Dantalian no Shoka 04

Another good episode.  Actually, SPOILER ALERT, considering how interesting the solution to the mystery was, and how beautifully the climax was handled, I almost think it was a waste to set it up as the ploy of a  nasty book lover’s.  Couldn’t they have come up with something a little bit more epic than this obsessive lady’s quest for an ending that would satisfy her??

I do realize that one of the motifs of this show seems to be the juxtaposition of simple human beings stumbling onto tremendous power in the form of books.  I mean, last episode we had a woman who stumbled onto the Book of Wisdom and what did she do with it?!  She used it to further her tutoring career or something.  Geez!!

If I had the Book of Wisdom, I’d have read it myself.

If I had Ras Alhague’s Book, well, I wouldn’t go harass Stephen King or whomever, that’s for sure.  I’d probably go and resurrect my favorite pet. OK, that’s still simple and petty, but it beats Dyer and Ignatius’ imaginary love affair for sure.

Anyway, very nice episode as I’m sure everyone who watched it would agree.  I haven’t read Delaney’s novella (Time Helix…) and I don’t have a clue as to whether the Dog book or the Wolf book or whatever the trilogy was called is a meaningful reference, so that’s pretty much all I have to say.  Oh, and let me add that so far I really have been utterly baffled by the mysteries in this show.  The end always surprises me…


~ by Haloed Bane on August 5, 2011.

17 Responses to “Dantalian no Shoka 04”

  1. but if you resurrected your favorite pet, you’d have to kill it every day…could you handle that? O.o

    • Oh ,it’d just be one time. That way I can:

      1) have him mate with a cute ladydog and then take care of the puppies.
      2) have him repent of his sins so he can be sure to go to doggy heaven.

      • so this is my question…if the two had always had the ability mutate when they died and came back to life, why is it that they stayed identical each time they were reborn? wouldn’t it be more likely for them to mutate a different hair color than resistance to death?

  2. I kind of like that people who happen upon these grimiores use them for stupid or mundane purposes.

    People are venal enough and petty enough to use great power for vindictive purposes, temporary solutions or short-term gains. It reminds me of Jigouko Shoujo (Hell Girl) where people were quick to sell their soul in exchange for some payback. Some of those situations could have been handled without damning their souls to burn forever in Hell.

    • You’re right of course.

      I actually think it’d be a good mental exercise for everyone watching this show every week to consider and tell others what they would use each phantom book for.

      • I’ll start first!

        For most of these books, I would probably turn them over to the Miskatonic Univesity where they can rest alongside the Necronimicon, De Vermis Mysteriis and Livre d’Eibon and never be read by another human being.

        OTOH, The Book of Wisdom would tempt me to no end. Which means I shouldn’t read it either. It’s not the temptation itself to use these books that can damn a person, its the weakness of ones character and imbalance within ones heart.

        Hey, we’re all lacking in some areas right?

  3. This has nothing to do with the post:

    For some reason, this site is now listed in my list of blogs (as in, the blogs I’m a member of) on the wordpress top bar thing. I don’t know how that happened, but when I actually click on it, it takes me to my own site’s dashboard, not yours. Do you uh… know what’s going on?

  4. The manga version of this story was a bit different – The reveal that the author was being forced to write yaoi was exposed towards the end, and it made for an interesting “aha” moment, since it was also lot gorier and more gruesome than the anime, with flayings and eviscerations and such.

    • Wow, a crazy yaoi fangirl. How original…


      I guess the anime creators did not want to offend that part of the fandom. The manga-ka didn’t give a damn. Or maybe the manga-ka is staying true to the source material (light novel)?

      I’ve just finished the first light novel and this story wasn’t in it.

      (Checks Wikipedia) Oh, this story doesn’t occur in the light novel until the third book. I’ll verify this once I read it.

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