Guilty Crown 03 /// Persona 4 04

Guilty Crown

I only watched the first 6 minutes, so I don’t know how good the rest of the episode was, but these 360 seconds were painstakingly handcrafted for one purpose: turning me off.  If I were a paranoid megalomaniac, oh wait, I am a paranoid megalomaniac so I can say that the anime industry is plotting against my blog, producing interesting first episodes that lure me into writing posts only to turn me off in episode 2 or 3, thus resulting in a post-list full of/littered with/populated by wishful episode 1 reviews that make me look like a fool, oh wait, I am a fool, etc etc.  Dropped.

Persona 4

I still can’t tell if the art/animation is really good, really bad, or just different.  I guess I’m getting used to it.  I must say, though, the bird in the cage was beautifully done.  I kept expecting it to smile through its beak or something (i.e. behave like a cartoon bird) but they kept it ultra-realistic.  And this was particularly effective here in conveying Yukiko’s theme of loneliness and alienation (she cannot communicate with people, and of course she cannot communicate with birds either).

The battle resolution was really cute: Pyro Jack throwing the Shadow off while Jiraiya beats her from behind and sets her up for Tomoe (in Bruce Lee colors) to kick her all the way to seventh heaven.  I use the name Pyro Jack because that’s the official translation, even though the Persona’s original name is clearly English (=Jack Lantern).  This is one of the quirky things about translating that makes us scratch our heads.

I loved Yosuke yelling about the title flashing on screen.  That would freak me out too.

It’s a pity Regular Yukiko isn’t a bit more like Shadow Yukiko (I don’t mean Demented Cardinal Yukiko, but the Regular Shadow Yukiko).  BTW, the episode should be watched by anyone seriously considering living in Japan.  As Yukiko’s scenes reveal, School, Work and Home in Japan…are all really tough, if not downright painful.  The episode should also be watched by anyone seriously considering reading yaoi and yuri.  Seriously, the ideal couples so far in the show are: Chie x Yukiko and Yuu x Yosuke.  [For what it’s worth, though, in the game I went down the Yuu x Chie route].


~ by Haloed Bane on October 28, 2011.

8 Responses to “Guilty Crown 03 /// Persona 4 04”

  1. I had fun with GC ep 3 making fun of it on twitter then dropped it. Very silly ep, the thing you missed though was the lead running around literally pulling random shit from the chest of passerbys for several minutes.

    • I looked that up. Groping girls, I see. Wow, and I actually thought I’d be able to follow this show till the end :/

  2. Eh, I thought GC 3 actually had an interesting ending, if nothing else, and the rest was mostly completely predictable school stuff that didn’t really surprise me, neither for better nor for worse. YMMV, I guess.

  3. Guilty Crown got to be the biggest disappointment of the season. I almost dropped it too if not for the all psycho bad boys. They are my kryptonite.

    As for Persona, it has become one of the most look forward to show every week for me but I already know this. I have them in my MUST WATCH list during the preview. Glad that it doesn’t disappoint me like the two noitaminA shows have.

  4. Wow, episode 4 of Persona really tightened things up considerably in terms of the pacing and direction. It’s still breezing through at quite the clip, but just that little extra time given for Chie’s impassioned speech and Yukiko’s slow realization of her Shadow really helped the a lot.

    • I agree, but the damage is done. I think lots of people stopped watching because of the rushed pacing in the first episode..

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