Franken Fran 49: Pretty MaGAVRILLian

(Bad puns make the world go round.  I believe in this from the bottom of my heart.)

This is a spectacular chapter.  Fran’s sister Gavrill becomes a teacher at a school for rich kids, not knowing that Fran herself is one of the students.  But believe it or not this is not what the chapter is about.  Fran isn’t around much.  Instead, we are treated to Gavrill’s advice for kids.

At first the advice is unsought.

A group of schoolboys hate the new teacher and want to beat her up.  Gavrill immediately assumes they want to rape her and tells them rape requires planning.  She then adds that they don’t even need to rape anyone since they’re wealthy enough to force girls into sex.  Half of rich kids are products of rape, in one way or another, she says.  The boys are horrified.

Next the advice is sought, but displaced (that is, Gavrill denies the question as such and substitutes it for something else).

When some girls ask Gavrill for help with their studies, she tells them they’re rich so they don’t need to study.  To one of the students who’s rather poor, she suggests “spreading your legs for some gullible rich fucker while you’ve still got your looks”.  I guess there are plenty of classmates fitting that description around.

A nerd reports he’s being bullied and wants to kill himself.  Gavrill advices him to study hard, become a powerful man and have his revenge later on.  Also, to gather evidence of the bullying so he can blackmail his classmates later.

When an on obese student asks for advice on losing weight, Gavrill says not to rely on TV diets.  This is excellent advice!

When a short student wants to be taller, Gavrill tells to give up on that, instead focus on taking advantage of being short.  This advice is beyond excellent!!

Finally, Gavrill actually gives straightforward advice without displacement.

To the question “How can I be popular with girls?” she gives several alternatives: facelift, school transfer, lying to them, buying them off.

She is pretty Machiavellian, no doubt.  What makes the whole thing twisted is that she thinks it’d be easiest if the kids applied and educated themselves, but she realizes something we know for many chapters now, that the entire school is full of dumb, monomaniacal kids who are quite Machiavellian.  It just so happens that Gavrill is better at it.

And it’s not only the school.  Back in episode 44 Gavrill was stuck on an island with a ton of Kuho clones doing their best to kill her.  This was Fran’s plan to tire her out (she never believed the clones could actually beat Gavrill).  I’m guessing the ploy kinda worked, considering how sedate Gavrill has become.  She still kills people, but she’s toned it down considerably.

Anyway, while on the island Gavrill speculated on a nuclear attack against her.  She concluded that it was unlikely because “Kuho Island” was far too close to the mainland.  Well, in the extra for Volume VI we get to see a mushroom cloud.  The island is obliterated with all the Kuho clones on it.  Gavrill escapes, obviously, but the lesson here is that all of Japan in this manga has become utterly Machiavellian.  They’re just not as good at it as Gavrill is.

~ by Haloed Bane on April 23, 2011.

4 Responses to “Franken Fran 49: Pretty MaGAVRILLian”

  1. Well, holy shit that’s some advice.

    I keep reading up on Franken Fran and I am equally interested and mortified at it. How extreme is the content? Is it as *out there* as it seems?

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