


  3. Im waitng 4 u 2c wat ur tawts r on soul eater 79 -i logon js to check wat u tnk

    • I read it, but I didn’t comment on it because I thought it was lame. How could it end like that?! This whole book of Eibon arc has been lame. I’ll take the Baba Yaga arc over it any time. I’m guessing next chapter we’ll get to see Soul and Maka so that should be interesting…

  4. Darn, ak. I still haven’t touched a page of the Leijiverse to this day, why do you break my heart 😦

    It’ll be a matter of time. Until then, more power from a fellow November celebrant!

  5. congrats on two years and a post that looks much different from my own two-year anniversary post!

  6. Congratulations on 2 years dude. Keep the posts coming. Especially the Soul Eater ones, I still read your feed the most for those. 🙂

    • Thanks! Any time a good and hearty Soul Eater chapter comes out, I’ll be sure to cover it. But forget about the crappy ones!

      • But crappy chapters are when we need you the most!

        • Ha! It’s a paradox then, you’ll only get my help when you don’t need it. Life is like that, you know. Tell you what, I’ll make sure I do a post on the next chapter no matter how lousy it is. It already came out, didn’t it…

  7. Wow, congratulations! I know I never show up here except when it’s about an event like this, but anyways: Keep posting!

    • Once or twice a year is more than enough, thanks!! (not meaning that I hate your comments and even one a year is too much, you realize…)

  8. The good are not always loved, but the perfect is feared/revered/envied. I do think that I advocate the imperfect shows such that they may be loved.

    I always approach arguments about quality with trepidation, because I often agree with the criticisms but bot the conclusion (i.e. the show should not be loved because of its faults). Hence I am not the best defender of the shows.

    Thus, I prefer to write about what I do find interesting about it. I see much of this in your writing as well. It is obvious to me how much you regard the material you cover, but I do not feel a sense of superiority that comes with the cultivation or preference for ‘good’ things.

    Congratulations on your milestone. I will always have an affinity for Kritik der Animationskraft even if only for the reason that I belong in your blog writing generation, just like gaguri, schneider, and emperorj.

    • Your interpretation of the “good/loved” quote is probably accurate from the point of view of Euripides’ original intention, but I was thinking of it in a less intellectual and more emotional sense:

      “Ah yes, what’s good is always loved.” Meaning, almost mysteriously: what’s good IS what is (or should be) (or must be) always loved.”

      And I guess love involves loving the faults as well…

      Thank you!!

      • I realize that I operate out of a Christian, NT love (yeah from Paul’s letter to the Corinthians) and I do this intuitively & emotionally.

        Technically, one should not love the failure to be good, but rather not to forsake the subject for such failure. It isn’t the failure that inspires love…

        Though it might inspire moé


        • Aha!

          Hmm…you know, when you get down to it, you cannot really choose what you love, can you? You just do.

          Corinthians is great.

          • Oh but you must choose the love act (even if it means to prolong/indulge love feelings).

            But first let us put aside the choice vs. determinism debate and indulge me that choice does exist and is practiced.

            Love happens, but after that it is now subject to the dynamics and inertia of feelings: something else inspires the intensity of the love formerly felt towards the subject, the subject fails to be desirable/be ‘good’/be ‘worthy,’ etc.

            It is is due to these kind of forks in the road that one can, or must choose to love lest one forfeits the choice and falls out of love indefinitely.

            If one is committed, then one must choose love every day. This is a truth I live in my own life.

  9. Congratulations on not violating the WordPress terms of service for two years.

  10. while I’ve only been reading for a few months congratulations on two years of blogging.

  11. Many happy returns of the day!

    Though I kinda remember how it ended for some of the Maenads – hail to enduring, laughing and carrying on!!!


  12. Nice bro. I haven’t been able to read hardly any of you this second year, but you’ve never stopped being my biggest inspiration as a blogger. When I come off of hiatus, I think my blog is going to look a lot more like this one, just with about a quarter of the intellect lol

  13. Congrats on reaching the two-year mark. I hope we get to read more things from you! We had our times writing stuff together, and I loved them. I really hope we get to write some of the anime we watch together again!

    Again, happy anniversary!

    • Thanks. At some point I definitely need to watch some current stuff. I’ll aim for the 2014 summer season!

  14. Congratulations on your second anniversary! 😀 Aha, the secret to doubling your traffic is posting less often! 😛 Even though you don’t post very often, your posts are very interesting in part due to your presentation with extra facts on practically any topic, be it kitties or Leiji (congrats to him on The Order of the Rising Sun awarded this year) 🙂

    An inspiring post this is! Humans are quite resilient creatures. A recent study from Stanford showed that willpower is not a limited resource, that is your self-efficacy rather than the difficulty of the circumstances is more important.

    Btw, your blog anniversary is close to my birthday 🙂

    “True love is like ghosts, which everyone talks about and few have seen.” 😛

    I didn’t get a chance to read and comment on any blogs lately because I am very busy with graduate school, but I might find some time in December.

    • Thanks. Good luck with all the finals and papers.

      “True love is like ghosts, which everyone talks about and few have seen”

      Could I add “but all have felt its presence”?

  15. […] appreciation in general. However I do think a good deal about these things (especially having read this), and I attempt to organize my thoughts […]

  16. Anniversaries, hell of a thing. Same thing next year, yeah?

    • And the year after that, and the year after that, but not the year after that one, because I’ll probably be sick of doing this by then.

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