On the Third Day of Christmas…

…Captain Harlock gave to me:

3 French Hens Maids

(2 Turtle Doves and a Partridge in a Pear Tree~)

This gift beats them birds, no doubt.  Thanks.  But you know, Harlock, I honestly wish you’d do a little more research when you went gift-buying.  Anyone could have told you Ritsumugi are my favorites.  Or is one of them still coming?  I mean, you mentioned 3 maids right?  Ah, the doorbell’s ringing.  It must be her.

OMFG!  The otaku have found out I’ve got two K-On! girls here!!  They’ll hang me and feed me to the dogs!  Who’s that at the back door??

I’m saved!!  OK, Ryomou, bust me out of here.  I’ll leave the K-On! girls to deal with the horde.


NOTE TO SELF: As soon as I regain control in my limbs, call my chiropractor.  Also, call my lawyer.

~ by Haloed Bane on December 16, 2011.

13 Responses to “On the Third Day of Christmas…”

  1. nobody… I mean NOBODY messed with Ryoumu. You are in safe hands indeed

  2. sexy that Ryomou is~


  4. You said French maids. None of those girls are actually French. What you need is Charlotte Dunois from Infinite Stratos.

    Not only is she super cute, but she comes with a flight capable powersuit that can equip a wide variety of oversized firearms from its hammerspace arsenal. Perfect for any life threatening situation!

    • I meant “French maid” as in dressing up like a French maid.

      Dunois looks and sounds quite impressive, though, I must admit.

      • She’s probably the best reason to watch Infinite Stratos.

        Of course she’s actually introduced as “Charles” but considering that I guessed the character was actually a girl just from watching the next episode preview prior to her introductory episode I don’t think that’s exactly a very big spoiler. Though apparently there were some people who were just as oblivious to that fact as the series lead was….

        • Hmm. I’ve just remembered something. I once knew a half-French Japanese person who spoke Japanese in the Kansai dialect and spoke English with a French accent. A marvelous phenomenon.

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