Leiji Speaks on Venus and Mankind’s Past and Future

In his 12/3/11 talk with Mr. Kojiro Kita (a specialist on European affairs), Leiji was asked about Earth’s future.


He said that now is not the time for humanity to be fighting.  Everyone must cooperate to save the planet from an environmental disaster.  He said that otherwise Earth will go the way of Venus.  According to Leiji, ruins of a great former civilization can clearly be seen on the surface of Venus (and he intimates this is officially acknowledged but kept from the public), but that today’s temperatures in that planet are such that nothing could survive.  If we are to avoid Venus’ fate we must all work together.  [Leiji then gives a very detailed explanation, with figures, of how Earth could go the way of Venus with global warming and the Moon leaving its orbit.  Here are two articles that deal with these questions along the lines of Matsumoto’s speech.]

Leiji points out that the best resource for the future might be Helium-3 (what the Metanoids use to fuel their hearts!).  He also insisted that since the Earth is runnnig out of He-3 we need to start mining the Moon for it.  Here’s an article on this subject.  At the end of the talk he also expresses interest  in potential future applications of geofoam for construction.


On the Venus question, I found excerpts from a newspaper interview that Leiji Matsumoto did on New Year’s Day 2011 (Mainichi Shinbun).  Here’s a translation:

Q: Why do so many people think of outer space as somehow romantic?

A: I think it’s probably because of our genes from the ancient past.  Nobody hates the starry sky, instead people will wish upon stars.  When I look at pictures of the surface of Venus, I can see the remains of city buildings, and they give me an odd feeling of nostalgia.  When I consider the possibility that our ancestors were an intelligent species living on Venus, I’m struck by the thought that they must have rushed to send their genetic material to Earth before Venus became covered by clouds of concentrated sulfuric acid and the surface temperature rose to 450-500 degrees Celsius.  I get a sense that the reason we find space romantic is because we feel our “hometown” is out there.

Q: You obviously believe in extraterrestrials then?

A: Since we exist, it must mean that other intelligent species do as well.  I believe that an important principle for us should be to make sure we are not caught unawares if we suddenly discover a planet with life during our space exploration.  We must be ready to protect humanity since this (discovery) will have repercussions on our evolution and even our genetic makeup.  Unfortunately I’ve never had a clear experience of seeing a UFO but they are observing Earth and flying by.

Q: How about mankind and the universe 100 years from now?

A: Space exploration has been slower than anticipated.  We should have already gone to Mars according to earlier plans.  What’s more, I do believe that time is an issue.  The coming 100 years will be a crossroads for Earth’s fate.  The Moon and the asteroids are rich in resources.  We cannot be sparing with our budgets for space development because it will lead to us being able to obtain energy sources without damaging Earth.  Now is not the time for humans on Earth to fight among themselves.  We must quit fighting and pour all of our strength into the challenges that space will bring.  Otherwise Earth will become a second Venus.


Under the second entry for the year 680 BC, the Leijiverse Integrated Timeline has a list of works in which Leiji treats “ancient civilizations on Venus”.  The LIT also notes that according to one source, the Mazone were responsible for bringing humanity’s ancestors from Venus!  Put together the fact that the Mazone script in Space Pirate Captain Harlock resembles Mayan (and is supposed to have inspired that civilization) with the historically attested Mayan reverence for the planet Venus and you get a real sense of what Leiji’s doing here.  And that’s without mentioning how toward the end of the Harlock manga it’s stated that humans were “sown” into Earth by the Mazone.

Just as in the case of genetic memory (in the Arcadia of my Youth film, for example) many of the speculative elements that Matsumoto brings into his writings are actually things that he considers probable or even certain…

~ by Haloed Bane on December 23, 2011.

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