Christmas Goodies 3: For Leijiverse Researchers

The other day a fellow blogger who shall remain nameless (hint: nickname rhymes with the words most frightening) pointed out that it was very difficult to navigate and find things on this blog.  Since I know that most of the research going on here is Leijiverse-related, I’ve been laboriously working on indexing my posts about Leiji Matsumoto and his works.  The result of my efforts is an Index of Leiji-Verses:

Since Leiji fans can't say no to the Queen, I've put this image on my sidebar to get people to check out the Index. This should stand out much more than a boring line with the word "Index" on it, don't you think?

If it works the way it should, a person coming into to read about the Leijiverse will be able to use this Index as a starting point.  From the Index s/he will be able to find chapter reviews, relationships between different series, discussion of themes, connections to philosophers and authors, etc.  And of course all of this linked to the actual posts.  Every single post I’ve ever tagged “Leijiverse” is linked to in this Index, and most of the posts are linked to multiple times.

For organization purposes I’ve come up with 7 headings:

1) Leijiverse Anime

2) Leijiverse Manga

3) Themes in the Leijiverse

4) The Leijiverse in Philosophy, Art, History

5) Links to other Anime and Manga

6) The Leijiverse Integrated Timeline

7) Miscellanea

Under these headings I have listed the entries alphabetically.  The first two headings consist of anime and manga titles.  The 3rd heading includes Fashion, Locales, Mechanization, Memory, Time and World War Two.  The 4th heading lists thinkers, cultures and religions discussed in my posts.  The last three are pretty self-explanatory.

I’ll admit the whole thing looks really ugly, though I think it’s better than nothing by far.  Let me address a few issues specifically:

This image serves no purpose other than to entertain me.

a) Episodic Posts – To make these easily accessible, I have listed them by episode number immediately to the right of the anime in question.

b) Duplicate Links – There are tons of these, but that’s simply because I’m trying to be very thorough.  For example, if you go to the Sexaroid entry you’ll find a sub-entry named “and Otoko Oidon” with a link to a post where I compare the two manga.  Now, if you go to the Otoko Oidon entry you’ll find the corresponding link to the same page.  It’s a bit messy, but this way people interested in either one of the two manga (but not necessarily in the other one) will find their ways to this comparison.

c) Different Versions of the Same Story – There’s a SPCH anime and a SPCH manga, there’s a GE 999 anime and a GE 999 manga, etc.  In general, when a post deals with one of the two versions specifically, I’ve listed it under that version.  If the post speaks about the franchise as a whole, then I’ve usually listed it under the anime entry.  (This goes for Space Battleship Yamato as well).  One notable exception is the Harlock Saga (anime) / Ring of the Nibelung (manga) pair.  Since the anime only covers a bit of this important manga, as a default anything about this franchise has been listed in the manga section.

d) Alberich’s Dream pages – The pages on my sidebar dealing with various topics in the Leijiverse are huge.  Instead of fully indexing them like the posts, I have listed them under the main entry to which they belong.  Thus the page on Harlock’s ships appears under the Space Pirate Captain Harlock entry etc.

Let me give a couple of examples of how this all works:

Example One:


and Galaxy Express 999 (one)

and Galaxy Railways (one)

and Space Battleship Yamato (one)

Comment: This entry is under the Anime heading.  The first thing you see is links to the 3 episodic blog posts I did on the series (for episodes 1 to 13, 14 to 17 and 18 to 26).  After that you have three links to a single post that deals with the relationship of these series to other Leijiverse shows (including the first season of GR).  The post happens to be the review of episodes 18 to 26.  So there are 4 links here to exactly the same post.  Excessive for most purposes, sure, but hopefully not too confusing and helpful for, say, someone interested in looking for how Yamato fits with various other Leijiverse shows.

Example Two:


See Millennial Queen — Unreadable Survey.

and LaMetal (one, two)

and Miraizer Ban (one)

and Space Battleship Yamato (one)

and the name “Carmilla” (one)

Comment: This entry is under the Manga heading.  Since this franchise also has an anime show and a film to its name, anyone interested in reading everything I’ve written about the subject will have to look at the Anime entry as well.  The first sub-entry here is my summary of the manga, which has its own extremely long page on my blog.  Then you have four sub-entries with various other topics.  In this case all of the links happen to be unique…


I hope this goes some way toward making it easy for would-be researchers to find what they’re looking for on my blog.  I’ll be curious to hear people’s experiences with it 🙂  I’ll end this with a blog button I made (special thanks to my wife who helped me create all these pics from an image in Maetel Legend!!):

~ by Haloed Bane on December 30, 2011.

4 Responses to “Christmas Goodies 3: For Leijiverse Researchers”

  1. this should help when i want to cross reference things like when reading the Emeraldas manga scanlation you linked to. As I was sure you said Harlock didn’t name himself.

  2. you rock for putting this together!

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