More, More, More REDLINE!!!


No, I’m not talking about that kind of races, but about flesh and blood ones.

I’ve done a lot of research on the paltry information available (to me, anyway) on this matter, and I’ll lay it all out in this post along with lots of reckless and tenuously argued speculation.  Since REDLINE masterminds Ishii and Koike love the concept of crossover characters in what seems to be a unified metaverse, I have dipped into two other works besides REDLINE: TRAVA and Hal and Bons.  I absolutely recommend TRAVA.  As for Hal and Bons, it’s pure Japanese-style banter comedy, and I found it very much a hit and miss experience.  The reason the banter works well in REDLINE and TRAVA is because of the surrounding situation and circumstances, whereas in that show all of that is nonexistent.  Anyway, Hal and Bons episode 1 (with English subtitles) is on YouTube so check it out.

The information in green is canon and comes from the REDLINE website and other promotional material.

A. JP = (Presumed) Human.

It’s a sign of the playfulness of the REDLINE creators that we can’t even be sure what JP is.  All the official info says that he is presumed to be Human, but…  But what??  Well, look at his ears.  They are rather freakish.  They are “elven”.  Other characters in this universe have such ears and hopefully we’ll be able to come up with some ideas of what JP could be (if not simply Human) as we go along.

B. Miki and Todoroki = Human.  From Japan Block on Earthship (an artificial planet modeled after Earth).

OK, with this we can be sure that there are plain and simple Humans in this universe.  I’m guessing Earth was destroyed and Earthship is a close replica, right down to the countries it contains.  By the way, the president of Roboworld speaks of his own planet as a beacon of peace for humanity, so there’s more good evidence that Humans do still exist but that something really dreadful has happened to them (there’s also mention of two interplanetary wars).

BTW, these two characters are based on two friends of the creators, and the same men voice the characters themselves!  Miki and Todoroki represent the average, anime-loving Japanese male.  JP represents the cool Japanese dude that guys like Miki and Todoroki dream of becoming (and fittingly enough, JP is voiced by superstar icon Takuya Kimura, member of the group SMAP, for which Koike had worked as an animator before!).

C. Bons = From Planet Dorothy.

Here’s one of the crossover characters: Bons from Hal and Bons.  We only get told that he’s from Dorothy, the planet hosting Yellowline in the film.  Dorothy has many of these doglike creatures, and for my purposes I will dub this the Supercanine race.  Why do I have a feeling that the planet is named after Wizard of Oz (with tie-in to Toto)?!

D. Machine Head Tetsujin = Oceanic.  Hybrid.

This designation of “hybrid” will come up a lot.  Most of the important characters in the REDLINE universe are hybrids.  I imagine that this hybridity can come about artificially (probably genetic engineering) as well as naturally (mommy and daddy of separate races).

Tetsujin is mechanically enhanced to such an extent that it’s impossible to tell what a pure Oceanic would look like just from staring at his big face.  Thankfully, we have other members of the Oceanic race in the film.

E. Shinkai = Oceanic.  Hybrid.

Honestly, my appreciation of Shinkai’s entrance in REDLINE (around 30 minutes in) soared after watching TRAVA.  It really did.

Shinkai doesn’t look anything like Tetsujin, but since they’re both hybrids that’s not so surprising.  But don’t lose hope, we have more information from TRAVA.  There we are told that Shinkai belongs to the Chikulun race, and it’s hinted that he’s not pure Chikulun and he has issues because of it.  Putting these pieces of information together we can infer Shinkai is half-Oceanic half-Chikulun.  Now the question is which race is responsible for his red scales and fishy looks…

F. Sonoshee = Half-Human half-Oceanic.

IMHO it’s awesome a) that the restaurant scene in REDLINE has three hybrid members of the same race (Oceanic) and b) that it happens to be a seafood restaurant , c) that Sonoshee’s first shot is as if underwater and d) that we have no way of knowing any of this from just watching the film because it’s never stated!!!  The film is not only playful, it’s really spare with what it chooses to tell us [think of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and how Tolkien kept from his readers so much background that he had so painstakingly developed, only giving them what he thought they needed to know to understand the specific war involving Sauron’s Ring]  By the way, according to the official REDLINE site, a half-Human half-Oceanic is nicknamed a “mermaid”.

