Mouretsu Pirates 02 / Persona 4 14

Mouretsu Pirates

The episode does everything right.  The story is getting set up very carefully and yet in an entertaining way, and I don’t have any bones to pick with the way things are going..  but I do want to beat up two of the characters, not because they’re being done badly, but just because of my particular tastes: Ririka and Kurihara.

(In Japan this would be the cue for someone to hit me over the head and yell “But those are 2 of the 3 main characters?!”  I’m glad I don’t live in Japan anymore.)  Anyway, either of these characters could beat me up with their pinky finger, so I’m thankful they’re only 2-D and can’t really hurt me.

Is Ririka hip and accessible or cool and distant?  She seems to be more of the former than the latter, but her eyes and her voice want to lead us in the latter direction.  Pick one!!  Also, tell your daughter to call you Mom!!  I feel like punching her.

Kurihara has a squarish face thing going that’s just ugh.  It might have something to do with parfaits and planetary gravities, I don’t really know.  But it kinda makes me want to punch her every time I see her.  Also, I don’t like seeing a character behave like that (serious, stoic, monotone) every single second of the day.  I know we’re being fed a popular database character here, I do.  And I know she’ll break out of her shell soon enough.  But I just feel that if you’re going to make a character behave like that then you’d better make her look like Rei Ayanami.  Otherwise I’ll be wanting to punch her throughout.  All in all I prefer a more mixed character à la Stocking.  [Is Gainax doing anything this year?!]

I love the ships, and I love the fact that the author behind this series loves ships.  It’s such a good sign.  Words cannot describe what a beautiful choice for a ship name Odette II is.  I imagine the Odette II’s interior was repainted by the schoolgirls, huh.  It looks like a perfect place to eat a parfait, though Kurihara please restrain yourself.

QUESTION: Is this character Indian?  If she is, is she married??  I have a couple of acquaintances from India but since every time that I meet them I end up interrogating them on the mysteries of their civilization I’d rather ask here.  Otherwise I might be the one to get punched.

Persona 4

Here we have another eminently punchable character.  Velvet Room lady, let me say this once and for all: you haven’t been given that awesome of a character design, so why don’t you stop trying to come on to the main character?  You’re not gonna get anywhere.  Drunk nurses don’t get anywhere with him, what makes you think you will?!  Please.

This was a great episode, and it manages to put the last one into context and improve it as well.  As the episode progressed I couldn’t help putting myself in Yuu’s shoes and pondering how I would have reacted to each situation.  I realized that I am an anti-Yuu.  My inclination would have been to do the opposite of what he did each time (NOT help the old lady out, DO take the nurse’s offer immediately, etc).  But then I reflected that if a cute fox had told me to do it all then I would have, because I like magical stuff like that and anyway I’d be really scared of a preternaturally intelligent fox-being cursing me or something.

So my actions would only agree with Yuu’s because of a magical element (the fox).  And since such a fox does not exist in our world then I don’t have a motive to behave like Yuu and my life is utterly different.  This is not a bad thing at all, mind you.  If you live long enough you will get a drunk nurse asking you out at least once, and as much as I love Yuu and respect his decision-making, I think 9 times out of 10 it pays to take such an offer.  Still, it’s fascinating to see this man and how he operates.  Plus the script itself is hilarious, it really is.

The only thing that was supremely disturbing was the woman with the problem child at school.  To get beat up like that, seemingly without any legal repercussions, that just doesn’t send a good message.


~ by Haloed Bane on January 15, 2012.

10 Responses to “Mouretsu Pirates 02 / Persona 4 14”

  1. I actually like Kirihara’s character design. She acts serious, but at the same time she’s fiercely guarding her parafait. I kind of like the square head too. There’s something about that shot in the OP where they show her face through the helmet of a space suit that I find hilarious.

    And I agree completely about Ririka. They’re sending two contradictory messages on her. And call her mom already!

  2. “Is Gainax doing anything this year?!”

    Yeah… Shonen manga adaption called Medaka Box in spring.

    Probably not going to be great.

    • Coming this spring!! Wow, thanks. I have a lot of confidence in Gainax, so I bet you it’ll be decent, though maybe not great, yeah.

  3. My initial suspicion on the one girl was that she’s supposed to have Indian ancestory and the people working on the show just don’t understand what those symbols are supposed to mean (or they do and didn’t particularly care since much of their audience wouldn’t). On the other hand I can’t find a character on the ANN page whose name strikes me as Indian so maybe not. Who knows.

    And yes Persona 14 is hilarious. Gotta agree that Yuu is waaay too nice about things though. In particular I don’t think I would have let that nurse drag me into hanging out at a bar like that when I was trying to do something else.

    Did I ever mention that I’m one of the people who’s watching Persona who hasn’t actually played the game it’s based on? I wonder if I’m finding it a lot fresher because of that.

    • After a lot of looking, I found a Japanese site that lists the yacht club members with small descriptions and the character Lilly Bell is described as the one “with black skin”. So I’m guessing that’s her. But there’s no other information about her.

      For Persona, I think the animators are betting on gamers loving the show because it allows them to relive the game they enjoyed so much. I love watching it. It’s good to know that people who haven’t played the game can enjoy it as well.

  4. Japan is racist. They think that people won’t know a character is Indian unless they stick a fucking dot on their head. Note how Akio (Utena) has a dot on his head, despite it being a female tradition. Not big surprise.

    (NB: I’m Indian)

    And yeah, Four-Eyes there has a strangely wide face. It reminds me of the character designs in Blue Drop. That show sucked.

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