Galaxy Railways II 1-13: The Nothing Happens Arc

Trainee Killian Black desperately tries to wake the crew up (Manabu sleeps with his eyes open)

Looking back at my posts on the first season of Galaxy Railways, I notice how after an initial post dealing with the show in general I didn’t publish anything else until episode 13.  And the reason for this IIRC is that nothing really happened in the first 12 episodes.  It was just a gigantic, somewhat tasty filler.

Well, the second season of the show apparently operates on the same basis.  I honestly don’t get it.  It’s as if the writers decided that since the show will be 26 episodes anyway, they might as well slack off for the first cours.  Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

So there’s a new SDF platoon in town, replacing Vega which ceased to exist at the end of the first season.  Cepheus Platoon is as cold-blooded as Vega was hot-blooded.  Their train is called Hiryu (=Flying Dragon), a reference to the WWII carrier of the same name, which was the sister ship of (you guessed it) Asuka Langley’s Soryu.

Next to nothing happens in the first 12 episodes.  We basically get to see Sirius Platoon rescuing galactic kittens atop cosmic trees [my metaphor] day in and day out.  The Big One’s launch sequence has been improved, because now we now have lovely shots of all the Galaxy Railways trains together in the main Destiny station that looks like an enormous  Connect Four board on the inside and a huge honeycomb on the outside.

This looks cool, I don't know if it makes sense, but it looks cool.

Manabu has a terrible habit of repeating the key noun in whoever’s talking’s previous sentence.  So for example, this is the sort of dialogue that appears throughout the show:

David: “Manabu, wait here.  I need to go the restroom.”

Manabu: “The…restroom.”

David: “Yeah, just stay here and I’ll be back in five minutes.”

Manabu: “Five…minutes?”

David: “I need to take a leak, man, just stay put.”

Manabu: Leak…….

David: “##$!@$##%@#%”

I hear you David, it’s very annoying.  I don’t remember if Manabu used to do this in the first season or not, and I realize many anime characters get into this habit but I wish he would knock it off.

I spent most of the time watching these episodes praying for my favorite all-female Spica Platoon to get some decent airtime.  And all of a sudden, Episode 9 happened.  I am 99.99% sure I know why Episode 9 happened.  TV ratings must have been awful.  Station executives must have called the writers in and threatened to fire them all at once.  The writers got scared.  They decided to put some fan service in to get those ratings up.  Things escalated.  They got out of hand, or rather, in hand??

The Spica girls are in the locker room, and Ai and Maggie start to comment on the fact that Shelley’s breasts look bigger.  Shelley confesses she’s using a new type of bra.  So Ai grabs them to check, and then Maggie grabs them too.  Eventually Louis from Sirius Platoon gets her hands on Shelley’s chest as well, and Shelley (jokingly?) tells her to grab all she wants.  Cory, from the newly formed Cepheus Platoon, is nearby.  We don’t know absolutely anything about her at this point, but here she starts grabbing her own breasts as if comparing them to Shelley’s.  The fan service is interrupted when Spica Captain Julia comes in and tells everyone to knock it off but WAIT…she’s in a maid costume (!!) so the fan service continues.  All of Spica has to dress as maids for the next assignment.  Louis is in a proper dress, so I guess the fan service will be confined to Spica from now on but WAIT…she rips the bottom part of her own dress off at one point, and to top it all off Shelley whistles at her, insinuating that her invitation earlier was not a joke and that she has a homoerotic desire for Louis OMG.

no comment.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a show go from 0% fan service to 120% so quickly.

Episode 13 finally gives us a plot, as mercenaries hijack a prototype battle train based on Sirius Platoon’s Big One, and it looks like the entire SDF will have to work together to beat them.  Hopefully things will get more exciting starting right now.  Plus more Spica cosplay would be nice too.

Julia: "I can make more in tips here than working for the SDF?!"


I wanted to finish the post with a nice picture so I typed the words “Spica Platoon” on the Google Image search thing.  The first three pics were from this blog, and 7 out of the first 18 were from this blog (only one other image was actually of Spica, the others were either generic Galaxy Express images or absolutely random stuff).  I gave up and took my own screenshot.  If there’s ever a third season I do hope they don’t slack off and instead make things exciting from the beginning…it might increase the popularity of the show.

~ by Haloed Bane on May 25, 2011.

16 Responses to “Galaxy Railways II 1-13: The Nothing Happens Arc”

  1. Thumbs up for the galactic kitten metaphor 😀 Actually, we are on the same page here – I’ve always thought Manabu would make a perfect district policeman. (And mind you, I wouldn’t entrust Daiba to assist an old lady across the street, for that matter).