Sonoshee is key, because if you look at her she seems perfectly Human.  What that tells us is that Oceanics are practically indistinguishable from Humans, which means that Shinkai’s peculiar traits must be due to his Chikulun side (and this makes sense from hints in TRAVA).  It also means that we would expect Tetsujin before his “enhancements” to have looked very much like a normal Human being.

It makes sense that a humanoid race that loved the sea so much they were dubbed Oceanic would, at some point, intermingle with a fish-like race.  Shinkai makes sense then.  I wonder if the so-called Oceanics are simply a branch of the Human race that adapted itself to the sea.  Speculation aside, notice how Sonoshee is associated with the oceans: in Yellowline Sonoshee opts for racing on the water and she very quickly ends in the water in Redline as well.  That must have been the Oceanic blood in her calling the shots!

G. Boyboy and Bossboss = Supergrass.  From Planet Supergrass.

It goes without saying that these women look thoroughly Human.  The film tells us repeatedly that the Supergrass race is magical, that the planet is magical, that the Superboins themselves have had to seal their magical powers off in order to participate in the race, etc.  My guess is that the Supergrass race [does the name come from the British band??] has evolved from the Human race, possibly through the consumption of enormous quantities of high-caliber cannabis 🙂

H. Hamesh Friny = Supersimian.  From Planet Gorilla.

What I have translated as “Supersimian” is a Japanese compound in the original which literally means “very clever monkey”.  There’s not much to say on Hamesh, a.k.a. Gori Rider (pun in Japanese: Gori Raidaa → Gori+ Ra = gorira = “gorilla”) except that he seems to be the monkey version of Bons’ Supercanine race and that the two stripes on his face, which Tetsujin shares, are probably some fashion style that we don’t know about.

I. Trava = Anista.  Hybrid.

This is the third crossover character here AFAIK (with Bons and Shinkai).  Figuring this guy out is tough, because he’s a hybrid and because we don’t have information on any other Anista in the film (though at times I think the junkman looks somewhat like Trava).

Some people have noted Trava is doglike so maybe he is an Anista-Supercanine hybrid.  If so, then perhaps Anistas resemble Humans with very long ears.  Anistas would also probably have blue skin, since dogs don’t, and so a pure Anista is likely very close to what in other metaverses is called a dark elf, night elf, drow, etc.

In TRAVA, there’s another race called the Giants.  Giant males are truly gigantic, while females are Human-sized.  Other than that, the only difference with Humans is the elven ears.  It’s possible that JP himself is a Giant-Human hybrid, or an Anista-Human hybrid.  If the former, then possibly his mother was a Giant and his father a Human, thus his regular size and longish ears; if the latter then he’s inherited the skin color from his Human parent and the ears from his Anista parent.

[UPDATE 11/4/11: My friend iskrona suggests Trava’s name might come from the Slavic word “trava”, which means “grass” (e.g. in Czech, Slovene, Serbo-Croat).  Just as with English grass, Slavic trava is also slang for marihuana.  Trava and Supergrass…makes sense.]

J. Lynchman and Johnnyboya = From Planet Alber.  Lynchman’s race is unknown, Johnnyboya is a Kaneda hybrid.

These guys are both from the same planet.  Lynchman’s race is listed as a mystery, and Johnnyboya is a hybrid belonging to the Kaneda race.  They both look very Human to me, and there are no other examples or descriptions of the Kaneda that I know from anywhere.  I’m probably wrong when I say that this might be a reference to Alberta province, Canada.  Maybe more likely would be to suggest a Japanese pun with the sentence: “Kane da.” = “It’s the money.” considering how business-savvy the pair is.

K. Frisbee

We have no info on him.  He definitely grew up with JP and he looked like that as a child.  There’s one brief scene toward the end (look above) where we can see a whole group of Frisbee-like characters watching the race on TV.  His race, whatever it is, reminds me of Hobbits, albeit of the nasty, mutant sort 😉


You have Humans, Oceanics and Supergrass (the normal looking folk) on one side, then Anista, Giants and whatever Frisbee and the six-legged junkman are on another (long-eared elf or hobbit types).  Finally you have animal types (canines, simians, whatever insect creature the junkman is crossed with, and possibly Shinkai’s Chikulun) and the robotically enhanced like Tetsujin and the folk in Roboworld etc.

The setup suggests to me that all of these races evolved naturally or artificially from the old Human race (with grafts from animal genes etc.), which would dive in well with the cyberpunkish flavor of the universe as a whole.


