Three Year Anniversary

The day has finally come~

Is AK a) struggling to respond b) pondering his response c) stunned speechless by his attacker's wondrously adept ventriloquism?

As I suspected all along, my record for watching current anime is downright awful.  In the past year I tried to watch a grand total of 5 current shows: 3 of them I dropped (No. 6, Mawaru Penguindrum, Guilty Crown), one I finished (Dantalian no Shoka) and I’m on course to finish the fifth one (Persona 4).  Also, the one popular manga I was consistently reading and blogging (Soul Eater) got me really bored and I had to drop it.  I’m still following Franken Fran and Ikki Tousen but I hardly ever post on those.  I don’t think it’s lack of focus so much as a budgetary issue.  I’m talking about my mental budget.  If it doesn’t really grapple me and force me to submit quickly, I can’t allot any cranial space for it 😉

The highlight for me this year was watching and blogging the Galaxy Railways franchise, Revolutionary Girl Utena, REDLINE and live-action Yamato.

I hope that in this blog’s 4th year I will get to see at least one of the pending Leiji Matsumoto projects come to fruition.  He owes us a CG animation project (Harlock), a live-action film (Maetel) and a brand-new OVA series.


1) Holometabolism – I just started a new series on that site: my translations from Quevedo’s ( a 17th cent. Spanish thinker) Remedies against any Fortune, where he teaches us the right attitude toward horrible things like dying, losing friends and family, and being tossed out of your country.  If it sounds depressing, well, that’s because it is, but it’s also very beautiful.

2) Sinduin Saga – The story’s 24 chapters strong now, and it’s about to get ridiculously complicated.  EXCELLENT.

AK replies: "The way I see things, you'd do better to go and threaten L.M. instead and get him to release some new stuff."

3) Kayui Inu Subs – OK, this one isn’t going anywhere.  After finding out that Utada MVs were being taken down from YouTube, I subtitled a song and uploaded it with a jpeg background.  My compromise wasn’t accepted, the thing was taken down.  Then some days later my subbed Shiina MV was taken down as well.  I can’t find any motivation to upload stuff because I figure it’ll get taken down.  Do watch my two subbed clips of the Warau Inu comedy show..before they get taken down too!

ALSO, go and check out the Gun Frontier manga over at the Red Rabbits.  If the crimson floppy ears see (hear?) a lot of support they might come up with new projects…  And look for past chapters in the Rabbit Reich.

FINALLY, let me thank everyone who reads the blog and those who comment as well!!!

~ by Haloed Bane on November 11, 2011.

39 Responses to “Three Year Anniversary”

  1. oh, ak, I love you so much, I wish I knew what I wanted from you. When you post only on stuff i don’t know, I get sad because I can’t read it. When you post on current stuff, I get sad, because you can act like a complete tool. And yet, even though you’ve never really changed, I always feel like you’re my favorite blogger, and the one I’ve always wanted to be like (and think I might be becoming).

    Maybe I just want more posts about obscure underground art that isn’t by leiji matsumoto.

    • We’re all in the same boat here. How often do I comment on your blog, or WRL for that matter? Not that much, because you talk about stuff I have no clue of. Be that as it may, the Top Recent Commenters feature in wordpress has you at # 1 in my site~ (ghostlightning is 5 comments behind)

      Obscure underground art huh? I’ll keep it in mind.

    • @digiboy try reading the stuff you don’t know. I think those posts are still pretty accessible and at least a good deal of food-for-thought. 😉 There are so many doors of interest, just because we open one and peek inside, doesn’t means we’ll enter.

  2. Congratulations, we’re all in the same boat indeed that we barely know each other’s core subjects (as they are) and yet find the spirit in which we write about them appealing; something we can identify with strongly.

    What you don’t know is how I, at least twice now the past 2 months, basically looked all holometabolism posts in one go. Really good job with Fan BingBing. I’d never had thought of such an approach and I could not look away to save my life.

    All the best to you and your family!


    • ¡Muchas gracias! Great to hear you’re getting something out of my Tumblr. A couple of days ago I checked out Holometabolism on a super-fancy iMac (with a huge awesome screen) on campus, and I was dazzled by how Bingbing looked~ It’s ridiculous that there isn’t a Bingbing tumblog yet..

  3. Congratulations! Keep up the good work next year! As you know, I especially enjoyed discussing Dantalian with you. (By the way, I managed to read “The Tree of Gnosis” which an anonymous commenter recommended in one of those earlier posts, and it was indeed absolutely fascinating.)

    And did you happen to found your blog in a bout of patriotic fervor?

    • Does celebrating Leonardo DiCaprio’s birthday count as a bout of patriotic fervor? If so, then yes 😉

  4. Congrats! As long as you keep blogging, I don’t mind what you post about, I will always be reading. Though I also have to put myself into the row of people who don’t know anything about Leiji Matsumoto. 😀

    Oh by the way, did I ever mention that I hate Fan Bingbing? She’s like the Natalie Portman of Chinese cinema for me.

    • OMG, how can you hate Bingbing?! Saying that she is the Natalie Portman of Chinese cinema is like saying that Peter Lorre is the Jackie Chan of Hollywood crime films. They have their gender and their profession in common, but that’s about it.

