Persona 4 10

Much better than last episode.

The lesson of this show is older than dirt.  As the Greeks said it: “Gnothi seauton” or “Know yourself”.  As Nike has it: “Just do it”.  I’m not going to argue the case here, but both slogans come to the same thing, right?

Right off the bat there’s something I want to point out because, well, if I don’t point it out nobody will.  Notice how many jokes were made about Kanji in this episode?  Especially jokes about his sexuality?  What?  Zero, you say?  That’s right!  The focus is now on Rise and her own life and issues.  I hope viewers can now be persuaded that the show is not systematically trying to defame homosexuality.

The big question of the episode is this: did Yuu lose his cool when he was watching the Midnight Channel?!  I almost think he did.  He really was excited by Rise’s striptease (Who wouldn’t be, you ask?  Well, Yuu, I would have thought).  But I’m starting to come around to the view that Yosuke and Yuu are at heart very similar, the only difference being that Yuu controls himself in public whereas Yosuke doesn’t.

Rise’s Shadow is wacky, isn’t she??  And her Persona is almost as wacky.  I’m glad they left the Shadow just as it was in the game.  It’s one of the best designed Shadows I think.

Bear’s Shadow is quite the scary philosopher.  His argument on the futility of seeking Truth was answered in some way by Heidegger, who made the point that when you try to find out something whose essence you don’t know, it means that you actually already have an inkling or vague image of what it is.  That is, Bear and Rise have set out to seek the Truth because they already know it in some hazy sort of way. If they didn’t know the Truth at all, they couldn’t even begin to think of finding it.  Word.

For a student of ancient Japanese culture the alliance of Yuu’s and Rise’s Personas is bound to provoke some giggles.  Izanagi is a key creator god in Shinto.  Queen Himiko was the first Japanese ruler showing up in the Chinese chronicles, which Japanese tradition identifies as the glorious Empress Jingu, conqueror of a Korean state etc.  In distinction to this, Yosuke’s Jiraiya was a ninja that could transform itself into a toad.  Oh Yosuke~


~ by Haloed Bane on December 9, 2011.

12 Responses to “Persona 4 10”

  1. I thought the opener for this episode was hilarious (where Yuu watched the Midnight Channel, it looked at first like he was fapping… Cut to his hand tapping against the remote). Great episode but something about the battle seemed “off” to me (Before the part of Teddie/Kuma). I’m really excited to see how they’ll adapt the next battle and onward because that’s when the story REALLY starts to heat up. (And they better retain the home cooking contest with Nanako being the taste-tester and of course, the trip to Tatsumi Port Island. (Persona 3!!!))

    • I agree on the battle being off. In particular, they set up Kanji’s kickassery really well but the actual fighting scenes weren’t as exciting as they should have been. I fear budget issues might have played a role.

      I can’t for the life of me remember exactly at what point I stopped playing Persona, but I think it’s not that far off. I might have beaten maybe a couple of Shadows after Rise’s. Can’t remember. But I’m still excited.

  2. I liked how they don’t make jokes about Kanji too. They don’t let his homosexuality completely define his personality. It’s a big part, but he’s a person first, not a gay stereotype

  3. So I’m playing Persona 2: Eternal Punishment, and I found this guy:

    He runs a restaurant themed around seafaring. When you finish conversations with him he says “Come back any time, for I will never set sail again…” (something to that effect). I think he might be Harlock.

  4. I was lost reading that last paragraph. Orz

    • 1) Yuu’s (first) Persona is a very important god in Japan.

      2) Rise’s Persona is a very important Empress in Japanese history.

      3) Yosuke’s Persona is a ninja hero (who can transform into a giant toad) in Japanese folklore.

      I was just saying that there’s a joke here on Yosuke. His friends have amazing people for Personas but he has a funny Persona, like himself.

  5. […] have written excellent posts on Teddie’s shadow from a philosophical standpoint; however, what I really like about the […]

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