Just who was Sonoshee waiting for at the restaurant?  The first time I watched the film I dismissed the issue because I assumed Sonoshee was lying and simply wanted to be left alone.  But upon rewatching it there does seem to be someone she planned to meet.

Toward the end of the race Tetsujin gets near Sonoshee and dares her to use the Steamlight.  He has a Steamlight as well and JP is surprised, and the way Tetsujin talked to her showed signs of familiarity (as if he had been the one that gave her that Steamlight).

When JP yells to Tetsujin that he has an edge because he has the goddess with him, Tetsujin’s “phallus machine” immediately slumps to the ground and he loses control of his vehicle.  Did you notice that?

And finally, Tetsujin did show up at the restaurant.  It’s just that by the point that he did Trava’s fighting had caused an uproar and JP and Sonoshee left without the latter meeting up with Tetsujin.  In conclusion, the evidence suggests to me that the guy she was planning to meet was none other than Machine Head Tetsujin.

EDIT: My theory is half-wrong.  Check out the first comment on this post below!!


The universe has been rocked by two major interplanetary wars.  Life is tough.  People want to be entertained.  Racing becomes the entertainment of choice.  As the locus of attention and people’s hopes, money flows in.  Corruption, heat-seeking missiles, you name it.  Still, when the race is over and JP and Sonoshee win, everybody cheers.  Even the defeated races cheer.  There is hope yet for the universe.  That’s the point I think.


Maybe I’m hallucinating, in fact, it’s very possible I am, but I look at this and I see Leiji Matsumoto fashion all over.

Green jackets with nice big collars are a Leiji staple,  and the big yellow buttons on Shinkai’s green jacket look like the iconic Matsumoto dials (also check out the dials on the last stretch of the REDLINE course, which goes upward like a Galaxy Railways track).  And of course JP’s jacket’s skull and bones reminds me of Harlock.  But just to be on the safe side, let me post a screenshot from TRAVA that I’m sure I did not dream up:

Go watch TRAVA if you haven’t.  It’s fun (and you will see how the number 78 pops up in and links both works!).

I’m delighted that Ishii and Koike are so admiring of Leiji Matsumoto’s work.  Matsumoto comes up in many of their interviews.  A reporter on her blog [here] writes that she interviewed Ishii and quotes him as saying he will never forget the impact he felt on watching anime with hand-drawn designs when growing up in the 70s and 80s, an experience that began for him with Space Battleship Yamato and Galaxy Express 999.  Ishii added that director Koike had the same experience.  [In fact, Koike has said he first desired to become an animator upon watching Galaxy Express 999, loving the show and specially the work of its key animator Yoshinori Kanada]

It’s funny that after the interview the reporter felt compelled to go out and rent a Yamato DVD (apparently she hadn’t watched it).  She enjoyed it.

Anyway, it’s great news for the new generation.  One thing that Leiji and Ishii/Koike indisputably share is a love for their characters.  This love shows, and their work is of higher quality because of it.

~ by Haloed Bane on September 5, 2011.

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  1. There’s been a lot of speculation that Machinehead is actually Sonoshee’s father. That would explain how she’s half Oceanic. And when you watch her face at the Oasis club, she brightens up and waves when Machinehead walks in the room. Plus, when Sonoshee gets hit by the shell, JP and Machinehead are the only two who react in horror. I’m glad to see someone analyzing the film, as I feel those who are dismissing it as being lightweight are not paying attention to how much detail there really is.


      I swear for one second at some point watching the film, I thought to myself: I bet you Sonoshee’s father is in this somewhere. Sonoshee inherits the Steamlight, she was waiting for her father, relations have been estranged somewhat evidently… Brilliant, thanks so much!!

    • dsfjahdksagdlj

      mind blown


    • Those actually sound like good points, but I don’t think he’s her father. She said that she and her father used to build car together from junk and enter races together. Why would he see the need to do that when he’s already won multiple redline races? Plus his house was extravagant during that one scene where he was being interviewed. Why build a car out of junk when you have all that money? Perhaps he was an old friend of hers or maybe he used to be her mechanic or something.

      • Ive seen it suggested elsewhere: He could be a deadbeat father or have lost touch with reality when augmenting himself and blown Sonoshee off after a young age. At this point she dedicated herself to racing to try to get his attention, and by the time the film comes around they have begun to reconcile their relationship.