      I bet your first mistake was actually sitting down and watching her movies. I’m too smart for that 😉

      • Well I guess she looks good, though there are at least 3 Chinese actresses out of the top of my head who I think are prettier. I saw her in Princess Pearl and in Shinjuku Incident. After the TV show I always felt somewhat sympathetic and sorry towards her, but then she moved onto developing this diva/bitch attitude which I totally do not like. My favorite Chinese actress is Zhou Xun, a much more natural type. Actually, among the famous mainland Chinese actresses (Zhao Wei, Xu Jinglei, Gong Li, Zhang Ziyi and perhaps I am forgetting somebody), Fan Bingbing is probably my least favorite, mostly for aforementioned attitude and for being a much worse actress than the others.

        • Naturally, taste is a very personal matter.

          I don’t know most of these people but I did look them up just now.

          Zhao Wei and Xu Jinglei wouldn’t make me turn my head if they passed me by at the mall. Zhou Xun would make me turn my head if she passed me by at the mall (however, I’d still be able to walk on, whereas with Bingbing I would likely faint or at least lose feeling in my legs and drop to the floor). Also, Vivian Hsu. I love Vivian.

          Gong Li and Zhang Ziyi (who I know because they’re the most famous in the West) both leave me cold, very cold.

  5. Happy anniversery! Maybe your interests are too obscure for us but your colorful writing makes up for it. Hopefully you will last for another year. This semester I had to take a damn theory course involving lots of Nietzsche, and I must say I am starting to like him as much as Deleuze now, his aphorisms are just delicious!

    Incidentally, my top commenter has always been ghostlightning blowing his ‘competitions’ away hahaha, so cheers ghost

  6. 11/11/11 = 3 year anniversary – cooool! You did it on purpose 🙂

    I find keeping in mind things like dying, etc. pretty inspiring, actually, so I’ll be looking forward to that Quevedo series.

    Three salvos from the Arcadia’s triple pulsar cannons!!!

    (And the new chapter is up 😉 )

    • Awesome. I’m starting to get really excited about the last few chapters of Gun Frontier. Will they ever find those darn Japanese samurai?!

      You’ll enjoy the Quevedo quotes. Basically, someone yells at him “You shall die” and he fires off a devastating quip. There are tons of them, so I’m selecting only the very best.

  7. Prosit! So many anniversaries around, and guess what, I still haven’t finished Harlock.

    • At this rate I think you’ll end up finishing it only because your grandson is going to pester you: “Pappy, come here and watch the Harlocks with me”. [of course, your grandson will be using the latest futuristic slang, thus the quote]

  8. Congratulations on three years! I’ll echo what digiboy said on the topics you post about, but I enjoy dabbling in philosophy so that I try my best to digest your meatier posts.

    I like your uncompromising attitude to dropping anime/manga. After all, why bother? This is extremely difficult for me, probably because a) I always cling on to hope, b) I want to see the ending, c) I’m a masochist. More power.

    I’m keeping up with Sinduin Saga’s craziness, it’s really quite something. Oh, and subscribed to your Tumblr~

    • Cool! I have very little hope, I have very little curiosity (for endings). I’m not a masochist. Less power.

      Sinduin Saga will reach a new level of craziness in about a week or so. Enjoy~

  9. I wish I could afford being as picky as you but somehow my pride won’t let me and consequently makes my on-hold list grows longer with every new season.

    Congratulation for the 4th year of blogging!

  10. I just gotta say I really love your blog. I’m generally too lazy to leave comments but everything you write about I enjoy 110%

    I’m slowly working my way to starting Leijiverse and RotK projects and you are a constant reminder on how I should do it NOW but I’m glad someone out there is doing it.

    • Well, thank you for snapping out of your laziness this once and writing this message 😀 I appreciate it.

      If you need any help with regard to the Leijiverse let me know! As for RotK, my knowledge only extends to the Ikki Tousen manga…I’ve got the actual novel on my “to read list” but I don’t see myself reading it anytime soon.

      • I certainly will keep that in mind for Leijiverse 🙂

        One day I swear I’ll start reading the Ikki Tousen manga cause the all anime weren’t enough to satisfy my cravings for it XD it’s great fun to read your posts on them and are slowly pushing me to actually start!

        • I’ve seen very little of Ikki Tousen anime, but I know that the anime and the manga go completely separate ways after a while, and most fans that know both versions prefer the manga. It’s definitely a fun read.

        • BTW congrats on your own 2nd year anniversary. I just saw that!

          • hehe thanks

            I don’t know if I’ll prefer the manga cause I’m pretty slow when it comes to reading longer manga than a one shot but having more Ikki Tousen goodness is a bonus in my book!

  11. Congratulations on three years as well as this past year! You bring so much perspective to your posts, and I think that edge is really what allows myself to dive into subject matter I have zero experience with. Keep it up!

    Cheers. 🙂

    • Thank you!! Keep in mind too that I consider all of my posts as ongoing projects, so if you have questions on comments on something I wrote 2 years ago or something, you’re always welcome to ask or comment.

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