Persona 4 Episode 1

Everyone watching this will know what’s up, but I guess it’s still a good idea for me to summarize the situation briefly.

The episode was ridiculously close to the game, and this splits the potential audience into two groups: those who have played the game and those who haven’t.  Therefore we have two obvious problems (provided that the anime continues to be so faithful):

For those not acquainted with the game – Confusion reigns from the very beginning.

For those acquainted with the game – Boredom will likely set in at some point.

There are solutions to these problems, but they just present more problems.  For example, confusion could be eliminated by making the series into 52 episodes (or more).  That way the anime could go through the material thoroughly and clearly.  Of course, the new problem here is that people who’ve watched the series could get even more bored.

Now, this boredom can be eliminated by simply changing the way the story develops, though of course the level of fidelity to the game would have to drop significantly. The problem here is that we all know how dangerous it is when anime producers begin fiddling with solid material… more often than not they botch it.

This strategy of slavish fidelity would only make sense if a massive number of anime fans in Japan [remember, anime is for domestic audiences, we don’t count] is familiar with Persona 4, so that a high percentage of potential viewers have either played it or been subjected to their friends’ constant raving on it.

Through some twist of fate, I happen to be the ideal viewer for this show.  Why?  Because I played most of the game and loved it, but never finished it.  Therefore I understand what’s going on, I’m not confused, I can enjoy every minute of it and I know I won’t get bored because I don’t know what’s going to happen in the end!

But it’d be stupid for the anime to cater to people like me (since I bet most lovers of the game finished it).  And since from what I hear the show is going to be 26 episodes or so, the only adequate solution is to jettison large parts of the material and focus on the core story (and maybe tweaking the ending a little to keep the game’s players interested).

The best thing for them to do this right now, and I do get the feeling this is what they’ll do, is to slow the pace in episode 2 and explain lots of stuff.  This is a must.  Otherwise I think lots of people will be dropping the series without even checking episode 3 out.

The series is going to be problematic for bloggers too!  I mean, what am I supposed to talk about!!  I’ll have to think about it…


~ by Haloed Bane on October 7, 2011.

9 Responses to “Persona 4 Episode 1”

  1. I didn’t think ep 1 was confusing at all, just badly paced. But for the same reasons.

    I never took you for a gamer ak :O

    • I think a lot of people will be confused, if only because they think they’re missing valuable stuff (when perhaps they might not be). I mean, all the information one needs to understand the beginning of the story was there, but the pacing and the cuts were so disorienting that one might think one’s missing lots.

      Right now I don’t have a console with me so I only play WoW 😀

  2. I’m in the same boat— I loved the game but only played about halfway through it.

    But I’m not sure there’s enough material for 26 episodes, much less 52, especially if they go through it at this rate. The main story line doesn’t have that much to it. Are they planning to have episode after episode focused on building social links? I can’t really see that ending well.

    • Well, if you go for an inclusive approach there’s tons of material..especially, as you said, related to the social links.

      They need to slow down, definitely. I hope that’s their intention. Otherwise it will literally give one a headache to follow this show :/

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  5. To be absolutely fair, Persona 4 took a good while to get the ball rolling – certainly 2 or 3 episodes without Personas at all might be even more stifling. I do agree some of the cuts could have been a little more logical, but it managed to plow through the material and at least get to the Persona summoning by the end. At the very least it isn’t another Trinity Soul…

    • Hmm, ideally for me the first persona would have shown up in the second half of episode 2.

      The problem is this plowing through the material. I mean, this is not a Bible anime so you don’t need to cover everything…though i guess some megami tensei adherents might disagree with this standpoint 🙂

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