Christmas Goodies 1: 2013 Mahoroba Film Gossip

Let me start with a 2ch report from someone who was at the event where this new film was announced.  According to this person, the plot of the new film will run like this:

1) The universe is under attack by the Metanoids.

2) A Combined Fleet of several races is established to deal with the threat.

3) The Mahoroba becomes the flagship for the fleet.

4) The Combined Fleet is composed of 9 members, including the Earth Federation, the Gamilas and the Mazone.

5) The Metanoids come from another dimension, and the gods of Valhalla are somehow involved in this.


Wow.  I had already read something about Dessler being somehow involved in this film, but I totally dismissed it as unlikely.  If this is true and there are Gamilas and Mazone in the film, then my theory that Leiji is deliberately “going for it” is doubly and triply confirmed.  The Mazone from SPCH in particular are so hallowed they didn’t even show up in other Harlock shows!  The fact that they’re here would be of tremendous importance (not to mention how awesome it would be!!)

Point # 5 makes sense from  the standpoint of the Ring of the Nibelungs manga: the Metanoids first invade our universe under the command of Valhalla’s Wotan, although we eventually find out that they have their own ruler (the Dark Queen) and their own plans for domination, and these plans do not include any respect for Wotan.  So this in itself is not a surprise, but to have this plotline and Mazone and Yamato elements is…well, it’s gotta be, the big one.

I wonder what’s going on with the Yamato copyright battles that Matsumoto is now free to do all of this?!


There’s also a report of the event [here] which is mostly photographs but I’ve culled the important tidbits.  Thus:

1. The role of Yo Haguro will be played by Keiko Han [she’s done various Leiji works, for example she voiced Yayoi Yukino in both versions of Queen Millennia]

2. Leiji Matsumoto personally reviewed and revised all the character and mecha designs so they are as close to what they should be as possible [amazing, considering the designers are both men who have worked with Leiji for years!]

3. The film will see many characters from Matsumoto’s works so far coming together [YES!]

4. The message that Leiji wants to convey in this film is that we must all work together to save Earth (global warming etc.) without regards to nationality [this reminds me of his thoughts on Venus, I wrote about this earlier this week]

~ by Haloed Bane on December 25, 2011.

13 Responses to “Christmas Goodies 1: 2013 Mahoroba Film Gossip”

  1. this interests me~

    • Now you only need to be patient. Film comes out in 2013, then perhaps DVD comes out in 2014. OMG that’s a long time!!

  2. I think it’s all gossip if Dessler is showing up. I only want to see that blue hotty in the Starblasers webcomic. Which is getting very good.

    Though with the Nish gone i who’s left to stop Leiji from playing with the Yamato gang.

    • I’m starting to think Nish Jr. and Leiji might have reached some sort of deal, whereby Nish Jr. can do 2199 Yamato as he pleases and Leiji can do his own Yamato thing as he pleases. A laissez faire deal, basically.

      I want Dessler in the movie. Aryan Smurf is a must.

      • if Dessler is in i want the movie to reveal that the reason they knew about earth is becuase Galmon is the planet the band is from in interstellar 5555.

        • 1) Yes, that would be absolutely awesome.

          2) The Crescendolls themselves should make an appearance and sing the ending song for the film. Daft Punk needs in on this.

          3) If they have a scene with Gamilas and Mazones fighting together I shall die of joy.

  3. There are so many words for this…and none of them fit.
    This is as much a wait and see as the Yamtao 2199 stuff next year…save I know the basics for Yamato 2199 already.

    Maybe they did make a deal so they could get away with using all Matsumoto’s old mecha designs.

    Or…maybe they are going for the one set they didn’t do the first time around…the step that was in the manga about Kodai’s brother…”Captain Harlock”. For that step they need Matsumoto’s permission.

    • That’s just it, Yamato 2199 is using designs that should not be allowed to Nishizaki, and Mahoroba seems to use names and plot that should not be allowed to Leiji. Some deal must have been struck.

      I don’t think Leiji would allow Yamato 2199 to use Harlock though.

      [I’m watching Be Forever Yamato now. Has anyone noticed that the Parachutists from Dark Nebula who initially invade Earth look and act exactly like the Earl of Darkwood’s abduction forces in Interstella 5555? Has this been remarked on before??]

      • I didn’t notice that, but I don’t think I paid much attention to the troopers in Interstella 5555. Seeing that Darkwood’s bodyguards were mechanical, it might pan out as the exiled Dark Nebula Empire being a place he got at least some of his tech from.

        Some Earth ship artwork for Yamato 2199 strikes me as being, I suppose remotely, simmilar to elder Kodai “Harlock’s” pirate ship in the Yamato manga. (as oppose to his actual destroyer he commanded at the battle we’ve seen to date) It is the third Earth ship type at Pluto in the offical websits’ art galley. The one that isn’t the two we’ve seen before. My lack of Japanese reading skills prevents me from knowing if this ship class has a designation.

        But maybe Matsumoto wanted to close that missing piece to his puzzle. He did it for the “be Forever, Yamato” PS2 game. Maybe he got them to do it for the new series to fit the original plot before they started cutting things out? It was supposedly going to be a 39 episode series, but they got 26 so stuff got cut. The Harlock story was one of those things.

        • Yeah, it’s hard to tell with 5555 though, because that’s such a visual tribute to everything else in the Leijiverse. The Earl himself wears something I’ve seen LaMetalian soldiers wear… Though maybe we could just think the man is a collector and he just goes around the universe collecting items and even soldiers.

          I looked at those pics in Yamato 2199, but I haven’t read the Yamato manga so I don’t know. That official website needs to get filled out, quick! The friggin project starts in April after all…

          The only way they would insert something Harlockish into Yamato 2199 would be if Leiji give a very clear green light. I think it’d have to be public in some way. Like we’d literally have to get a press release that Leiji and Nish Jr. were seen at a sushi restaurant discussing the weather, something like that 🙂

          Anyway, the staff for Yamato 2199 includes a lot of great people and it looks like it’s going to be a top-class anime, though I wonder if it isn’t a bit of a waste just doing a remake.. Though thinking about it now, maybe that’s how they got Leiji’s approval to use his stuff, because it’s a remake and not some new addition to the universe?? Now my head hurts..

    • I don’t really like the older Kodai brother he’s sort of a wimp from what i’ve seen so far.

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