Itchy Dog Subs Strikes Again

Is this my weirdest post title yet?  Possibly..

I’ve been very productive this 3-day weekend, and I don’t mean “productive” in society’s ridiculous sense of the word (i.e. unwillingly performing activities that stave off the repo trucks and allow you to get little chunks of metal without which you pretty much starve to death).  I mean it in the real sense of providing value to humanity.  I’ve been working on some translations for Red Rabbits and I’ve subbed two new videos!  They’re embedded below.

I do not own this dog (if I did, it'd be far chubbier). This dog belongs to the Farnese Collection of the Naples National Archaeological Museum and the photo was taken by Marie-Lan Nguyen in 2011.

More Asuka!

Since apparently YouTube isn’t interested in hosting episodes of the TV series Hana no Asuka-gumi! anymore (based on the classic shojo manga of the same name) I’m limiting myself to subbing and uploading the episode previews.  A taste is better than nothing at all, right?  You can trace the course of Asuka’s career as she builds up a resistance force against the totalitarian girls of the dreaded Zenchuura organization.  Here are the previews to episodes 2 through 8 (the first episode didn’t have a preview):

Third Time’s the Charm?

My Utada subbed MV was a no-no, and so was my Shiina subbed MV.  I’m hoping Vivian Hsu will fare better.  The video for her song “Beautiful Day” (from her latest Japanese album)  is all over the place so if this gets taken down I’ll cry, I really will.  This happens to be the official song for the anime Kuruneko by the way.

As for Vivian, if you don’t know who she is you’d better look her up.  But let me say it’s really interesting that through some quirk of Fate she’s come to exemplify Taiwan’s tortuous voyage between Scylla (Japan) and Charybdis (China).  Last year she cried when, during a film festival in Japan, the Chinese contingent refused to be on stage with Taiwan unless they renamed their delegation “Chinese Taipei”.  This year she’s been called anti-Japanese for acting in a film about a Taiwanese rebellion against Japanese rule in 1930 which shows the colonials as being extremely vicious [the Japanese consider the film’s portrayal as unfair, even though back in 1930 the consensus in Tokyo was that the suppression of the rebels had been way too harsh, so harsh Tokyo replaced the colonial leaders in the island!]  Anyway, let us enjoy the song and marvel at the fact that Ms. Hsu is actually one year older than I am:

P.S. Thanks to Sasa for inadvertently giving me the idea of subbing the MV.

~ by Haloed Bane on November 13, 2011.

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