Persona 4 05: Rectangular Passions

The first ten minutes or so tread ground that I was familiar with from playing half of the game.  The rest of the episode surprised me with stuff I’d never seen before.

The love rectangle here is great.

Rectangle is broken.


Ebihara loves Ichijo.

Ichijo loves Satonaka.

These are facts.  Ebihara and Ichijo have confessed as much.  The third line of the rectangle is then:

Satonaka loves Narukami.

Now, this is not avowed by Chie Satonaka at all.  Yosuke surmises it’s true, and it does ring true, but we don’t really now.  As I said in my last post, when I played the game I ended up dating Satonaka so I tend to agree with Yosuke [or maybe more accurately, I want his guess to be accurate] but I don’t really know.

And then, who does Narukami love?  We’re teased this way and that, but the man plays it really cool and we’re left wondering.  It really does seem like he’s simply not interested in anyone too deeply right now.  Only time will tell!  If I were to bet, I’d say our protagonist will end up with either Chie or Yukiko…

And how about Yosuke?  Now there’s a mystery!!  I really hope they delve into his feelings for Narukami further.  And yes, I know that this would basically entail the show morphing into a harem anime but whatever 🙂


1. Ichijo mentions that he belongs to an important and large family.  The Ichijo are actually one of the 5 great noble families of Japan (one of the branches of the ancient Fujiwara Clan).

2. Ebihara mentions that kids used to call her Butahara when she was a fat little girl.  Ebi means shrimp and buta means pig…you could say that by thinning out she’s become who she was meant to be (in Thai, for example, you can call a skinny person “dried shrimp”).


The nasty snowstorm last weekend knocked power at my place for three nights straight.  With the temperature as low as it was, I think I was scarred for life 😦


~ by Haloed Bane on November 4, 2011.

2 Responses to “Persona 4 05: Rectangular Passions”

  1. I think Yuu kinda likes Chie as well? It just a woman’s intuition 🙂

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