Soul Eater 81: A Positive Review

Let’s focus on the positive.

1. Maka gets a good line

Noah is boasting he is going to rule everything and become a god.  Kid replies that “everything” is not beautiful, because there is no harmony or organization to it.  What is needed is balance, and since Noah isn’t interested in balance then he is not fit to be a universal ruler.  Maka comments: “He’s definitely a god.  No human could understand him.”  I giggled.  And the really funny thing is that right after Kid pretty much declares that he will rule everything as a death god.

2. Blair gets to throw pumpkins

No, I’m serious.  This is pretty much how the show got started, right?  A bit late for Halloween but it still stirs a nice bit of nostalgia.

3. Patty gets to be an electrician

The soul resonance sequence between Kid, Patty and Liz is really cool.  Patty gets to shout “all clear” with actual circuits being connected in the background.  I can totally picture Patty as an engineer 🙂

4. Eruka exists

This is important not only for her sake (I like her character) but because it means that the Witches are not a figment of my imagination or something I dreamt up, but actual entities that used to appear in this series.  Medusa, Arachne, Angela,  Mabaa, the Mizune…  Maybe we’ll see them again someday.

I wish I could add “Noah is dead” as a fifth item, but I can’t.  The textual evidence is so ambiguous that I sense it is  deliberately so.  For example, Maka says Noah’s wavelength has vanished (消滅).  Sure, this can mean “die” but not necessarily.  The Eibon Book guide then says “So Noah is dead, huh”.  This comment doesn’t sound assertive or secure at all.  Ox comments that Noah seems to have been beaten.  He uses the Japanese みたい  instead of らしい or そう which are far stronger.  I hate to say it, but I think chances are pretty good Noah will be back.  Oh well…

~ by Haloed Bane on December 14, 2010.

4 Responses to “Soul Eater 81: A Positive Review”

  1. Hmmm wat do u mean eruka exits? Hmmm i tawt it was a bit bland bt nt as awful as the last few chapterz

    • Not “exits”, “exists”. I’m happy she still exists. I agree it was better than the last two chapters…I just hope the next few chapters are substantially better than that.

  2. Lol ima spd reader n i missed out the s…i like the witches their more interestng…eruka is my fav n i Wud love 4 mabaa to actualy do sumtng…bt i tnk medusa wl kil her sum how

    • Witches are my favorites too. I wouldn’t mind Medusa killing Mabaa, as long as Okubo makes a chapter out of it!!

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