Ikki Tousen Chapter 128 Translation

After publishing my chapter 129 translation on this site, I was contacted by a number of people asking me to translate the prior chapter as well.  [The number is 2.  Don’t laugh.  2 is a proper number.]

Chapter 128 is the transition between the end of the humongous Battle of Red Cliffs Arc and the new arc, which I guess we can provisionally call the Challenge from Western Japan Arc.

Now, I am happy to do this translation but please don’t ask me to do 127 next and 126 and so on because I honestly don’t have the time to do it.  I might translate chapter 130 when I see it though.

BTW, I found it easier to do this in a more descriptive style a la nenena‘s Soul Eater translations.  Still, I will mark page numbers and each speech bubble will get its own “”.  I’ve also reduced the number of versions of each character’s name to one.  Thus Ryuubi is always Ryuubi, even when she’s called Gentoku or anything else.  [Honestly, this manga is as bad as a 19th century Russian novel in that regard.]



Peace reigns at Seito.  Chouhi chows on her snacks and says “It’s so peaceful…” in her Kansai dialect.  Ryuubi chimes in: “So peaceful…”


Chouhi opens her mouth and says “Ahh”.  “I want to pee but I can’t bother with moving”.  “Gentoku, can you go for me?”  Ryuubi replies: “Huh?”  “I don’t want to.”

Little Shokatsuryo has been lulled to sleep by that bane of all existence, Jenga (I like Jenga, I do).  The old man, forget his name, reflects on the situation: “Oh brother.”  “So this is life now we’re old.”  “Lazy day after lazy day.”  Chouhi’s angry: “Don’t say we!”.  She goes on: “There’s nothing we can do, right?  Kan’u is off somewhere training…”  “Chou’un isn’t here because she’s getting her sword fixed.”

“However,” says the old man, “I heard a rumor that’s not peaceful at all.”  “Chouhi…”  “This concerns you since you’re from Kansai.”  “What?”  Chouhi asks.


This blurb is about the legend of Muneyoshi Yagyu and how he split a rock in half.  Here.


New scene: Yokohama, in Kyosho territory.  The Kyosho crew is cleaning up the mess left by the Battle of Red Cliffs.  I wonder, what does the Japanese government think of all of this??  It’s almost like these kids are delusional and none of these battles are truly happening.  Notice how people on this page are walking by as if nothing had happened in the city.  Maybe nothing did?!

Kakouton gets excited: “Ooohhhhhhhhh!”  “That’s awesome, Kaku”.  “You’ve leveled up!”  “Hey, everyone.  Come here and look!”  “Look at this repair work.  See how she’s filled the hole perfectly?  And how smooth it is?”  “I never dreamed someone could steal my public works know-how so easily!!”

Kakouton puts his hands on her shoulders and says: “I am moved!”  “I used to think you were a loudmouth, scheming, evil bitch but you have totally moved me!!”.  “That doesn’t sound like a compliment anymore,” Kaku complains.


Soujin shows up looking kind of sad.  “Kakouton.”  “Chouryou isn’t here again today?”  “Nope,” says Kakouton, “It looks like he’ll be in the hospital longer than we though.”  “Ugh, after I brought the Seiryuutou I borrowed from him all the way here.”  “It’s freaking heavy!”  Soujin has a bit of a flashback to carrying the huge weapon on the subway.  “I stick out so much when I carry this around town…It’s embarrassing”.  In the actual flashback she’s thinking “Everyone…is looking at me.”

Kakouton always looks on the bright side of life: “Isn’t it actually cool?”  Everyone will mistake you for Kan’u and get out of your way.”  Soujin doesn’t seem convinced 🙂  Then Kaku shows her a cellphone and says: “More importantly,”  “Soujin,”  “If you’re embarrassed by the that sort of thing then what are you going to think of this?”  And yes, it’s naked Soujin with the blade, as she was for dozens of episodes in the last arc.  Poor girl.


