365th Post: How to Unlock Achievements in the Leijiverse

The other day ghostlightning and I were talking about anime blogging and gaming and how bloggers often thought in terms of Achievements like in WoW etc.  I took this idea in a particular direction and created a set of achievements for the Leiji Matsumoto fan and titles to go along with them.  Be warned: here be fandragons.

Minimanga Titled: "Leijiverse Fandragon Barks Up the Wrong Tree, Throws Tantrum, Makes Swiss Cheese of Victim" (read in the Japanese order: right to left)


The starting point of the achievements is a point system based on the length of the anime (crass, I know, but this gets tweaked below).  Thus:

Any Matsumoto anime up to ½  a cour or 3 hrs. = 1 point

1 cour (12-13 eps) = 2 points

2 cours (~24-26 eps) = 4 points

3 cours (~40-42 eps) = 6 points

Thus, any of the many 1-2 hr. long Matsumoto films would count as 1 point.  Harlock Saga (6 episodes) would also count as 1 point.  Space Symphony Maetel (13 episodes) is 2 points, the first Yamato series (26 episodes) is 4 points and the Millennial Queen series (42 episodes) is 6 points.  If you manage to watch the entire Galaxy Express 999 series you will earn a whopping 18 points!!!  There are no partial points, however, as only once you have completed a series will you receive the points for that show.

The first two achievements are based solely on this point system.

Matsumotorists and Leijinauts may have plenty of fun in their travels, but watching shows randomly will only get you so far.  At this point the classics must be dealt with.

What are the seven core Matsumoto anime you ask?  Well, according to the authority that is myself, the list is as follows:

Arcadia of my Youth

Space Pirate Captain Harlock

Galaxy Express 999

Space Battleship Yamato

Queen Emeraldas

Millennial Queen

Gun Frontier

Three of these works (Galaxy Express 999, Space Battleship Yamato, Millennial Queen) come in two versions: film and TV series.  Watching either version fulfills the requirement.  The core anime will total anywhere from 14 to 30 points depending on what mix of films and series you watch, and therefore one can be a Timeringbearer without fulfilling the requirements for being a Leijinaut and viceversa (and I tend to think if you qualify for both titles you would give preference to Timeringbearer).

The Timeringbearer achievement is a stepping stone toward the serious business that lies ahead.  Since famous warriors such as Harlock and Emeraldas wield gravity sabers and gravity guns, the achievement titles below should come as no surprise.

By my reckoning total points available are somewhat over the 100 point mark (and increasing). Regardless, even reaching the 80 point mark would be a staggering accomplishment and such a fan is probably beyond titles (Grand Gravity Meister sounds kinda cool though).


I realize that most of Matsumoto manga is untranslated. There are a lot of fan activities that could and should count toward these secondary achievements but one would need to work on equivalencies… I’m thinking of activities such as: collecting figures and ship models, scanlating, cosplaying, AMV creation, etc. Honestly, cosplaying Harlock or Maetel once should automatically qualify you for an achievement here!

For now I’ll just present the secondary achievements in terms of manga reading.  The titles below are based on four key planets on the Galaxy Express 999 route, as translated into Latin, and they are to be tacked on after the fan’s name.

MERCATOR = read 25 manga volumes (name source: planet Trader, a.k.a. Heavy Melder, crossroads of the universe)

ANDROMEDA = read 50 manga volumes (name source: planet Dai Andromeda, heart of the Mechanization Empire)

FATUM = read 75 manga volumes (name source: planet Destiny, hub of the Galaxy Railways corporation)

AETERNUS = read 100 manga volumes (name source: planet Eternal, the 999’s final destination)

I reached Timeringbearer a while ago (the easy way, watching films instead of series).  Right now I am around the 37 point mark, so I’ve almost got my Gravity Knight achievement. Mangawise I’ve read 60-odd volumes so my present title in full would be Timeringbearer AK Andromeda. Gravity Knight AK Fatum sounds much better so I’ll be working on that, and as for Gravity Paladin AK Fatum and Gravity Paladin AK Aeternus, well, that’ll be for the distant future…



The only reason I decided to use Latin is that I just got hold of a English-Latin dictionary the other day (for free!!) and I wanted to use it.


With 365 posts, I can now begin my own blog-based religion.  The faithful begin the New Year by reading and pondering my first post, then cycle through the blog over the rest of the year one post per day.  Leap day?  I was afraid you were going to ask that!!  The truth is on leap day I have promised Bloggong that all my obedient readers will give him a wash.  Bloggong gets mighty dirty for a deity you know.


