Galaxy Railways 16: MANabu

Grace Wealthy

It’s a weird plot device: a casino train crash landing on a planet with a highly corrosive atmosphere that makes the survivors lose all of their clothes except their boxers/panties.  Did I say weird?  I meant stupid.

But there’s a lot of cool stuff here.  Some train stats for whoever’s interested:

The train is the Grace Wealthy, code number 254.  It has ten cars and can carry up to 120 passengers.  It can travel up to 850 skm/h and it is completely unarmed (!).  The casino on board is owned by the Galaxy Railways.

First cool thing here is that there’s an Oyama on board.  Yes, we’re talking about the legendary Oyama clan whose most illustrious member is Tochiro, creator of the Arcadia.  The man is called Kei Oyama (not the same “firefly” Kei (蛍) in Kei Yuki’s name, but 敬 which means  “reverence”).  And this Oyama speaks Kyushu dialect [Matsumoto is himself from Kyushu].  Kei Oyama’s voice actor, I might as well add, is a veteran of the Yamato franchise as well as the voice of Alberich in Harlock Saga.

Yuki and Oyama

Anyway, the episode gets sillier and sillier as it goes on: the Sirius effort is hampered when a giant cockroach climbs on the rescue ship.  Our heroes manage to shake it off but not before Oyama is thrown out of the ship and the Sexaroid jumps after him.  So now they’re in the corrosive planet and Yuki being an android this is a serious problem.

Yuki quickly gives us further evidence that she would make the best homemaker out of all of the SDF staff, as she dexterously destroys countless giant cockroaches.  There’s also some fan-service here, although I’m not sure if her exposed, burnt chest counts.  I guess it does…barely.

It’s neat that Kei Oyama has made his wealth out of mining cosmonite, because that is precisely the super-substance that all the world powers in an as yet untranslated manga published by Leiji in 1968 are rabidly seeking.  The manga is called Sexaroid.  Yuki and Oyama share this thematic bond.

And then out of the blue, when Yuki’s strength has been depleted and she is on the verge of total corrosion, she thinks of Manabu.  Whoa!  I didn’t see this coming at all.  And then Louis gets to eavesdrop on Yuki as she confirms to Oyama her feelings for Manabu, and we can tell Louis Fort Drake is jeeeealoooous.

Two comments:

1) Every show can use a shojoesque love triangle, so this is a good development.

2) Tadashi Daiba needs to take a lesson from Manabu [Manabu kara manabu in Japanese, a dreadful pun but I like it!].  I mean, Manabu has a Sexaroid and a president’s daughter longing for him!!!  In fact, I wouldn’t mind if Matsumoto went back and replaced Daiba with Manabu in all of those classic shows.  Maybe then Capt. Harlock wouldn’t have ended up as a suicidal loner, since it was Daiba’s antics that probably drove him to that psychological state of despair in the first place…

~ by Haloed Bane on December 15, 2010.

8 Responses to “Galaxy Railways 16: MANabu”

  1. I had trouble and still do wrapping my head around the concept that there are more Oyamas running around this universe. Ones without a Harlock to keep an eye on them.

    ok so Matsumoto wanted Manabu to have been Kei Yuki’s brother. And we have another Yuki with our lovely sexroid who if i remember the dub feels like she has a connection with Manabu. My pet theory is that who ever made Yuki the sexroid based on Kei.

    I was expecting the harlock card cameo to happen in this episode but that might have been over kill.

    • Yuki Sexaroid is romantically interested in Manabu, so it’d be kinda yucky if she was in any way modeled on his sister!! (though apparently this is the rage in animeland these days).

      The Yuki in Yuki Sexaroid is short yu-ki and it’s a first name.

      The Yuki in Kei Yuki and Manabu Yuki has a long u, yuu-ki and it’s a surname, so they’re likely not connected.

      The Harlock card is in episode 19, IIRC.

  2. o.O So, now poor Tadashi is to blame for Captain’s suicidal moods? How come?
    (And I don’t believe in Harlock’s despair for a minute! :D)

  3. You missed the bit in this episode where Yuki implies she was based on Yuki Mori from Space Battleship Yamato. “I was based of a woman from earth long ago. I guess Manabu reminds me of someone she cared deeply for” The two ladies both look identical…. (not surprising as Matsumoto can only draw machines and things, his people look really same-y) But I like to use that reference as then we have enough evidence to support the two being in the same universe.

    • I discussed that somewhere else (last post on Galaxy Railways season 2) but yeah, it’s neat that already here it shows up. Though I guess you have to make the connection between Manabu Yuki and Susumu Kodai, both of whose older brothers are called Mamoru.. Otherwise just from the fact they look the same it’s a bit tough with Leiji’s art.

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