  2. Given that Johnny Boy certainly seems a visual nod to one of Mike Judge’s most famous creations, Beavis – might Alber a reference to Judge’s hometown of Albuquerque?

    • excellent!

    • He does look like Beavis..
      The planet in Japanese is “Arubeeru”. Albuquerque in Japanese is “Arubakaaki”. Kind of similar, yeah. I guess if we found out that these REDLINE guys were into Mike Judge and Beavis & Butthead, then it might definitely be enough of a match.

  3. Oh, and as for Trava’s possible hybrid race? Supermarsupial of course. He always struck me as a more human looking Booga from Tank Girl.

  4. I can only splooge at the marvel of this post and how anime blogging can deepen one’s appreciation of something one already loves.

  5. Could Kanada be a reference to the legendary animator Yoshonori Kanada?

    • I thought of this, especially since Kanada is Koike’s hero. The problem is the race is listed as Kaneda (カネダ), not Kanada. That said, the character pronounced as “kana” in Kanada’s surname (金) is very often pronounced “kane” and actually the same written surname (金田) is read “Kaneda” or “Kanada” depending on the family in question. So I guess the point that I’m trying to make is that IF this is a reference to the famous animator, then it has been deliberately obscured a bit.

  6. Whoa, awesome! I couldn’t even remember the names of three quarters of these characters after seeing the film, and it turns out they have such detailed stories!

    One other oceanic association for Sonoshee to add, her ship is called the Crab, and it’s shaped like crab pincers.

  7. Does this mean that Tetsujin was the overbearing father, testing JP to see if he was good enough for his girl?!

    • Maybe, but I don’t think so. Sonoshee and Tetsujin don’t seem to be on close terms. I figure Tetsujin is a superstar now and he’s difficult for Sonoshee to reach. But of course he’s interested in what his daughter’s up to and he reacts very nicely in the end. I could totally see a sequel!

  8. […] see that other people are plugging away on exploring the universe of Redline. Here’s a great post for those interested in filling out the […]

  9. Another creator who creates the entire backstories of his character even though he barely gets to hint at them in the work: Quentin Tarantino.

    The “Kaneda” race strikes me as a nod to Akira, especially with the bio-monster so strongly resembling mutated Tetsuo.

    • Well, Ishii worked on the Kill Bill animation so there’s a link there.

      Re: Kaneda I imagine there’s a possibility it’s a nod to more than one thing (maybe several) at the same time.

  10. […] by a missile. Finally, there’s Planet Dorothy’s own Bons in his Bons Missile. As Anime Kritik notes, he’s from his own Madhouse series, Hal and Bons, similar to the Trava […]

  11. This was a very interesting read! The main aspect of REDLINE that I love the most is the character concepts. I am a bit disappointed that the inhabitants of the super-awesome Roboworld only got a mention, however. That was my biggest question from the movie: What the heck are they?

    They’re human-like, but they’re huge! Little Deyzuna, who’s much shorter than the rest of the men in Dest Tower, is still pretty big compared to Trava, for instance. Also, why exactly does Little Deyzuna look that way? Was he born that way or did something happen to him? It’s all so interesting!

    I’ve always thought of the Roboworldians as cyborgs of some sort. They might be born like regular human-like people, but perhaps they’re cybernetically enhanced to make them more effective (more badass) soldiers?

    I’d love to find out someday.

    • Yup, I barely mentioned the Roboworlders because they pretty much don’t get covered at all in the official info that I’ve seen. I guess you’re kind of just supposed to figure that they’re cyborgs as you said…mechanical attachments plus probably some genetic engineering (to enhance strength and size). What is kind of troubling in this scenario is that Trava apparently used to be in the Roboworld Army?! How come he’s not a cyborg? Is this a volunteer army? Does Roboworld have non-robotic peoples? I honestly don’t know, but it’s very possible that they’re some kind of expansionist empire where the core (elite) population is cyborg but many of the conquered planets are of various, non-robotic races [which is basically the case with the Mechanization Empire in Leiji Matsumoto’s works] . The Roboworlders definitely consider themselves human, actually, they consider themselves the best humans…

      I’d love to know more about this too!

