P&Sw/G 11: Stocking Swears…and then Swears Some More

Average episode…  Though obviously focused on Garterbelt, I don’t think we learned anything too interesting about him here.  After all, we knew he had a world-class killer afro from day one.

I actually thought we were going to get a major plot shift around 13:20 when Panty excitedly came in saying she’d found a way to get back to Heaven.  It turned out what she was referring to was a half-assed plan to build a gigantic pole and then somehow climb it all the way there.

The three minute dialogue between the sisters that follows here is easily the best part of the episode.  I’m still impressed by Panty’s English (in the middle of a fast and furious Japanese rant she inserts a “not so bad” that’s so marvelously placed it’s just scrumptious!) and even more impressed by Stocking’s use and abuse of all the permutations of F*CK.  Clearly, she has the potential to be as foul mouthed as her big sis.

That said, and strictly judging from that 3 min. dialogue alone, my sense is that Panty’s voice actress is more skilled [or more to my liking?] than Stocking’s.

~ by Haloed Bane on December 11, 2010.

15 Responses to “P&Sw/G 11: Stocking Swears…and then Swears Some More”

  1. ak, did you just sensor fuck? I never would’ve thought you the type…

    Anyway part b was one of my favorites from the show, and in fact made me think “well, now I don’t want to drop it like I did after ep 10” so take that to mean what you will. I love single-shot clips and the best part of this show is the sisters’ dialog in their down moments, so the piece was special for me.

    • Hmm, funny thing is I didn’t censor the word in my first post on P&S not so long ago. I wonder what happened.

      Yrs, the dialogue was very nice. They should have 6-7 minutes of dialogue like that per episode. Call it Lucky Panty and Star.

  2. I on the other hand, found the montage of Garterbelt’s earthly purgatorio to be top-tier from the likes of this show. However, the single scene one-act play that is the second part is simply amazing.

  3. I heard through the grape vine that the ending song is the way they died :3 Actually it kinda makes sense really. If you look they have shorter hair (in the ending) and they do turn into angels at the end.

    (Aka – they drive off a cliff (but survived) got taken by a monster/ demon who then strapped them to a death device. Chuck pulls on the chain to save them. They escape and die in the desert from starvation (and chuck gets eaten by a vulture).)


    • I get the feeling all of the scenes are what if scenarios. The real manner of their deaths will be revealed in episode 13. That’s my hunch 😉

      • Probably. I was just saying what I heard though X3

        • Anything is possible. What you heard might be right in the end.

          • I can’t remember exactly, since it didn’t have the normal end credits this week, but they seem to show many possible death scenarios.

            Segment B this week reminded me of a “bottle episode,” which is a funny concept with animation but I guess it makes sense.

            • Actually, the bottle thing makes perfect sense. Gainax has a track record of running out of budget (Gunbuster black and white final episode, Evangelion all in the head final episodes).

              • Well if you have been watching – you would have seen the last few segments have been half-assed episodes. The Volleyball, the food one (this week) and parts of the chuck one. They have been VERY poorly animated and I thought you would have picked up on this :3

                • My brain tends to ignore animation flaws when it is being entertained. This must be what happened during the Volleyball sequence 🙂

                  • Actually have you read the manga “Hells angels”?. If you have, like me, you probably wouldn’t have thought much about the Volleyball sequence X3

  4. Panty actually referenced the Tower of Babel. I actually wasn’t surprised she’d blurt that out in the open.

    • It makes perfect sense when you consider Genesis 11:7.5 (in my Hidden Verses Bible) which reads as follows:

      “And so God asked two of his angels to scatter the builders, and the blond one bitched until she was blue in the face, and the other one complained of a toothache, but they eventually did the job rather grudgingly”.

      [meant as a jest, please no one take offense :D]

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