Persona 4 06: Blush


OK, thanks.  Anyway, I get the sense that the art and animation are becoming more stable, meaning hopefully that the crew problems the project was facing are being solved.

Nanako is a sweet girl, isn’t she?  The first half of this episode managed to condense a lot of Nanako moments in the game into a nice, short and sweet narrative that does the job of establishing Nanako’s strong character and her increasing affection and reliance on Yu.

There’s a lot of blushing in this episode.  Nanako blushes because of Yu, Kanji blushes because of mysterious boy, Yukiko blushes because of Yu, Kanji blushes because of Chie and Yosuke.  You have to listen to what Yukiko says very carefully in order not to misread her.  At no point does she even hint at being interested in Yu.  She’s just really happy to have male friends (and to be more like Chie because of it).  Thankfully, Yu is an ultra-perceptive cool dude and he doesn’t do anything stupid like ask Yukiko out here [like I would have in his situation, setting up a great big disaster later on!!].

The chasing scene [an anime original, I think] was awesome, especially Yosuke’s comments.  Through most of the show so far Yosuke has been playing the boke, but here Chie turns into the boke and he does a wonderful tsukkomi (see here).  And Yu keeps impressing me with his deadpan humor.  I can’t believe that two beef bowls cost 1800 yen, though!  I used to get one for 350 yen or so, surely prices can’t have risen that high in 10 years??

Kanji is an awesome character, but that’ll be a topic for the next episode, which is going to rock!!  I love the way Yu responds at the very end, when he sees a sweaty, loinclothed Kanji on the Midnight Channel.  “Nai wa” he says, a very simple, soft and understated way of saying “That can’t be” or “It’s impossible”.  Yu always knows what to say and how to say it.  I do envy him.

~ by Haloed Bane on November 12, 2011.

13 Responses to “Persona 4 06: Blush”

  1. I know what you mean about nobody watching this show! This is the one anime I’m watching this season (though I don’t watch much current anime anyway, only what sounds interesting/funny/cool to me) and only a few of my friends are watching it. Maybe people are turned off by the fact it’s a game adaptation or the animation style? Still, I think it’s a bang-up job so far (I couldn’t stop laughing throughout this episode). Really looking forward to more of Kanji and Naoto in Episode 07l, their relationship is pretty interesting (I hope it’ll be in tact from the game including the Social Links for the whole Investigation Team). I do have some concerns of how they’ll adapt some later elements or scenes from the game with characters or the plot, but that’s a wait and see thing. (At least any unique material in the anime like Chie and Ai’s fight fit in very well with the tone of that episode, which is promising if more unique/new scenes are added in.)

    • The word is promising, yes. So far the original material has been well implemented (not just putting new stuff for the sake of putting new stuff). I’ve only played maybe 2/3 or 3/4 of the game, so for me it’s very exciting to finally learn what will happen in the end too.

      The reason so many people left the show is because of the awkward pacing at the beginning, plus the odd art at times, I think.

      I can’t wait for next episode.

      About shows in general, I am hoping that next season will have at least 2 shows I can like and enjoy. That’d make me very happy…


  3. The deadpan face Yu has really does make every joke of his that much funnier. The more extreme his reaction should be, such as the post-credits scene, the funnier his soft spoken reaction to it gets.

    Persona 4 is kinda averagely popular from what I’ve seen, but it’s certainly not as popular as pre-season hype led me to believe it would be

    • Out of the dozens of blogs on my reader, only one is posting regularly on Persona 4. But yeah, I don’t follow that many dozen…

  4. Caught up~ Episodes 5 and 6 were way better than the first 4 which is cool. Indeed the scooter scene of ep 6 was golden. The pacing definitely evened out in these eps, though I don’t think the animation quality has changed much. More likely you’ve just gotten used to it, which I have enough that it doesn’t seem as jarring anymore. The homogay scene at the end there was bloody amazing and definitely makes me look forward to ep 7.

  5. I can’t wait for next episode. It would be full of lulz (hopefully) and I actually think Yukiko does harbor some sort of feelings towards Yuu otherwise she wouldn’t give out her number so easily. If your reasoning is right, she would have give out her number to Yousuke too when he asked no?

    • Maybe. BUT, consider that Yosuke probably scares her, whereas Yuu doesn’t. So it might be she doesn’t feel romantic feelings toward either of them, only friendliness, but she’s afraid of what Yosuke will do with her phone number, whereas she trusts Yuu..

  6. […] Lain episodics, as demanded by animekritik, whose relevance to the title is twofold: I’ve struck a deal with him. In exchange for his watching Ben-to, I picked up Persona 4. This was the best deal […]

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