      • Yeah, I noticed that info about the inhabitants of Roboworld is sparse when I went to the official Japanese REDLINE website and saw, on the character page, that Colonel Voltron (who’s totally awesome, BTW) was the only Roboworlder who was included. I mean, I’m glad he had a page at all, but I would have loved to learn more about other characters, like Little Deyzuna and Secretary Titan (I love his cat).

        And about Trava: I’m a bit confused myself. I’ve just been assuming – like you said – that Roboworld is imperialistic in nature and sort of takes over other planets. Perhaps they got to Trava’s homeworld at some point and he was conscripted into the army and then left when his time was up? It’s impossible to tell, really. In Trava Fist Planet, it’s mentioned that he was a pilot in the military, but that’s about all they say…

        Spoilers, BTW.

        There’s something about the elitist view of the Roboworlders that I find so appealing in the sense that it makes them such great “bad guys.” Although, I personally don’t think they were entirely in the wrong. They were definitely the antagonists of the movie, but hell, can you blame them? Their planet was practically invaded and, my god, did you see what the princess of Supergrass did to their tower?! Sure, they weren’t following the treaty 100%, but damn! Those racers really made a mess of the place. That bioweapon they had been growing for (I’m guessing) years had to be destroyed because it was awoken prematurely, their huge Dest Tower was obliterated, countless numbers of their troops died, and it was all for a race they didn’t even want to host.

        Am I being to empathetic? 😛

        • Yes, you are, to answer your last question 😀

          Yeah, if you just go by TRAVA, you kinda assume his army is his own people’s/country’s army….but it’s pretty clear that in this metaverse ethnic groups and nations/empires/powers often do not coincide (just like in our world).. Maybe their next project should revolve around the epic galactic struggle between Roboworld and Supergrass..

          One thing’s for sure, Trava is the sort that would never discuss or even admit that he was collaborating with an imperialistic colonizer (if that’s what happened) so we’d never get to hear it from his mouth!!

  12. So you think I’m being too empathetic? Lol! Maybe I’m secretly a fascist. 😛

    Actually, I just really like cyborgs. I think they’re so cool! And Roboworld is so larger-than-life and over the top about everything that I can’t help but think they’re awesome. In fact, I think the same can be said for a lot of the characters in Redline.

    I once heard that what happens in Trava Fist Planet takes place quite a while after Redline. If that’s true, then perhaps Trava was drafted into the Roboworld army, left, entered Redline, and then joined the military of his own world? I dunno for sure. I do think it’s entirely possible that he was in some sort of Roboworld-controlled military force at some point. I’m sure it’s kind of like what the Romans used to do. They’d take over a people and then make them join their military by mustering a unit composed of the conquered soldiers. Maybe Trava was a member of such a unit, and perhaps that’s how he met Little Deyzuna?

    I just love how much there is to speculate about. 😀 At first glance, Redline seems very simple and straightforward, but then, when you include the Travaverse, things get interesting in an expansive way.

    And I would absolutely LOVE to see more of a Roboworld vs Supergrass scenario. I can’t possibly imagine Roboworld doing nothing after those wizard women showed up and destroyed their military. I wonder if Colonel Voltron is able to reverse the effects of using that other bioweapon or if he’ll stay a giant, laser-shooting salamander of doom forever. 😛 When Dest Tower was destroyed by that ship (I think that’s just so terrible…), I wonder if the Roboworld President and Secretary Titan survived? It really wouldn’t surprise me if they declared war on Supergrass, after that.

    But perhaps it’s best if they don’t? Afterall, love and magic are powerful adversaries. 😀

    • Hehe, there’s definitely an attraction to fascist structures (weapons, buildings, fanfare, etc) that philosophers and psychoanalists have all studied. (Notice the Roboworld flags are basically Nazi flags, same exact design + color scheme except the swastika has been replaced by their own symbol). There’s also an attraction to madness, kind of the opposite of the fascist totalitarian structure, and I guess here that could be Supergrass…

      Yup, all my sources say Trava is after Redline, and people even comment how the characters look older in Trava. Since Dayzuna and Trava know each other I’d definitely say Trava was in the Roboworld army..along the lines of your speculation in the comment.

      Roboworld seems to have a “manifest destiny” thing going on, where they consider themselves the holy land/last bastion of hope/beacon of humanity and what not, so they have no choice but to respond to the Supergrass provocations. The Supergrass princess seems awfully powerful though, and at least from what we see in Redline, I can’t fathom how Roboworld could ever succeed against her (there’s almost a Looney Tunes flavor to Roboworld here, like they’re the coyote or sylvester the cat and always doomed to fail in a funny way!).