“I guess a bunch of diligent lads back during the Red Cliff battle took pictures.”  “They’re all over the place”.  Kaku leaves Soujin to digest the news and turns to Kakouton to discuss serious matters: “By the way, Kakouton” “did you hear the rumor?”  “What?” he asks.  “They say that some gang is running around beating up warriors and stealing their magatamas, even though apparently they’re not in the Great Warrior Tournament.”  “…And to top it off they’re attacking people indiscriminately regardless of what school they’re from”.  [I wonder how others have translated this tournament thing.  I can’t remember, but I’m guessing the it refers to these schools in the Kanto region all of which have magatamas from the Three Kingdoms]

“You mean the gossip about Ganryo?”  Kaku answers: “Yes.”  “And I don’t think that violent A-rank fighter”  “could be beaten by anyone in the Kanto region outside of the Three Kingdoms.”  Kaku’s deduction is simple to follow.  The Kanto region is dominated by the three schools (Kyosho, Seito, Nan’you).  If someone from Kanto beat Ganryo up, it must have been a member of one of these schools.  But this is impossible, because a) they would know who it was and b) chances are the magatama wouldn’t be stolen anyway.  Therefore the culprit must be a fighter from outside the Kanto region.

Now we get a picture of the treasures of the Three Kingdoms as Kaku explains things.  “Presently, Kyosho and Nanyou hold two Hyakuhekitou each, with Seito holding the fifth one plus the Gyokuji.”  “The equilibrium between the Three Kingdoms is preserved.”


Throughout all of this heavy talk, Kaku is still fixing up those holes.  Amazing!  “But the fact is that all three schools are very weak right now.”  “Even our school, Kyosho, which boasts the greatest manpower in Kanto.”  “I don’t know if we could hold out in case of an attack…”  Kakouton seems to be moved.  “Ka…”  “Kaku, you…”  “You’d normally look really cool explaining all of this strategic stuff”  “but in that pose you’re in the speech doesn’t really pack much of a punch, don’t you think?”

As the Kyosho students snicker at Kaku, Kakouton brushes the threat off: “It’s probably some people who want to use the turmoil we’ve been having to make a name for themselves.”  “Just don’t worry about it.”


Soujin is wondering through Chinatown, as the sign on top helpfully states. “Ugh”.  “I can’t take it anymore.”


“They’ll dismiss me from the squad leader position because of Red Cliffs.”  “And everyone will see me naked because of Red Cliffs.”  “This blade is so heavy…”

Soujin sees a guy getting beat up in an alley.  You get three grunting SFX in succession.  Then on the left side of the middle panel the guy doing the beating actually speaks:  “These Kanto guys ain’t that tough!!”  He speaks in Kansai dialect and Soujin picks this up.  “Kansai dialect..” she thinks, “Are they on a field trip?!”  She springs into action!  “Hey, scum!”  “The fuck you think you’re doing??”  “This is Chinatown.  This turf belongs to Kyosho.”  “Who the fuck gave you permission to come and play, huh?”


The blackhaired dude isn’t impressed: “What the hell?!”  But the light-haired dude  has caught sight of the big blade Soujin is carrying.  He yells “Ah!” “Whoa, whoa, that…”  “N-no way…”   “Is that the Special A-rank…?”  His words trail off as he stares in disbelief.  Now blackhair is getting scared: “Are you sure?”  And lighthair: “It’s gotta be.  The only person who would carry a Seiryuutou in Chinatown is…”

Soujin remembers Kakouton saying to her “Everyone will mistake you for Kan’u”.  She thinks: “These…these guys”  “think I’m Kan’u?”

The Kansai duo is still debating the issue.  “You’re right but…”  “Is Kan’u this fugly?”  Soujin’s jaw drops: “WHHAAAT?”

“According to all the gossip she’s got darker skin, longer hair”  “massive boobs”  “totally sexy” “super hawt.”

“You…you..you…you…”  Soujin goes into a rage.


