Mouretsu Pirates First Episode

This episode left me with the thought that the series might not necessarily be terrible.  I like the character designs, the animation was nice (though it’s a first episode so who knows what horrible cutbacks they’ll do later on) and the story was OK.  I was pretty impressed with the world-building speech at the beginning.  The names of the planets were very inventive, very (dare I say it) 999esque.

And of course the fact that Space Pirate Captain Harlock was referenced is good: the “password” that Ririka trades with her old friend is the very first line of the Harlock OP song.  Mind you, it was de rigueur for them to reference SPCH in the first episode considering the subject matter, and chances are they won’t keep doing this later on, but the mere possibility itself makes the show more attractive to me… Such is the madness of fandom.  [Already the denizens of 2ch are joking that if the show didn’t ask Matsumoto’s permission to use the OP line there’s going to be lots of trouble, since he is known to be a litigious individual~]

A Japanese blogger who liked this first episode reported that the word in Japan is that the show reeks of “old-fashioned”, and that s/he actually agrees with this assessment, but since s/he grew up watching Yamato, Harlock, 999 and Queen Emeraldas s/he likes this kind of show.  I think it’s hilarious that all of these are Leiji Matsumoto shows and yet the blogger doesn’t actually mention the man.

Anyway, this looked pretty and had its amusing moments.  The main girl just needs to lose an eye and get wounded in the face real quick and I’ll be sold 😀

NOTE ABOUT THE OP SONG: I think it’s got too much going on at the same time and yes, I know this is deliberate and experimental and what not.  I’m 35 friggin’ years old so there you go.  But I won’t criticize it any more because the lead guitarist of the Rust in Peace album worked on it and that’s my favorite guitar album of all time.  I’ll wait for the song to get a Thirtysomething Remix with 3-5 instruments instead of 135 thank you very much 🙂

~ by Haloed Bane on January 8, 2012.

19 Responses to “Mouretsu Pirates First Episode”

  1. Yeah the OP was full of noise and too many things as you said. The ED was nearly as bad. But the show itself looks nice so far with a fine start for a 26-episode run, so I am hoping they do good and probably an OP/ED change in the middle of the series.

    • I read somewhere an explanation of all the instruments and sounds that went into it. Apparently the producer is really “in” right now and this is supposed to be one of his cutting-edge productions. Anyway, yes, it’s a good start and we can hope it’s decent throughout.

  2. “And of course the fact that Space Pirate Captain Harlock was referenced is good”

    There are people who actually watched Harlock ? Come on, its Leiji Matsumoto, nobody likes that boring crap.

    • Right, right. What I meant was that it’s a good thing they referenced Harlock as a reminder to others to not watch that show by mistake. It’s the same reason Harlock is on my header, to warn people against such dreadful anime. And BTW I believe it’s working..

  3. Among my regular anime viewing crew this got compared to Irresponsible Captain Tyler. But then that’s probably partly a matter of frame of reference -three of us got into anime in the mids 2000s and the other got into it in the 90s.

    Anyhow, this was one of the new shows I really wanted to check out this season. I’m not really that sure what to make of it so far though. I feel like I need to see more before I can make too many conclusions.

    The CGI parts didn’t seem that well done for something from Satelight, but then I hear a lot of Satelight’s staff left and formed 8 Bit. That probably affected things.

    • It’s all about point of reference, definitely. I usually try to be really careful and add those little words “as I see it” “in my experience” “to me at least” whenever I discuss influences, because more often than not there’s some a shadow being cast from some anime show that I’ve never watched and that’s just as crucial or more than the reference I’m pointing out.

      I thought visually it was fine, but we’ll have to wait and see when fighting actually occurs.. I imagine though that the show is not going to be as striking in terms of SF battle visuals as a Macross or a Gundam (more resources will be allocated to making the girls look cute in the pirate outfits after all).

  4. I made my wife watch this with me, and she liked it. The fact that we have other anime to watch every week beyond Beelzebub and the Devil’s own The Prince of Tennis II is a gift from the heavens themselves.

    • Sounds like it! Let’s hope the next episode is not about one of the girls losing her panties in outer space and then being scolded by the space teacher, who’s a huge-breasted lady etc etc. You get what I mean!!

  5. As this series is by the director of Nadesico it would not be surprising for it to be laden with references and meta-references — not just to Harlock, but to history as well. It’s already off to a great start with its invocations of privateers and letters of marque. It will have its share of goofiness, I’m sure, but I expect it will also be one of the most intelligent anime in years.

  6. Some 2ch comment about the novel said something along the lines of “there is no sexual fanservice, only long descriptions about the ships”

    OH BOY

    • Wow. I’m sure they’ll add some just for the anime fans but still, it’s a good sign!

    • Spaceship fanservice can be interesting too. Some say it was the bane of the first Star Trek film, but sometimes people want a different kind of fanservice.

      • I’m into history fanservice myself, so if they spend 10 minutes talking about the ships I’ll get bored, but if they do a 10 minute lecture on the political development of the galaxy I’ll eat it up. I guess for the show to be successful they need to balance all of these fanservices.

        • I was thinking more of the “show, not tell” method. Thought 8 minutes of basically beauty passes on starships set to music might not be for everyone. Even if it is to give you the scale of your setting for the rest of the show.

          • See, when it comes to historical background fanservice, I like the “tell method” just as well! But I know I’m in a tiny minority 🙂

  7. chances are they won’t keep doing this later on, but the mere possibility itself makes the show more attractive to me

    I thought of you when this happened. I was still pretty suspicious of the whole premise at that point, and I was itching to hate on the fact that they made a facile reference; but it was a reference nonetheless and at the end of the day it really does seem obligatory to make one.

    Anyway, I found this exceptionally fun and I echo your sentiment that as long as the panties don’t start dropping a couple episodes later I’d really like to enjoy an “old-fashioned” anime with a modern sensibility.

    • If they don’t do the reference, they’re dissing on Leiji. But if they do the reference, they’re in danger of incurring his wrath. It must have been a difficult decision for them 😀

  8. […] out animekritik’s blog for some Japanese reactions, mostly summed up as “old-fashioned.” Personally, an old-fashioned […]

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