      • The character designs of the Roboworld dudes are soooooooo legit. They look so awesome, and I just love how crazy they are about using their military power.

        I did notice how much older Trava and Shinkai look in Trava Fist Planet. Their attitudes seem a bit more mature, also.

        And I did think it was interesting when the Roboworld President kept referring to the area the race was going to be held as sacred. That obviously has a religious implication, but I find that to be a bit against the whole “fascist” thing they’ve got going on. I just wish we could have seen more of Roboworld. We just saw their huge military installation, really. The land looked desolate, and I’m wondering if that’s all there is to it or if there are cities and other people living there.

        • What would really help is an account of the wars that have taken place. Who fought who? Who won? Who lost? Was it a stalemate? Clearly Roboworld didn’t have a smashing success, otherwise they wouldn’t have been forced to leave Europas for the refugees. (They’re obviously preparing for a rematch too!)

          Religion and Fascism got along well enough in Japan (Shinto was the state religion, Imperial State was military and religious, kamikaze stuff etc etc) and I think this might be the point of reference for the creators here.

          The land did look very desolate, and you can contrast it with Supergrass, which gives off a definite impression of luxury (though i don’t remember seeing any actual shots of their planet, maybe it’s barren like the rest of them…)

          I wish these guys had blogs. I think I’ve seen their twitter stuff, but it’d be great to get more in-depth info and even newsflashes on upcoming projects..

  13. Actually, I always thought of Europass and the refugees being similar to Indian reservations and the natives of America, you know? Like, Roboworld was all, like, “We’re taking all of your stuff. Now, he’s some little shitty hellhole of a planet for you to live on instead.” Either that or, perhaps, there was some clause in that peace treaty that obligated them to provide some sort of place for all of the refugees that were a result of the destruction brought on by the war?

    And good point about Shintoism in Imperialist Japan. I didn’t even think of that. I was thinking more along the lines of the Nazis.

    I imagine Supergrass to be a fairly lush place, actually. They’re definitely well off with the magical powers of the royal family. They have the luxury to spend time and resources on aiding the Redline committee (and destroying another planet’s military and political powerhouse in the process… >.>).

    While I did like the ending of Redline, I would have preferred to have much more closure. They had a decent build-up to Funky Boy vs Colonel Voltron, but once that finally happens, the two are never mentioned in the film again. I presume that, once the race is over, all the racers are picked up by that drop ship and taken back to Europass or wherever. I wonder what happens to Little Deyzuna? It would have been so satisfying to see him continue to chase after Trava and unknowingly end up on the ship with the other racers in his blind, tear-filled rageface mode. >:P At least that scenario of him winding up out of his element would be a lot more entertaining than him just being executed… Especially considering that he really wasn’t meaning to desert the army altogether; he just wanted to rip Trava’s head off. 😛

    And yes, it would be great if the team behind this masterpiece were more open about their ideas and future plans, but I dunno if it would do me any good. I can read Korean, but not Japanese. 😛

    • I think, I’m not sure now, but I think that they comment in the film that the treaty obligates them to keep their hands off Europas. At the same time the president says they were too nice in agreeing to this, implying that they had a choice in the matter…but I read that as posturing on his part, keeping up appearances.

      As for closure, I keep thinking back to the news I heard that the film didn’t do that well in Japan..If it had, we’d be hearing of new projects soon but alas… We might have to break into these guys’ homes and photocopy their manuscripts and drafts 😀

      Well, if you hear that some juicy bit of info is up somewhere online just let me know..translating Japanese is my thing so I can claim it as “career practice”!!!

