Franken Fran 45: The Yuri is In

Flat out the most important thing that happens in this episode is right in this panel:

Fran is referring to Veronica.  Now, I’m not going to argue for or against the likelihood of yuri feelings between the sisters, but I will declare categorically that the mangaka wants to impress us with this possibility.  If you think otherwise, you’re fooling yourself!!  Read that page again and ponder.

Kigitsu loves cockroaches, doesn’t he!  I bet you it’s because they are such a good symbol for the concept of Multiplicity, which he plainly loves (think back to the clones in chapter 13).  That and of course superheroes.

Fran preaches to Veronica the usual canard about sex and TV (people have lots of babies when they’re not otherwise entertained).  I see things from a completely different angle.  War and crime are not distractions from the imperative to multiply, far from it.  War and crime are part and parcel of this aim: we steal to feed our bodies, our brethren and our babies in order to multiply; we fight wars so that our own brood will have a better chance to multiply than that of foreigners.  I’m not saying this is necessarily logical, but it’s how things work.  Aggression (war, crime) is a weapon in the pursuit of multiplication.  Sex hovers between these two poles and I don’t think it can be tethered to either one.  But that’s a whole other topic.

BTW the alien looks awesome!  And the scanlators’ Daft Punk reference is nice!

~ by Haloed Bane on November 30, 2010.

9 Responses to “Franken Fran 45: The Yuri is In”

  1. Much as I love yuri implications, this post is as far as I’ll go with this chapter, just as I skipped Cockroach 1. I can’t deal with the critters.

  2. should it be snowing on you blog?

  3. Ever since Veronica was introduced there has been a fair bit of subtext, but yeah, it seems to be ramping up more recently.

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