Soul Eater 80: WOW


That was awful!

Can I go home now?  No?  Oh, OK.

"Crap! I told you we should have taken that left turn!!"

Never mind the absence of Medusa, Wolf, and all those neat characters…what Okubo is doing with the villains of the moment is ridiculous.  We’re supposed to be in a Book of Eibon arc.  So who is Eibon again?  What did we learn about him?  If Okubo did reveal something (I’m terrible for details) then it definitely didn’t stick, because the only thing I can say about Eibon is he’s got a book named after him, and if you go inside that book getting genderbent is about the only mildly interesting thing that will happen to you.  The End.

Then there’s Noah.  I’m on record as saying I don’t like him.  I believe I said that he should hop on his ark and sail away, a stupid phrase to fit what I thought was his own stupid existence.  But OK, he’s here, so I’d like Okubo to use him well.  I think having Noah just throw everything in his collection at Shibusen is funny.  Michelangelo’s David, that’s really funny.  The problem is that Okubo didn’t choose to make this into a funny fight, at least not initially.  When all the adults seemed roasted last episode, we thought “wow, that’s a bit much”, but then he should have stuck with it, instead of having everyone magically be alright again and ready for Noah’s comedic show-and-tell in this chapter.

And what’s a kishin again?  I kinda forgot.  Plus, Justin has turned into a parody of himself, and that’s not good.

Also, Kid meets up with Liz and Patty and they’re all like: “Hey”.  When characters stop caring for characters it means the writer has stopped caring for characters, which means that very soon fans will stop caring for characters too.  Hear hear.

Soul and Maka.  This is where Okubo seems to really be losing the plot.  If he can’t even integrate THEM into what’s going on, but has them come in like that…what’s the point???  I’m going to make my own fanficky interpretation of what happened: Soul and Maka decided to flee this mess of a plotline and they headed for a deserted island where they could resolve their issues and love each other for all eternity, but after walking and walking they ran into the Shibusen crew…oh no!  It’s tragic, really.

I’m happy for the Gopher fans.  I really am.  But that’s about the only nice feeling I had reading this.  Future generations might have to look back at this Book of Eibon arc and call it the Decline and Fall of Soul Eater.

p.s.  Not that I care, but what happened to the little jealous girl?  Was she just a figment of my imagination?  Gah, my imagination sucks these days.

~ by Haloed Bane on November 15, 2010.

21 Responses to “Soul Eater 80: WOW”

  1. I could cry!

  2. Why couldn´t Soul and Maka at least escape da “bad writing of DOOM”,dammit?
    Ohkubo,at least give me something to be happy about.I meant it.I really do.Or I`ll stop reading.

    Who am I kidding…I`d even read it if random Care Bears popped up and raped Noah.

    • I think we’re on the same boat.

      Confession Time: I have seen the Care Bears movie (1985) several times, and I can assure you, those bears are way too smart to get sucked into this plot.

      • I`m glad I`m not the only one thinking I´m being mind raped every month.

        Oh,don`t worry,I`ve seen that movie too and I`m going to have to agree with you.I think the Care Bears` level is too high for this particular arc.

        • For one thing, the Care Bears had the whole concept of teamwork down. Shibusen should watch some CB videos and see if they can learn something.

          • This.So much this.
            Is there even any way for Ohkubo to redeem himself after this disaster of an arc?

            • I don’t know. Some people seem to like it, though, so it might be case where the rest of us have to decide to jump ship and let him go on with it.

  3. Well, hell–I was hoping that you’d be able to explain this chapter. Or at least tell me that these happenings have a pattern that I’m not seeing; you know, like “This may look like random stupidity, but it’s really a dead-on parody of another manga called etc. etc.”

    Speaking of random, that brings to mind another Soul Eater question, and I’d like you to consider it if you’ve got a spare moment. It’s a weird little scene from Episode 29, and I’ve been meaning to ask somebody about it ever since I saw it. Arachne, Misquito and Giricco are eating dinner somewhere in Arachne’s castle, and Giricco and Mosquito are trading barbs like always, trying to tick each other off. As the insults fly back and forth, a phalanx of servants swap objects around on pedestals: red pots, white plates, tall red vase-thingies. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, you can watch it here:

    I’m betting it’s some kind of pun, I just don’t know what. Can you help a poor ignoramus out?

    • Yeah, I looked at it and I couldn’t tell what the joke was. Beyond the fact that white was for Giricco and red for Mosquito, I just don’t have a clue!

  4. Im js disapointd soul eater was an awesum story -mayb okubo is suffrn 4m dpression n cnt tnk wel… I was hping to c blair in action agn bt i had a fln h wud relegate kirik n blair to to a page apearance…n i was tnkn isnt soul a deathscythe cnt dy do netn otha than meditate- bt then i realisd this blakstar n kids turn to suposdly shine-i mean maka had a cool battle wt gopher… Ultimately i tnk maka n soul wl fite d last battle alone so mayb okubo is tryn to gv d othas their dues by makn noah awl bad ass- nw side note was it jus me or noah n hs demons a bit too Pokemon ? “cyclopz i choose u!” lol

  5. N o the tossin/changin of stuff thing… I tawt it was jst coz arachne is lyk their queen so mayb gets iritatd by tings being the same so they wud change the decor every fw secnds so dat she doesnt go awl syco on dm…people in power have these litle oddities abt dm selves-eg lets im arachne n i hate pink n awl my folowerz knw dat n wl go out of their way to make sure ntn is pink…u undastand?

    • Well, for what it’s worth, I checked out a few Japanese fansites and nobody seemed to understand why Giricco would be represented by white plates and Mosquito by red vases…Of course, Mosquito likes blood but other than that…

  6. I really want to read this manga after having seen the anime.

  7. […] it’s no secret that it’s gone downhill since entering the third major arc. Anime Kritik theorized that Ookubo had generally stopped caring about his story, and before he could take another breath, […]

  8. […] it’s no secret that it’s gone downhill since entering the third major arc. Anime Kritik theorized that Ookubo had generally stopped caring about his story, and before he could take another breath, […]

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