      • I just finished watching the movie again (SO AWESOME!!!), and I remembered a few things. The treaty Roboworld agreed to is with the M3 Nebula Federation, so I’m assuming the war was with them. Europass is referred to as Roboworld’s satellite, and I’m assuming by satellite they mean moon. Perhaps they struck a deal of some sort? It’s hard to tell. Like you suggested, obviously, everything didn’t go as they had hoped, since they a) gave up Europass, b) can’t make any military action on Europass, and c) are not allowed to possess bioweapons, but I get a feeling that it was more of a stalemate than a complete loss. Since Europass presumably belonged to Roboworld, maybe they were asked to give it up as a refuge to all the displaced persons from the war, rather than having lost it to the M3 Nebula Federation. It’s impossible to know for sure, though…

        It actually reminds me of the war between the two Koreas. They reached a cease-fire agreement and set up the Demilitarized Zone (like Europass), except no one in their right mind would actually live there. 😛

        And it just blows my mind when I hear about how this movie didn’t do well in Japan. I mean, honestly, WTF? This movie is superb! Come on, Japan! This masterpiece came from your own! Unbelievable…

        It’s so awesome!!! 😀 I can’t think of a single character in the whole movie that I don’t absolutely love. (Colonel Voltron and Little Deyzuna are the best! <3) But then again, that might just be my imagination. 😛 But what can I say? I'm a girl who's a sucker for cyborgs. 😉

        And thanks for the offer to translate any little news that I might run across in the future. Now that I think about it, thanks for having this whole conversation with me! 🙂 It's always so entertaining and enriching to speculate and converse with a fellow fan.

        • The political situation must be just as you said…was Supergrass involved? I wonder..

          I really don’t know why it wasn’t popular, but I heard it wasn’t. Maybe it looked dated or out of place? I say this because the creators themselves have said they were going against the trend of the time and they didn’t care. In other words, they were ready for the lack of success.

          It’s fun to speculate together, isn’t it? I’ve heard that fans of Lynchman and Johnnyboya are legion, I’ve read of a couple of ultra-hardcore Trava fans, and I’ve heard of male fans who would like to move to Supergrass (i.e. me) but you’re the first Roboworld fan I’ve come across. Cyborgs are cool, of course, and one even starts wondering just how many of these racers are cyborgs to some degree or another…

          • Roboworld fan reporting for duty.

            Never has been such a setting so exploited as Roboworld I think. It was a total rape. And that’s a good thing!

            The world had the most ridiculous military in the galaxy and they threw all of it in the race. All of it. The fucking kitchen sink.

            How can I fail to love this?

            They turned their assets against each other and look at the people that pulled the trigger!

            The guy who fired the satellite weapon fucking came.

            Volton fucking relished turning into a galactic space monster to take on Funky Boy.

            It’s like they both knew that Roboworld was peerless as a fighting force and nobody else was worth fighting, so they just destroyed themselves in glorious acts of carnage.

            Just writing all that felt awesome.

            • your position is they did all of these things out of an excess of strength, not lack of it. Very interesting 🙂

              • It’s not that simple. They’re not unilaterally strong, given that they were trolled to their very balls by the Redline committee… and that the result is that they’re utterly in shambles after the race… but this failure is delicious because they were excessively strong.

                The way they behaved is exactly how the Redline Committee wanted them to. It made for the best race spectacle ever. They’re not that competent, but yes they are strong, so very strong.

                • I’ve absolutely loved everything you’ve said so far! It’s like you’ve put into words all the thoughts I’ve had while watching the movie but have never been able to express in print.

                  It was absolutely thrilling to see just how much delight Secretary Titan took in firing that three-point decomposition laser. It was almost comical. His high-brow composure and over-confident tone left me enthralled. And Colonel Voltron? I imagine, if he survives the fight with Funky Boy and if it’s possible to extract his original body from the weapon, that they’re going to have a hard time persuading him to actually do so. He’s definitely a man who relishes in excess and power. Although, he’s obviously focused enough to still do the job, since he was still competently barking orders.

                  But I completely agree – if I’m getting this right – that their excessive masculine strength led to their highly entertaining, exquisite downfall.

                  I just want to see what happens next!!!

                • OK, I see it now. This film has so many things going for it!!

                  • I know, right? 😀

                    I just love how, the one thing that caused the most damage on Roboworld (Funky Boy, hands down), was a product of their own military might. It’s almost as if they would have been better off if they didn’t have such powerful weapons.

                    The one thing that just blows my mind, however, is how that wicked little Supergrass Princess could have that huge ship materialize right inside Dest Tower! That muderous little witch! >:P I mean, yeah, she’s on the “good-guy” side and she’s cute and all, but she destroyed their huge military headquarters, possibly killing hundreds, and just giggled about it!

