Gun Frontier Returns

If you’ve been following the Gun Frontier chapters at the The Rabbit Reich, then you know already that it’s been months since the last release.  If you haven’t been following these releases then you’re being silly, unless of course you don’t like Leiji Matsumoto’s stuff and that’s fair enough I think we can simply drop the subject.  I mean, honestly, the man isn’t everybody’s cup of tea.  Is there a person out there who’s everybody’s cup of tea?  I really can’t think of anyone, really can’t.  If you can do let me know.

Where was I?  Oh yes, Gun Frontier.  Well, a couple of dissident rabbits, apparently of the single-floppy-left-ear variety (I bet you there is one word that means precisely this in German), have decided to continue the manga project on another site, pending the mainstream rabbits’ recovery/resurrection etc.  The site is The Red Rabbits and it’s [here].

With the hubris that predictably accompanies every new endeavor, these red critters have released not one but two new Gun Frontier chapters.  I’d ask you to go enjoy the manga but as a matter of fact in Soviet Russia manga enjoy you!  Enjoy being enjoyed then~

P.S.  For earlier chapters visit the Reich [here].

~ by Haloed Bane on September 26, 2011.

4 Responses to “Gun Frontier Returns”

  1. Linkschlappohrhasen.

  2. I don’t know a single thing about Gun Frontier, but I remember Rabbit
    Reich! They translated Sadomi (the art alone is enough to make me burst out laughing) and always had those bizarre and entertaining blog posts. I was genuinely sad when I heard they’d dissolved; I wish Red Reich good luck.

    • Sadomi’s great, yes.

      Let’s hope the Reich sleeps like Barbarossa, and will one day wake again 🙂

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