    Well, yeah, I don’t remember much from these episodes. The only development I really liked was Killian quitting the Sirius platoon – Manabu drilling him was boring, Killian makes a nice and smart staff officer and now we have a hand at the headquarters. GR’s policy is as disturbing as ever, annihilating planets and trespassing.

    • Yes, I thought it was very classy of the writers to resist the temptation to just dump Killian into Sirius. But ideally then they would be recruiting another member, I should think.

  2. Can you get the second season in the US yet? Or anywhere with English subtitles, that I could get a hold of it? I would love to watch Matsumoto’s stuff in the original language without the need for subtitles, but I’m not there yet. Which really makes it hard to be a Matsumoto fan. You really have to dig sometimes. But I have the first season and am about to start it, and I’d like to be able to pick this up soon.

  3. In episode 2 of S2, the main Pirate that was shown towards the end, that was in the main control room of the drilling facility…was that a younger version of Antares from the GE999 show and movie? Cause the guy was wearing extremely similar or the same clothes as Antares did. And if it was him, wouldn’t that create a time paradox, seeing that Maetel and Testuro met him when he was old, and they were both in Letter from an Abandoned Planet?? I’m confused now XD

    • It might be a family member/clone. I have no doubt that it’s meant to be a reference to Antares though!

  4. Nothing happens indeed in the first twelve episodes, the first season was better at telling pointless stories (Which were tasty fillers might I add), Shelly hitting on Louise nearly made me gag, the fanservice was WAY over the top in episode 9, they’re making Spica Platoon look like they’re worthless, (Which pisses me off since they’re my favorite platoon) Lawrence is too monotone, Todo and the others don’t look and act cool as they did in season 1, Layla is still worthless, and finally, MANABU, WILL YOU STOP REPEATING THE KEY NOUN?!?!?!??! Seriously, I want to punch him whenever he does that! Like you said, many anime characters get into the habit, but he’s far worse!
    But you got give credit to the different director for at least TRYING. Or somewhat trying…..*grumble, grumble,*
    And to make it even worse, (You’re gonna never reply to me again after I say this), but…..I.HAD.A.DREAM.THAT.BIG1. AND. FLAMESWALLOW. MATED.AND.HAD.A.BABY. WINGED. TRAIN. NAMED. SUNSHINE. AFTER. WATCHING. AND. BEING. DISAPPOINTED. BY. THE. 12TH. EPISODE. ……………………………………………………………………….
    Don’t even ask! I turned it into a fanfiction on my computer for gosh sakes! Okay, fine, I thought that Flame Swallow and Big 1 were kind of cute together, but I was SICK! I was dellusional from the sinus pressure and-! You get the point!
    I’m going insane here. I must be! And that’s all I have to say before I leave you alone. Happy Birthday to the Sensei-sama and have a wonderful week! 🙂

    • This dream about Sunshine the baby train smacks me of something my kid sister would have had. It’s definitely in the My Little Pony / Care Bears dimension 😀

      • If you want, I can send you a picture that I drew up of Sunshine. She looks like a mix between Whitman’s (The old guy from season 1 who died after only one episode) train and has some of her mother’s, Flame Swallow, features, though she has the wheels of her father, Big 1. She’s also a color mixture of her parents and has big white wings with purple tips at the end. 😉

  5. Will do then soon! (FInishing some final touches)
    P.S Bad news. The link that I found, you know, the hidden episode of the Railways where Bulge gets eating alive by tigers and Manabu becomes captain? It was a false one. 😦
    Oh well! I’ll continue searching! If you’re still interested that is….

    • Cool, cool.

      • Sorry to bother you again, but in case you’re wondering, the dream was like this:

        The only differences are these:
        00:00 The trains are circling around each other and letting out the same sounds, only Big 1 turns blue, and Flame Swallow pink.
        00:43 Big 1 flies on top of Flame Swallow and they connect, their auras shining together and becoming one light as they tumble into a a field of flowers. They don’t tilt their heads upwards towards each other.
        2:06 A tiny gear is projected instead of a baby.
        The characters are all Railways ones watching (And by everyone, I mean EVERY SINGLE FRIGGIN PLATOON AND EVEN THE SUPREME COMMANDER AND EVERYONE ELSE AT HEADQUARTERS) . See if you can figure out whose lines are whose 😉
        Lilian and Eku are BIg 1 and Flame Swallow.
        The last thing? It’s not an beautiful view! It’s a somewhat mentally probmatic one if you picture trains mating like that!! XD It more or less wrapped up in an aura of weirdness :))
        I’m not even going to go into the birth part either. Let’s just say it involved trains transforming into humans……….
        That’s all! Have a good night!

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