                    Am I being too empathetic again? 😛

  14. Let’s hope Koike and Ishii are for some reason taking ESL classes together, and the teacher has just assigned them to look through English-language blogs for homework this weekend, and then let’s hope that they stumble upon this comment thread (because, let’s hope, they’re so full of themselves they simply googled their own names in English) and let’s finally hope that they say OMG we need to release more stuff and not let these fans wait too long…

    • Lol! I actually spent some time being an ESL teacher to refugees. I should make a trip out to Japan and persuade them to hire me as an English tutor! 😛

      • Get on that plane now!!

        • Heehee! :>

          “Okay, gentlemen. The phrase we’ll learn this hour is ‘Redline sequel.’ So, please repeat after me. ‘Redline… Seeeeeequel.'”

          • See, if I were you, I wouldn’t just prod them into making a sequel. I’ll also insert my own ideas for it. Repeat after me:

            “stage a coup”
            “stage a coup”
            “Little Dayzuna and Trava stage a coup in Roboworld”

            etcetera etcetera. Put it on the test too, that way they’ll have to memorize it..

  15. A weakened Roboworld suddenly falls prey to a loose confederation formerly oppressed victims.

    Of course, these victims aren’t very strong military-wise, nor experienced, but there are lots of them and their bands of irregulars storm Roboworld in an act of punitive war…

    What’s left of Roboworld makes their stand!

    Cameos: Roboworld government is savvy enough to hire Lynchman and Johnnyboy to fuck with the invaders and mess up whatever large assets they bring to bear.

    The M3 Galaxy spirals into ruin LOLOLOL

    • And then the Arcadia shows up and Harlock..

      Oh wait. I’m getting carried away 🙂

    • I would SO totally go watch that. So long as Colonel Voltron and Little Deyzuna are in it…

      Perhaps the Roboworld President was killed in the rubble ofthe crumbling Dest Tower?

      … Something tells me they’d be fine without him, but they’d be screwed without someone like Voltron. 😛

  16. Ok, I got an idea. Why don’t we start sending out rumors that a new project is in the works, call it BLACKLINE or something, give plenty of juicy details etc. Get people talking. Then Koike and Ishii will have to give an interview and deny all of the gossip…but little will they know that we will have planted our own interviewer on the scene, and when they deny everything our interviewer will then quip: “Oh, I see. So what is it you’re working on then?”

    (even more devious, bring a makeup artist with one of their big black bags and have them excuse themselves to go the toilet, then have them ransack the premises and find any drafts or scripts..done).

    • But that’s not a rumor. There really is a new project called BLACKLINE coming out.


  17. Where has anime like this been hiding all my life?
    felt like i was born to watch this!

  18. I love Redline to bits, could watch it at least 100 times without getting too bored. The first time I saw it at a film festival, the ending music for ‘Redline Day’ was different, it had much different lyrics, but the melody the generally the same.

    Did you know that Koike had to change the story concept a lot from what he had originally intended? I learned this from the DVD bonus features. At one point JP had many children! I also don’t think there was an attraction between Sonoshee and JP either.
    For those of you who are really interested to dive into the back story of Redline. There was a novel of the film released in Japan, it has a much more expanded version of the Film’s plot and may answer a lot more of your questions for those of you who are curious. I’m sure this novel is more specific to the movie itself anyway and not the early plot concepts.

    Anyway the novel is available from Amazon Japan, if anyone could read it and share the interesting stuff, they would be a legend.

    *Another interesting fact, there was a novel based off of the original F-ZERO Snes game when it was released in Japan, strange how two race-heavy small plot titles both have unheard of novels.*

    • There’s a lot to love!! This post is my most commented so far (out of the 390 I’ve published so far).

      I can’t imagine JP with a brood. Interesting. has gotten really outrageous with their shipping costs. I stopped ordering them years ago when it started costing me more to ship the item than to actually purchase it. If I see it around I’ll definitely grab it though. We’re all starving for some more data.

  19. Does anyone have any suggestions of JP’s race? Is he a human or “something else”? I was wondering what that “fire” in his eyes mean…(one of the scenes- after JP gave Sonoshee the flowers)

    P.S. Sorry about my english 😦

    • Your English is great, don’t worry.

      No new ideas on my part. We need more material 😦

  20. You should be a part of a contest for one of the finest sites on the internet. I’m going to recommend this site!

  21. JP has curved ears in this scene. The elven ears also appear on Inuki and even the characters in World Record. It’s just the style of the character designs, honestly.

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