The engraving is from Johann Jakob Scheuchzer, real-life Swiss dragonhunter.

The achievement pics all come from Matsumoto manga covers:

The Matsumotorist = Serazard from V2 Panzer

The Leijinaut = Susumu Kodai from Space Battleship Yamato

The Timeringbearer = Ban Idai from Miraizer Ban

The Gravity Knight =Emeraldas from Queen Emeraldas

The Gravity Paladin = Captain Harlock from Space Pirate Captain Harlock

~ by Haloed Bane on September 2, 2011.

24 Responses to “365th Post: How to Unlock Achievements in the Leijiverse”

  1. I only qualify for 4 points tsk tsk tsk…

    Congrats on your 365th post. I still a few more to go myself before I hit 365 posts.

  2. Let’s see.

    Space Battleship Yamato (4 points) , Space Battleship Yamato II (4 points), Space Battleship Yamato Movie (1 point), Farewell to Space Battleship Yamato (1 Point),Yamato: The New Journey (1 Point), Be Forever Yamato (1 Point), Final Yamato (1 Point), Galaxy Express 999 (18 Points), Galaxy Express 999 movie (1 Point), Adieu Galaxy Express 999 (1 Point), Galaxy Express 999: Eternal Fantasy (1 Point), Arcadia of My Youth (1 Point), Space Pirate Captain Harlock (7 Points), Harlock Saga (1 Point), Harlock :Endless Odyssey (2 Points), The Cockpit (1 Point), Queen Millennia Movie (1 Point),Interstella 5555 (1 Point), Gun Frontier (1 Point)

    49 Points. Wooo! Gravity Knight!

    • Gravity Knight indeed!! I bow before thee.

      13 points of Yamato is awesome. I’m almost done with season 2 so I’ll get 4 points there but I then have to go and watch the later movies… And of course you have seen the TV GE 999. At the rate I’m going it’ll take me over a year to finish that.

      I noticed a mistake in my post. I calculated the Harlock series as being 4 points but it’s 7 just as you said. I’ll fix that.

      Not only are you a Gravity Knight, you’re halfway to being a Paladin!! I notice on your list the absence of Space Symphony Maetel. I think that’s a great series and it’s 2 points so I strongly recommend it. I’m about to do a rewatch.

      EDIT: Hold on!! Did you watch the Queen Emeraldas OVA yet? You need that for Gravity Knight! It’s really short (only 1 point) but it’s definitely a classic.

      • No wait! I have watched Space Symphony Maetel! I guess it slipped my mind.

        But dang, so close…..I’ll need to get on to watching Queen Emeraldas then…

        • No worries, I myself made a mistake again just now. Symphony is 2 points (13 episodes).

          Emeraldas is a must. Only 4 episodes. Not the highest quality show around by any definition, but some memorable scenes going to the heart of this pirate queen.

    • Sounds like my list…save adds more:
      Space Battleship Yamato (series) (4 pt.)
      Space Battleship Yamato (film) (1 pt.)
      Farewell to Space Battleship Yamato (1 pt.)
      Yamato 2 (4 ps.)
      Yamato: New Voyages (1 pt.)
      Be Forever, Yamato (1 pt.)
      Yamato 3 (4 pts.)
      Final Yamato (1 pt.)
      Dai-Yamato (only one episode fully) (1 pt.)
      Space Pirate Captain Harlock (6 pts.)
      My Youth in Arcadia (1 pt.)
      Endless Road SSX (Harlock series following on My Youth in Arcadia) (4 pts.)
      Harlock Saga (1 pts.)
      Harlock: Endless Odyssey (2 pts)
      Queen Emeraldas (I think I managed to find the third and fourth episodes once) (1 p.)
      Queen Millenia (series) (6 pts.)
      Queen Millenia (film) (1 pt.)
      Galaxy Express 999 (movie) (1 pt.)
      Adeiu Galaxy Express 999 (1 pt.)
      Galaxy Express 999: Eternal Fantasy (1 pt.)
      Galaxy Express 999 (series. only two volumes of it) (4 pts. worth)
      Maetel Legends (1 pt.)
      Space Symphony Maetel (2 pts.)
      Cosmo Warrior Zero (2 pts.)
      Cosmo Warrior Zero Gaiden (1 pt.)
      Galaxy Railways (first season only) (4 pts.)
      Gun Frontier (2 pts.)
      The Cockpit (1 pt.)
      Super Submarine 99 (2 pts.)
      Interstella 5555 (1 pt.)
      DNAsights 999.9 (1 pt.)

