Utena AMV Straight to Your Heart

I guess I’m a man of extremes.  A few weeks ago I was writing about how 8 out of my last 10 posts had been Leijiverse-related.  All of the sudden here I am coming up with my 10th post in a row not having to do with Leiji Matsumoto!

Since this is my very first AMV, I ask for your indulgence.  If you’re not willing to part with it, then allow me to defend the AMV’s weaknesses:

1) Why is the Video Quality so crappy?

The crappiness of the video is deliberate.  I want you to think of a half-torn letter in a bottle, a half-gnawed manuscript in a vault, etc.  It’s called being romantic and mysterious.

2) Why is this totally lacking Good Transitions?

Life is a series of jolts.  You should know this by now.  I am being true to life.

3) How come there’s all these People Talking?

They are singing the song.

4) But how come their Mouths are not even remotely Synced to the Music?

Time Dilation.  Geez, haven’t you ever seen Gunbuster?  If everything seems out of sync to you then it means you’re not traveling at the required speed.  That’s your problem, not mine.


A few facts about the AMV.  The anime is of course Revolutionary Girl Utena (mostly episodes 25 and 26, but there’s stuff from 02, 11, 12 and maybe others, I forgot.  I didn’t use anything beyond 26 because I have only seen this far!!).

The song is A Tu Corazón, by Paiboonkiat Kiawgaow (b. 1952).  Paiboonkiat used to be a Spanish-speaking tour guide before he became a singer and that’s how come we get this beautiful bilingual song.  My wife helped me with the Thai and I did the rest.  I dedicate this to her.



(Also, I reached the 200,000 hit mark today!!!)

~ by Haloed Bane on April 15, 2011.

4 Responses to “Utena AMV Straight to Your Heart”

  1. Congratulations on your milestone and while it is more fitting that a Matsumoto post gets the privilege of marking it… Utena is the more accessible material and certainly makes it welcoming for me.

    Good job on the AMV and if this means you’re the one singing… you should join our karaoke sessions over Skype one of these days!

    • Thanks. If I could sing as well as that I would quit my job and–oh wait, I don’t have a job!! OMG Bwaaaaa 😦 Now I’m depressed. You see what you did, ghost, shame on you.

  2. What a refined way to celebrate one milestone by introducing another! Congratulations on both!

    Choose a wonderful song, add an awesome show – an AMV is bound to succeed. You are using the best material, aster all.

    Jokes aside, I believe an AMV is good if it leaves an impression. Your AMV does. What I am surprised by is that Utena looks more interesting and mysterious than Anthy in it. Makes me wonder whether she really has this potential…

    Your apology is brilliant and practically makes a ready-to-use AMV-maker’s manifesto 😀

    (As to characters’ talking, yep, it’s a headache! They keep ruining good scenes. You think they are strong silent men and enigmatic taciturn women, you start making an AMV and realise they all are shameless chatterboxes. When I was making my last AMV I kept going like “Tochiro, why can’t you shut up for just two seconds?!”)

    • I totally agree with you!

      Look, when I was making the AMV I went through tons of Utena episodes, and looking at scenes with the sound turned off. The show looked so serious!! Utena’s movements and gestures in particular. It was a very fruitful experience.

      Yeah, I’m thinking of copying and pasting this AMV manifesto in the future 🙂

      As for characters that keep on talking, I guess it’s needed for the show. Though it’d be wonderful if animators did AMV versions of each episode where the characters just stand there looking cool. That would help us out a lot!

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