Tim Eldred Interviews Leiji Matsumoto (and We have Questions!)

I’m not sure exactly when but I know it’s happening very, very soon.  starblazers.com‘s Tim Eldred will interview Leiji Matsumoto and fans have been submitting questions in the hope that they will be picked up and….OMG….answered.

So a group of us, (iskra, yamiangie, myself) dubbed ourselves the Uchu Hotaru no Kai (宇宙ホタルの会 = Space Firefly Society) and sent in 5 questions.

Our questions are:

1). What led you to develop the ring of time concept for your works instead of just having a star system?

2). What Western “wild west” works inspired Gun Frontier?

3). Which of the original Space Pirate Captain Harlock crew members will we see in the CG film?

4). What is the fate of the online vols. 9 and 10 of the Ring of the Nibelungs manga?

[The website hosting these two volumes isn’t functioning, and the volumes don’t exist in print, so there seems to be no way to read, let alone acquire, these crucial books!]

5). What foreign languages did you study?

Anyway, happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it and a thank you to Mr. Matsumoto for enriching our worlds.

Kei Yuki, one of many fireflies in the Leijiverse (kei = firefly)

~ by Haloed Bane on November 25, 2010.

7 Responses to “Tim Eldred Interviews Leiji Matsumoto (and We have Questions!)”

  1. Good to know that I was included.

    Anyway I already sent my questions in ages ago.

    Thank you for Iskra’s email.

    Mine was:

    “Did Mayu really died in Herlock OVA?” and, in honor of you, “Is Harlock really a representation of Odin/Wotan?”

    Though I’m thinking of sending in another one of “Is Harlock’s personality defined by his pants?” for a lol factor :3 I know it is but I want to ask him something weird.

    • Or perhaps we can ask what sex position he likes the most :3 (Lol that will go down well)

      • you mean Harlock’s or Leiji’s?

        • ROFL

          I love your current of thought, guys. We should have included the underwear question too. Hardcore.

          You know, Odin came to my mind, naturally, but I thought better about asking. If Leiji says no, who came up with this bullshit, I’ll go like “Professor was wrong there” 😀 Harlock belongs to the world, we are so smart who cares what the author thinks about our theories!

  2. ok so my twitter stalking of anime journalist i found out that Patrick Macias Otaku USA editer in chief was also part of this interview. Sadly he tweeted that the interview fell though.
    He’s hiding from us

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