      (Total…64 points…if I counted the series correctly)

      • Whoa~

        Ok, technically you can’t count partial points for the GE 999 series, but besides that everything looks fine. Oh, and I personally feel like the CWZ Gaiden should be considered as part of Cosmo Warrior Zero and not as a separate thing (but this is debatable).

        What strikes me is that if you put Yamato aside, I’ve seen everything on your list except Super Submarine 99, and yet you’re at Gravity Paladin and I’m not even a Gravity Knight!! This shows the power of the Yamato franchise 😀

        Anyway, I’m very impressed.

        • I started with Yamato (well Star Blazers) as a little kid, so that was where it began. After Harlock Saga came out I discovered Harlock and started attempting to gather all those pieces…which pretty much leds to everything else. Super Submarine 99 was a friend of mines and I borrowed his while I lent him Endless Odyssey. Another friend has The Cockpit.

          SSX was tricky to find. As was the Queen Millenia series. The Harlock series was tricky but at least I could find a fan sub of it…but SSX…nope, just Japanese.

          I’ve only managed to get the first volumes of Galaxy Express 999 before money became an issue (and they hadn’t released the rest of it yet by that point) I’ll get to finding the rest of it one of these days…I’m pretty sure people upload from time to time if I can’t find a reasonable way to purchase it. I’ll also need to see about the second season of Galaxy Railways. Did they start selling that and the little OVA with the Galaxy Express 999 in North America?

          Dai-Yamato is also tricky to find.

          • Funimation and crunchyroll have all of GE 999 online, along with Galaxy Railways season 1 (i could have sworn they had season 2 as well, but i can’t find it on there). AFAIK Galaxy Railways season 2 has not been picked up in America though it’s gotten the fansub treatment.


            Dai Yamato i think i saw episode 1 on a japanese site, but that’s all. yup, tough to find.

  3. Ah the Leijiverse. Once you enter, there is no leaving!

    According to the requirements, I am almost Timeringbearer. One of these days I gotta watch Gun Frontier.

    Also, I wonder where Yamato Rebirth Chapter fits in all this. It’s Yamato, but technically it’s not Matsumoto. Speaking of which, since Yamato was the start of both the Leijiverse AND Nishiverse, I say there be a tertiary achievement for watching Odin!

    • You make the Leijiverse sound like Hell!! (kidding)

      Gun Frontier is a lot of fun, and I dare say the more Leiji you’ve watched the more fun it is, so you’ll definitely enjoy it. Just be warned the anime ends just when the plot starts to get enthralling…it should have been twice the length it ended up being (but this is so often the case in Leiji anime and in anime as a whole).

      I don’t consider Yamato Rebirth as part of the Leijiverse. It’s a sad thing that it’s part of the Yamatoverse but outside of the Leijiverse, but I don’t see another way out. I am extremely lenient with my definition of Leijiverse works. There are many shows one could claim should not be included in the “Leijiverse”, for example: Yamato (because it is a collaboration and it wasn’t even originally Leiji’s project), Galaxy Railways (because it’s Leiji-inspired and Leiji-sanctioned but not directly created by Leiji, at least as far as I know) etc. I include all of these shows, but it’s impossible for me to include Rebirth because I know Leiji rejects it from the bottom of his heart…

  4. Awesome concept! I have, like, one point. (Seen: 2 eps Queen Emaraldas (randomly a long time ago), 1 ep Gun Frontier, 4 eps Captain Harlock, probably a random ep of Galaxy Railways while it was on TV here, Bohemian Rhapsody). Probably gonna be a while before I unlock anything!

    Also, your comic has severely underestimated the Swiss. http://isthatyoumoatilliatta.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/rupotte_03_06.jpg

    • My dear friend, you have 0 points. Let me quote myself: “There are no partial points, however, as only once you have completed a series will you receive the points for that show”.

      I understand the alp horn, I guess I get the high altitude thing, but goats?? What’s the big deal with them?

  5. Hi,
    Let’s say I am lucky enough to have seen all Matsumoto’s work. As I am very lazy, how many points is it worth 😉 ?

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