Persona 4 13: And the Love of Yuu’s Life will be…

Criticism 1: Comment about bringing smiles to people’s faces is so corny it should be illegal.

Criticism 2: Is slowly taking off your sunglasses cool?  Sure, it might be.  Is basing your new OP around it cool?  No!

Criticism 3: The Velvet Room scenes.  Here we are in episode 13 and there has been absolutely no effort to integrate this into the story.  I realize this is following the game’s cues, but the game had an excuse: the velvet room is where you switch around your settings and all.  In an anime, you need to connect this stuff sooner.

Thoughts: To even determine how I feel about this episode is giving me a headache.  The writers are very clever.  They rearrange what happens in the game (which is of course 100% first-person, centered on Yuu) so that we have a mystery that needs solving.  The problem is of course that you can only appreciate the cleverness if you played the game, and that’s a big drawback in my opinion.  I just can’t shake the feeling that this entire project is geared toward people who’ve played the game, and yet I can’t convince myself that I’m right, because it doesn’t make any sense for this anime to willingly restrict itself to that population.

Anyway, I did enjoy the episode and am especially looking forward to the next one!

P.S. The thing that that disturbed me personally, as a Chie fan, was how she gave up on Yuu so easily when it looked like he was going out with several older women.  I know this won’t make some people happy, but the only one that seemed to care was Rise!  I think a Rise x Yuu ending is not out of the question…

~ by Haloed Bane on January 7, 2012.

13 Responses to “Persona 4 13: And the Love of Yuu’s Life will be…”

  1. I wonder if part of the issue with the Velvet Room scenes is the fact Igor’s seiyuu died a few years back? Still, no reason that can’t switch around WHEN the scenes appear instead of sticking them right at the start of the OP. I feel this episode was better than the past few (not as crazy with the plot being all over the place), but it could be better handled, yeah. At least we got to see the different social links this episode?

    • “At least we got to see the different social links this episode?”

      but that’s looking it from a gaming perspective. how come you know what social links are? why are they important in the story? we’re pretty clueless unless we’ve played the game..

      • Yeah, I know. It would be nice if the anime was better geared towards people who haven’t played the game. I know a few people who haven’t played the game and couldn’t GET into the anime since they had a hard time connecting with/caring about the characters (including Yuu).

  2. yeah, i think this entire episode was fanservice for the nanako-fans who played the game.. (and i guess theyre going the way to pair yuu with rise because i get the feelng most fans want him to be with rise (or nanako), chie with yosuke, and nagato with kanji..

    well , the next episode should clear up what the non-gameplayers didnt udnerstand now, and i personnally will most likely skip through most of it.. would be kidna boring to just see soem shortened stories of those socal links, plus it involves one social link (the young mother) which i didnt finish yet cuz i dont like it XD

    im wodnering how thy will handle the end though, considering that almost all of the strongest persona youll use int he endgame are angels or fallen angels… (dammnit i wanna see helel animated! and i want a scene of the animated helel corrupting to animated lucifer~ would be awesome. seeing satan animated would be weird as hell though, considering he has 6 boobs in the game.)

    • Well, I haven’t played the latter parts of the game so I can’t even speculate on how they’ll handle it. But Chie with Yosuke is a disaster. And Yuu with Nanako seems very problematic..

      • haha, and yet people like to pair up yuu and nanako. probably because shes the only person he actually cares more for then for anyone else. that might be just fault of his otherwise pretty calm and uncaring personality and the fact theres a lot of drama around nanako though, of course^^ but fans seem to like making that connection. and well, rise actually tels him she loves him in the normal end of the game… though that might be just a “love you as a friend”, its pretty short…
        well kanji x naoto is of course as canon as it can get (which might be alittle problematic sicne you can become her boyfriend too if you decide to when maxing her social link..)

        • I thought Kanji’s social link (maybe it was Naoto’s, I can’t remember) pretty much goes against any Kanji/Naoto? I do like the pairing though, it’s interesting because of their personalities and personal struggles with sexuality and gender. (Because the game is pretty vague about Kanji’s sexuality, I think he’s bisexual.)

          I guess the way things are shaping up, we might get Rise/Yuu (she IS the Lovers Arcana), or maybe things will be shipless. My personal preference would be Chie/Yuu though.

          • I think it’s very possible Yuu will end alone. Karmic destiny for being too cool. We’ll see.

            • hm? i dint finish kanji’s link, but s far a si went it was pretty much all about him accepting his “girly” side (the fact he likes to sew and is good wth it), and gettign appreciated for it, and telling abotu his past and why he started hiding it etc.
              but yeah, i like it too. though it never really looks like naoto is interested in kanji, its fairly ovious kanji is very interested in naoto.

              but yeah, i was thinkig that too. in the game, you kinda get to choose with whom he ends up (if you end the secodn last dungeon before dec 22, you can choose with which of the socila link maxed girls he will spend christmas eve, which implies getting laid sicn eits chrstmas eve), i wonder how they will solve that in the anime. probably just gonna leave him undecided sinc eits not actualy too important for the stoy or anything..

        • Don’t give me spoilers, or warn me first!! I don’t want to know what happens near the end..

          Re: Nanako, there’s of course the imooto trend running about in Japan..

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