P&Sw/G 10: Anarchy

This was good.  This was sublime.  This was brilliant.  Go and watch it NOW.

as advertised

There are three segments here with maybe a hint of a Hegelian dialectic but whatever.  Let’s get on with it.

The first segment, “Inner Brief” is classic Panty and Stocking: seven minutes of toilet plot with toilet humor, toilet climax and toilet resolution.  What I found remarkable here is how much aggression P & S showed toward Garterbelt in this story.  I’ve always felt like in the classic genre of a group of heroes under a handler/mastermind the animosity between the leader and the led is repressed.  Here it explodes as the sisters get to whack Garter around like it’s nobody’s business.  It’s pretty darn awesome.

See, what's happening here is that the angel is using her sword which used to be a stocking to stab a guy's brain so that the guy will beat the hell out of a perverted priest.

I wasn’t looking forward to the next segment, “Chuck to the Future”, simply because I didn’t like Chuck.  Well, I like him now.  What started out kinda moronic (Chuck’s against Fastener) evolved into something experimental (Chuck against the flies) and ended in I don’t know what but it was amazing.  Again, there’s something major going on in this segment: Chuck starts out like one of the classic Looney Tunes that will never die but is doomed to be tortured again and again by the writers.  It’s supposed to be funny, but here it stops being funny and still Chuck doesn’t die…instead there is some sort of realization?!

The third segment is a music video.  I’d like for you to pause for a moment: considering how the “music performance episode” is already threatening to become as stale a staple as the “beach episode” and the “school festival episode” (Kyoani, I’m looking at you!) what sort of animation team would follow up such an intensely twisted segment as “Chuck to the Future” with a video showing off the main characters singing a pop song?  Who would dare risk ending a hardcore crescendo of 17 ½ minutes like this??  THE GAINAX GUYS, AND THEY PULL IT OFF.

ANGELS = ヱンジェル

It doesn’t get any better than this.  The song starts with a subtle yet not subtle tribute to Hideki Anno with the title of the sequence being “We are Angels”,  二人はヱンジェル.  Before you bite my head off and point out that the Eva Angels in Japanese were called 使徒 (“shito” = apostle) and not Angels, that is not at all what I’m talking about.  I’m talking about the fact that the spelling of the katakana word for Angel here starts with the obsolete kana ヱ, an incorrect usage much loved by Anno who used it in Gunbuster (Exelion spelled ヱクセリヲン) and in the Evangelion films  (ヱヴァンゲリヲン).  And anyway, PSG is all about the English so I’m sure someone in the crew was thinking of Eva Angels too 😉

The “plot” of the video is of course anarchy, and in this case at least we as viewers have to take the writers’ case with some seriousness, after everything we’ve seen in the show so far.  This anime is definitely an artistic project that is pushing boundaries.  It’s also great to see Gainax continue to develop itself.  In my very first post on this blog I talked of how anime was slowly but surely (at least in some quarters) growing out of Japanese nationalistic fantasies into a more open, normal view of the world.  I mentioned Code Geass and I was also thinking of Evangelion, especially compared to Gunbuster, say.  As soon as the video started to show the band in various countries, I was wary of how they would show them in Japan.  And guess what?  The Japan scene is as corny and stereotypical as the others.  Wow.

There are a lot of funny references, which I’m sure all the fans will enjoy, though of course for me the t.A.T.u. shout-out is best!

See, I know what I’m going to say will be disputed, but for all of Gurren Lagann‘s Fight the Power, I find stuff like this is far more effective in achieving the same aim:

~ by Haloed Bane on December 4, 2010.

20 Responses to “P&Sw/G 10: Anarchy”

  1. I found the earlier parts of the show viscerally putrid to watch so I’m not going to — even in the pursuit of more value as you’ve seen to find. But I’ve seen the video a dozen times already… and once more after leaving this link for your enjoyment:


  2. The first segment of this episode only shows how the Japanese can outclass the ‘Murricans when it comes to toilet humor. I mean, let’s face it, they outclass almost everyone in almost every kind of humor in existence. And with GAINAX, it’s only made even better.

    • I’ve heard the Irish are world-class contenders at toilet humor but since they’re not really into animation so we can’t compare…pity.

  3. GAINAX is doing it right. Other studios could pick up tips from them.

  4. PArt one and the first part of Chuck I thought were the worst things in the show to date. 2 and 3 of Chuck were fine, especially the awesome Watchmen reference in Chuck 2. The music video was pretty cool, especially since I’ve loved that song ever since ep 2.

  5. I think I dropped this show back at ep 8. I tried so hard to ignore the repetitive jokes but by god – I swear if I hear another FUCKING joke about Panty and her sex I’m going to go kill small children.

    What I particularly don’t like about this show is that I can’t actually enjoy the characters. Why? Because they spend so much parodying other shows that when it comes back to Panty and Stocking – they are basically paper thin. Oh you like sweets and you sex? Are you going to give any other personality traits … err no?

    Any show can pull of a parody. But only the best can parody its own characters. Which is why I never really like these “parody” shows. They never have depth.

    And hello :3

    • This is definitely a parody show, so much so that your desire that it parody its own characters can never be fulfilled because these characters have never been established as such (which is what you’re driving it at too). The content is irrelevant (there is no depth, none at all) and your criticism is 100% accurate. But I’m surprised you dropped it AFTER 8 episodes!! I’ve never dropped a 13 ep. show after watching more than half the episodes!! Might as well see the whole thing, no?

      • Wait it is 13 episodes? Okay then I shall watch. But I once did stop an 12 episoder – Kaiba – in 2008 because I was like “If I continue to watch this then I won’t go buy the DVD when it comes out.” Of course it never came out so …. I recently rewatched it because I got to the second-to-last ep and couldn’t remember the story X3

        He he he … Guess what Ak? http://www.sirenvisual.com.au/News/201012/258.php

        But the bastards removed my comment. All I did was say “Hey thanks for this you are my new favourite company. By the way … why did you change the name to *insert rather strange name*?” and they deleted it …. the bastards …



          • I have no bloody idea why. Seriously it sounds like “Welcome to the NHK”.

            Why did they do this?

            • Scared people would confuse it with a Cirque de Soleil special or something….

              • Actually I researched it and it appears that “Trapeze” is the title of the first chapter of the novel series. The actual title of the series of novels is “Irabu the Psychiatrist” so they went with that and changed it to “Welcome to Irabu’s Office”

                Still I stupid move I say.

  6. I dropped Zero no Tsukaima after 11 eps. Out of 12. That was an accident though.

    Anyway AK, HAVE YOU READ THIS!?! http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2010-12-07/new-soul-eater-manga-series-to-launch-in-january-2011 OOKUBO IS TOTALLY GIVING UP ON SOUL EATER!!! THE NEW ONE WILL RULE AND TEH OLD ONE WILL SUUUUCK!

    • Oh great, so rather than concentrating on what he has and trying to fix it he’s going to set up a whole new thing?? What the heck, I guess I’ll try it out.

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