Ikki Tousen Chapter 129 Translation

So here’s a translation of the recent chapter 129.  It’s pretty bare bones but I know that some people really want to get to know the new character in the series and this makes for a good introduction.  Each line of text should correspond to a speech bubble in the manga.  BTW, by Page 1 I mean the page which starts with a big panel of the new character leaning against a bamboo trunk.

MY = Mitsuyoshi Yagyuu

CS = Chou’un Shiryuu

KG = Kakouton Genjou

Street = Random people on the street.

“” = I use these for character’s thoughts.

[] = I use these for my own comments.

Page 1

MY: Yamato Academy.  Middle School.  Third Year.

MY: Mitsuyoshi Yagyu.

MY: Chou’un Shiryuu…

MY: Shall I ask for a duel to the death?

[The blurb on the right is the manga title “Ikki Tousen”.  The blurb on the right reads “At last, the desperate struggle begins!!”]

Page 2

[This page introduces the historical character of Mitsuyoshi Yagyu, and how some legends say he was one-eyed but paintings show him with two eyes.  Check Wikipedia etc. for more on this.]

Page 3

[no text]

Page 4

MY: This is what I’m supposed to say

[The girl is making fun of herself for imitating the historical Yagyu on page 1]

Page 5

MY: Ah.

MY: I can’t do it after all!

MY: I can’t, I can’t.

MY: Hmmm…

MY: Well, I really wanted to strike a pose and look cool on my first appearance.

MY: But that’s not really who I am huh…

MY: Anyway..

MY: I’m disappointed.

MY: I would much rather have faced Kan’u.

MY: But

MY: I lost to them at rock-paper-scissors.

[Them?  I guess Yagyu is not alone.  More people are coming from Western Japan to fight the Big Three schools.  She got stuck with fighting Chou’un.]

MY: I…

MY: …am really weak at rock-paper-scissors.

CS: “Them?”

CS: “Are there more like her?”

Page 6

MY: I mean…

MY: You’re wounded, right?

MY: You’re protecting your left hand.  I know you’re trying to keep it a secret but…

MY: It’s going to be boring.

MY: When did you hurt it?

CS: …..

MY: OK then…

MY: Time-out!

MY: I’ve got no choice.

MY: Is it time for this?

MY: Huh?  I did put it here, no?

MY: Time-out.

MY: We’re still on time-out, OK?

MY: Where is it?!

Page 7

MY: Ta-da!

MY: Well?

MY: Just like Juubei, right?

[Juubei = The historical Yagyuu’s nickname.]

MY: Right, right?

MY: Just so you know…

MY: I’m following warrior rules.

MY: And this is my handicap since you’re weaker.

CS: “This…this girl…what is she..”

MY: Hold on.

MY: The string…

CS: “Is she just fooling around or…”

CS: “Is she for real?!”

MY: Alright, let’s do it!

Page 8

[The sign on top says it’s Chinatown, which is in Yokohama, part of Kyosho Academy’s territory.]

Guys: Thanks for treating us!

KG: Yup.

KG: Make up to me by helping out with rebuilding the Red Brick Warehouse tomorrow.

Guys: Yessir!

KG: Sniff…

KG: I ended up treating everyone again…

KG: That bitch Soujin…

KG: She used to be a squad leader but she hates paying for stuff so she just disappears.

Page 9

Street: Damn.

Street: Did you see that woman’s face??

Street: That was just a mess.

Street: To think a human being can turn into that…

Street: Some delinquents fighting…

Street: Women, to boot!

Street: Really?

Street: Scary!

KG: !!

Page 10

CS: I don’t have

CS: any reason.

MY: ….

CS: I do not know what your goal is but…

CS: …I don’t have any reason to fight you.

MY: Say what?

MY: That’s a weird thing to say, considering that the warrior’s motto is “You don’t need reasons to fight”.

CS: “This ch’i…”

CS: “Lurking beneath this childish behavior I can sense an awful thirst for blood…”

MY: It’s your Zanryuu

MY: against my Ittouseki.  We’ll test which one is stronger.

MY: And the prize is the other person’s Magatama.

Page 11

MY: Do you need any more reasons?

CS: “Relax your guard for one second and at that moment…”

MY: …..

MY: Uhmm..

MY: Ehh…

MY: So…

MY: Is it OK for me to start attacking?

MY: You’re so open it’s too easy but…

CS: !!

Page 12

[The blurb on the right reads: Is Chou’un in danger?!”]

MY: Oops, I’m sorry!

CS: Ugh.

MY: Did I just slash you with my blade?

MY: Come on…

MY: Let’s begin our death-match…

MY: Come on.

~ by Haloed Bane on December 8, 2011.

4 Responses to “Ikki Tousen Chapter 129 Translation”

  1. Do you mind if I use your translation to edit the manga? Credit will be given of course.

  2. it’s done, you have an email address I can mail it to?

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