“You assholes!  Even you are making fun of me?!”  “You listen to me, damn it!  I’m from Kyosho Academy, 2nd year, A rank…”  Her speech so full of truth is (happily) interrupted by the leader of the gang, who we haven’t seen till now.  “What was that?” he asks.  He’s got a bunch of other guys with him and Soujin yelps : “This is…” and then shuts up and thinks “bad…bad…bad…”

The boss says: “Yo, that fig enema over there…”  “What rank did you say you was?”  Fig enema, best insult ever.  Soujin thinks “Against these many guys…”


“I’ll get raped…”  “No, I’ll get killed.”  So she whips out the blade and swings it around.  Kakouton here goes nothing~  “It’s been a while…,” she says, striking a pose.  “…since I heard my Reienkyo howl.”  Now it’s time for a couple of the Kansai thugs to yelp: “That…that catchphrase…”


“It’s Ka-Ka-Ka”  “Kan’uuuuuuuu!!!”  And they all run away.  There is more than one Seiryuutou (a kind of Chinese polearm like the Japanese naginata or the European glaive) but Reienkyo is the personal name of Kan’u’s blade, so Soujin has taken Kakouton’s advice to the hilt.

And it works.  “I’m…”  “saved.”  She has a vision of Kan’u and thanks her: “Thank you Kan’u…No, thank you Kan’u-sama.”  “I’ve never been so grateful to you as I am today.”  Her gratefulness turns to envy rather quickly, though.  “I guess that Kan’u is pretty amazing, huh.”  “She’s even known over in Kansai.”  “I pity myself.”


As Soujin mopes, someone walks up behind her, speaking Kansai dialect.  “I’m real lucky”.  “To come across”  “someone so famous so quickly.”  “The undefeated general, special A-rank.”  “To see Kan’u Unchou with my own two eyes…”  The camera pans to the sky above Chinatown.  “Shall I”  “take that Magatama?”  Oops, it looks like Soujin will regret her deception.


Chou’un walks through a bamboo forest.


Chou’un thinks about her day.  “I was so into speaking with Lord Muramasa that it became late without me knowing it.”  “I was in charge of the bath today, wasn’t I…”  “But…”

“It’s a good thing…” she thinks, and we see a flashback of the scene at Muramasa’s place.  The old perv is saying “Take off your clothes and I’ll fix it” and Chou’un, kneeling in a nice seiza position, replies: “A-again?”  “But you can’t see it?”  Old Muramasa quips: “I’ll watch with my mind.”  LOL

“You’ll have to make do”  “with this fake metal sword until then”.  Those are Muramasa’s parting words, and of course it’d be terrible timing if Chou’un were to be attacked now.


Guess what?  Terrible timing has just arrived.  Chou’un is aware of someone’s presence.  “I do not know you who are…”  “but are you really planning to skulk around all day?’  “Come out.”  A bunch of blades rain around her.


“Kunai”, Chou’un realizes.  Then she feels the tip of a much longer blade on her back.  And then she’s naked, but not really.  You figure it out.


She swipes with her sword but her assailant is nowhere near.  “An illusion!!” she decides, and now she’s broken into a sweat.  She twists and turns…


And twists and turns…


And her front gets slashed and now she’s really (partially) naked.

“Hmph,” says the newcomer.  “Not nearly as good as the rumors have it.”  “We have fighters of this level all over the place back West.”

Chou’un is coming to grips with the situation.  She thinks “My back’s been exposed…twice already!”  “And I can’t even see the blade movements…”  And my suggestion to Chou’un is: Try opening your eyes!!  Duh.

Anyway, the attacker from the West is feeling very comfy right now.  “Well, whatever,” she says.


“Chou’un Shiryuu, master swordswoman of the Kanto region…”  “With my Muramasa Ittouseki”  “Shall I ask for a duel to the death?”

The blurb in black on the right says: “Who is this girl who has a Muramasa sword just like Chou’un?!”

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