NEW! Kigitsu’s Arthur Pyuty the Night Witch

Please go over to the red rabbits and read [this].

You know, I could wax philosophical about this manga (by the mastermind behind Franken Fran, Katsuhisa Kigitsu) but I won’t, and for a single and excellent reason.  The opening chapter sets up the story in a very serpentine, unsuspectingly suspenseful way, and I don’t want to spoil if for you.

Of course, I could simply ask you to go over to the red rabbits first, read the chapter, and then come back here to read what I have to say, but you are all naughty children and I’m sure more than half of you would read this post straight through before heading over there.  And I don’t want to spoil it, children, so I’ll save you from yourselves.

I’ll limit myself to talking a little about Arthur’s name.  The other day I thought I was the most brilliant man on the planet (I say man, since if I said person the title would have to go to my wife, who is not a man) because I had figured out where this name of Arthur Pyuty came from and I thought I was the first.  Alas, a 2ch denizen had already pointed the source out in 2009, though without providing any details.  I felt like just like Christopher Columbus did when he died and went down to Hades and immediately ran into Leif Eriksson who was having a chat with Admiral Zheng He and a couple of Mazone agents.  They all laughed at him….  Now let’s pretend this 2ch denizen never existed, and allow me to share my wondrous discovery with you all 🙂

First off, I found a Japanese fan cautioning his/her readers that Arthur’s surname was Pyuty and not Byuty (i.e. Beauty), and this made me realize that in Japanese the two “words” differ in only a single accent mark (ビ vs ピ).  So I googled “Arthur Peauty” and nothing turned up, but “Arthur Pewty” showed up as a character in a Monty Python sketch.  “Hmmm…” I thought.  I googled in Japanese “Katsuhisa Kigitsu” and “Monty Python”.  Well, guess what?  I found an interview where Kigitsu referenced the British comedy team.  It’s clear that the mangaka is a fan.

I next proceeded to find a transcript of the sketch in question [here].  Arthur Pewty and his wife go to see a marriage counselor.  The counselor asks “Name?” and the husband responds “Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Pewty.”

Aha!  Now let’s run this through Kigitsu’s ESL mind.  What’s the husband’s name?  Mr. Arthur Pewty.  What’s the wife’s name?  Mrs. Arthur Pewty.  If a male tanuki and a female tanuki have a baby, what will it be?  A tanuki.  A male kappa and a female kappa?  A kappa.  Mr. Arthur Pewty and Mrs. Arthur Pewty?  Miss Arthur Pewty.  And voilà the heroine of our manga.  QED.

Now go and read the darn thing!!


~ by Haloed Bane on December 19, 2011.

6 Responses to “NEW! Kigitsu’s Arthur Pyuty the Night Witch”

  1. Heh, good first chapter. The first inkling I had was looking at the scene with the scope showing a normal looking city and people going about their business. Maybe I’ll follow this one.

  2. I’m ambivalent about the bait-and-switch. Perhaps it’s an issue with how things were translated.

    Mind, what this series turned out to be actually about is very much my cup of tea. 🙂 And I’m always in favor of “Frankenstein” font!

    • Hmm, you mean you did not enjoy the way it was done? Or you mean you were not sure you understood it as you read it? I guess the words around which the whole thing hinged were “beast” and “monster”. In some ways it turns out everyone’s a monster, just like in everyday life.

      There’s a difficult issue in translating this chapter in particular, and it has to do with the subject. Marking the subject is totally optional in Japanese, so the narration becomes really vague. Were all of the explanations narrated by Arthur? Were all of them from an omniscient standpoint? Was there a mixture of both? I tend to think there’s a shift from omniscient or impartial to Arthur’s viewpoint..but strictly speaking there is no right answer grammatically. It’s ambivalent and that’s that.

      The Gothic font is awesome and IMHO perfect for Arthur 🙂

      • The key to my dissatisfaction was when the gentleman said (working from memory), “We need to find other people… people like us, who aren’t infected.”

        You’re right, it’s vague and meant to be, but I think it was pushing too hard for us to assume a particular story was going to develop. Though again, I am happy with the story that emerged. I’m really just pleasantly surprised that the author of Franken Fran found a whole new angle for his “medical expertise + gothic grotesquerie” schtick.

        • Oh yeah! That’s a wacky statement, yes, but it’s like that in the original. It’s totally meant to throw you off. You’re expecting them to be normal people who are immune somehow. It’s been said the disease is parasitical on humans, and you assume they are humans…but the truth is otherwise. (Not I that I know how things will develop). It might be that “people who are not infected” is simply code for “us”. We’ll see.

          Kigitsu is a very creative person, though he does stick to his obsessions 🙂

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