Persona 09 / Ben-To 08: Zombification

Persona 09

The animation in Persona is hitting new lows, so much so that it’s starting to affect my enjoyment of the show.  I recognize that the franchise is supposed to flirt with the horror genre but I don’t think it was ever meant to be a zombie story.  And yet we get this:

And this:

These two screenshots were practically scenes unto themselves, with the only movement being in the mouths of the characters (in turns, BTW, never more than one character at the same time!).  I don’t remember seeing anything this low-tech.

As a result, when little Nanako asks Yuu if Rise looked beautiful, I shared in his puzzlement (she’s supposed to be, but she didn’t look very nice in this episode).

The actual story here is whatever.  The highlight of the episode was the talk of legs in the classroom, with Yuu’s classic honest response and Chie’s “summoning” of Jiraiya.  And boy, that Yuu is a ladies’ man.  Wow.

Ben-To 08

Worst episode yet, and the first episode in this series I feel I’d have been better off not seeing.  Everything goes downhill after Sato jumps out the window.  If this was in the original light novel the animators should have skipped it.  Honestly.  The two new characters are a threat to the fabric of the show, because the whole point has been that the half-price bento community is tightly knit, and yet these girls seem to know all about it and yet not engage in combat.  Sure, it might turn out they fight sometimes, but if they were really hardcore they should have been fighting at the supermarkets instead of cosplaying in a hospital.  Yuck.


~ by Haloed Bane on December 2, 2011.

10 Responses to “Persona 09 / Ben-To 08: Zombification”

  1. I’m enjoying both shows greatly but I completely agree that these 2 episodes have been the worst so far. Here’s to hoping we get back to being awesome for both shows next week!

  2. About the animation, I notice that too. They should’ve done a whole lot more then just moving mouths. At least make eye contact or turn your head when someone is talking. I mean, a 10 year old can do that type of animation.

    As for the episode, it almost did a complete 180 from the last few. I still like it though but that is because Rise is my favorite P4 girl.

    • I like Rise too, she’s a good character. I hope they spend a bit more money on animation next episode. Maybe it was bring your children to work day at the office and a bunch of them 10 year olds did the animation after all…

      • Lol. Maybe it was bring your kids to work day. However, I hope they put more money on the animation for the next episode too, also to fix this for the DVD. I have high expectation for this show and I do not want it to be destroyed.

        Side note, just finish watching Ben-to, it was okay but I am disappointed that they didn’t show fighting though. To me, showing the fighting would have been better whole the nurse cosplay thing.

  3. that scene was retard but i don’t think I enjoyed this episode less because of the quality, but rather because of Rise herself. Why I always ended up hating Rie’s characters

  4. […] gone ahead and preemptively dropped Persona 4 without watching episode nine. After reading ak’s post, I decided it wasn’t worth putting myself through that for a show I’m not even into. […]

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