Galaxy Railways II 14-17: Too Much Plot!!

The pattern from season one repeats itself: no plot for 12 episodes and then all of a sudden we’re in business…big time.

It turns out that a military contractor hired to build the SPG a brand-new battle train based on Sirius Platoon’ Big One has made a deal with mercenaries to steal the prototype and use it to gather data on the entire SDF.  The mercenaries grab a hold of this next generation Big One and wreak havoc on the Galaxy Railways (while gathering data along the way).

The SDF: We rescue kittens in all corners of the galaxy.

For a Leiji fan, the setup here is very interesting: the bad guys have one overpowered train ranged against an army of underpowered SDF vehicles.  This is the mirror opposite of the usual situation in the Leijiverse, the so-called Harlock / Yamato Pseudo-Predicament, where the good guys use their one super awesome ship to rock a million worlds of enemy armament.  Predictably, in this case the good guys win.  It’s no surprise since prior to the battle we get a shot of all of the platoons at a conference and we can count at least 136 of them (seven rows eighteen platoons deep).  Clearly, the SDF is far larger than the 18 or so platoons whose names we actually get to hear in the series.

Anyway, the mercenaries are destroyed, but now we know that Information Bureau dude at Galaxy Railways (named, believe it or not, Hoover) is plotting something serious involving the alternate dimension from season one.  So now we have a little girl (Frell) who’s drifted in an escape pod from the other dimension and who’s heard of Manabu’s father (!) and a former SPG soldier (Ariavenus) who’s now in the Information Bureau, seems to have dated Manabu’s brother Mamoru at one point, is working for Hoover but seems to be good at heart.

Manabu is from Mars. Louis is from Venus.

Things get more complex as an interdimensional fault opens up and Big One has no choice but to go straight through to the other side, and now they find themselves at some distance from Frell’s home planet, which is their mission objective for the moment.  For what it’s worth, my theory is that Frell is Wataru Yuki’s daughter…that Wataru (Manabu’s Dad) didn’t really die but is alive and well as Frell’s father in this other universe.  Reinforcing my hunch is the fact that the word “wataru” in Japanese means “to cross over”.

That’s a lot of plot for four episodes, especially considering it’s really three episodes, because Ep. 15 was purely a filler story about Manabu and Louis tracking down a cat for a passenger, which in essence means my metaphor from last post has become reality!!

Another Spica Platoon pic for Google.

I really enjoy the camaraderie between the different platoons, and in this season we’re even getting to see the Admin staff interact and the Tech guys (in particular, Killian, who trained with Sirius Platoon).  Heck, we even see Killian interacting with the admin staff in episode 15..he’s a smooth player it seems.  As for Manabu, he’s hopeless.  I think Louis is doing the right thing actually grabbing his hand and walking with him, because otherwise we’ll need another hundred episodes to see the two become a formal couple.

I must say at this juncture that the next episode preview worries me more than a little (something about an island boy and a spear).  Is the show going to degenerate into a “let’s stop in one planet per episode and put things right there then move on to the next planet” mode?  I sure hope not.

Frell and Manabu. Siblings???

~ by Haloed Bane on June 3, 2011.

4 Responses to “Galaxy Railways II 14-17: Too Much Plot!!”

  1. My favorite scene in season 2 is when Manabu is doing push-ups “because we must do something about it!” Very nice, only I totally forgot what episode it was and what it was all about. Can you help me out?

    • Yeah, I remember that, but I don’t know where it’s from and I don’t have access to the episodes now.. Manabu has got a heck of a lot of energy, and to some extent he never grows out of it in these two seasons. I think there’s one point in this season that Bulge comments tto a colleague that Manabu is capable but he’s yet to mature.

  2. Manabu IS hopeless. Seriously, I agree you with you totally when you mentioned that we would need another hundred episodes or such. But, as I’ve mentioned before, the directors of the OVA and season two ARE NOT the same director as season one. (To put it simply, the relationship was destroyed)
    NIce metaphor by the way! =D
    When I saw the hundreds of platoons assembled in front of the building of headquarters of the episode, I almost spat out my drink again (Note to self, don’t drink Pepsi while watching this 🙂 ) and said: “HOLY CRAP!!!”
    Too much plot? Agreed.
    Manabu is from Mars, Louise is from Venus? More like: Manabu is from Pluto, Louise is from Venus. Pluto is cold, dull, and dark; far away from the sun and Venus, so that’s my metaphor XD.
    Episode 15 seemed to me like the hot springs episode from last season; a somewhat comedy, though season one’s was far better. (I have to admit though, seeing, or rather, hearing, Louise beat up Manabu made me die of laughter along with my Otosan. (Dad)
    Any thoughts on this?
    P.S. I think I may have found the link! You know, the hidden episode of the Railways where Bulge gets eating alive by tigers and Manabu becomes captain? I’ll have to check it out first though and make sure it’s the real deal.
    Peace out!

    • There’s just this trope in anime where men are clueless and pretty women are after them and only win them after a long struggle. It’s kind of a fantasy I guess.

      I did think the cat episode as basically the hot springs equivalent, though the first one was much better, definitely..

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