Konna No Idol Janain?! 02: Things get Hairy

The second episode picks up things exactly where the first one left off: with Aya-sensei explaining to the girls how to be a successful young idol by explicitly pandering to men’s desires.

Sensei has the girls rattle off the list of idol “qualities” that fans like.  The first one that gets thrown out is “loli”, then “tsundere”, and the list goes on until it ends in “alien”.  Then sensei concentrates on hairstyles and how an idol group can use hair to distinguish its various members and give them distinct “personalities”.  Sensei only manages to discuss two hairstyles, and each of them gets its own catchphrase.  Thus

1. Pony-tail: the Eternal Standard

Innocuous sounding, to be sure, but Aya goes out of her way to explain that men are aroused by the exposed nape of the neck (so very touchable) and the stray hairs that are invariably formed with this hairstyle.  Also, she tells us that there’s a certain allure to a girl’s (messy) hair when she unties her pony-tail.

2. Twin-tails: the Double Arches of Worldly Passions

The catchphrase says it all.  It’s ironic that sensei teaches the girls that only the young ones should wear this, and yet the effect of wearing them is to arouse the most tempestuous desire.

My assessment of the acting continues to be the same: the main girl (=Umika) is good for the part, the other ones are OK in their supporting roles.  Aya got to do an anime meganekko interpretation which came off very forced, though ultimately that’s the script’s fault I guess.  Umika’s retort here (that sensei wasn’t actually trying to teach them anything but was just using that as an excuse to play out her own fantasies) was appropriate and funny, but not funny enough to make up for the unnaturalness of the scene…

~ by Haloed Bane on January 19, 2012.

11 Responses to “Konna No Idol Janain?! 02: Things get Hairy”

  1. Y’know, I’ve dabbled in a lot of fetishes in my time, but neck-nape has never been one of them. I blame the increasingly radicalised environment of internet pornography for the marginalisation of subtler perversions!!! D:<

    Grr, arg, etc.

    On a more serious note… I've never been able to bring myself to simply let go and guiltlessly enjoy fanservice* or the like, but there's something about this, specifically, (or perhaps your commentary on this: I'm afraid I haven't watched KnIJ myself ;)) that pushes me from, "Eh… well, I guess," to, "No, actually this is getting fucking creepy and I’m starting to feel unclean by association.” Your standard-issue, archly knowing, anime meta-discourse on this sort of thing doesn’t inspire this in me.

    Maybe it’s the fact that it’s live action. Perhaps it’s that it doesn’t seem to be a joke any more; these girls are trying to make a living off of this.

    *Well, the “sexy ladies in compromsing situations” sort of fanservice. The “symbols that mean nothing and philosophy that goes nowhere” sort and I get on just fine. 😛

    Apologies for my convoluted sentence structures. I blame the time of day. 😛

    • Actually, no, there is something else that can reliably make me feel this way: maid cafes. Not maids per se, specifically maid cafes. Something about the explicitally inauthentic nature of it all, I guess. :/

    • The fact that it’s live-action definitely makes one snap out of our usual complacency and really think about all these issues. I’m quite used to this so it’s not shocking to me, the reason being that I’ve actually lived in Japan. I remember being very shocked when I first heard the grown businessmen there debating (in all seriousness) which girl idols were the most attractive, and all the fetishes and what not.

  2. Sooooo, Aya is living out a fantasy to be Haruhi Suzumiya with a room full of Mikurus?

  3. Is this show actually as awful as these write ups make it sound?

  4. Anime recommendation for you ak: gdgd Fairies. It’s… it’s just got you written all over it lol.

  5. Where can you watch this at?

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