My Take on the SOPA Thing.

The SOPA bill is still very much an issue because clearly the thing isn’t dead, it’s just asleep.


It’s tempting to think this way: “let me check out which of the politicians that I like happens to be against SOPA and I’ll support that one”.  That sounds clever, but the politicians are way too clever for you and once you start researching you’ll realize that right now practically all the presidential candidates (both Democrat and Republican, with the possible exception of Santorum, although even his statements are not very assertive) are against the bill.

You might think this is a ludicrous situation.  If everyone’s against the thing then how come it’s out there in the first place??  Clearly, the candidates are simply trying to score political points, seeing the wave of discontent against the bill.  But as the current administration’s strike against Megaupload makes evident, there’s very little in the way of principled opposition to something like SOPA and a lot of desire to support certain lobbies and industries…


So what I suggest is you try to look for politicians who are against SOPA because they are unequivocally for freedom and they recognize that bills like SOPA systematically chip away at that freedom.  And right now quite frankly there are very few of these men and women.  Among the major presidential candidates there’s only one: Ron Paul.  I suggest if you’re an American and this SOPA thing worries you, and more importantly, if  the whole environment that generated this drive to restrict your freedom to begin with worries you, you consider voting for him.  That would be a real step in the right direction and not just rewarding politicians who blow with the wind.

~ by Haloed Bane on January 25, 2012.

12 Responses to “My Take on the SOPA Thing.”

  1. I need to hurry up and register to vote…

  2. Given that Obama threatened to veto the stupid thing before the entire matter blew up, i would say he’s definitely against it

  3. Ron Paul is so moe~

  4. Pray and pray that the bill gets vetoed and this whole stupid thing can stop! 😦
    I’m saving this link so that if my mom and dad ever want to vote against it, they can take your awesome advice. So help me, if they ever, and I mean, EVER pass the bill, I’m going to go all Emeraldas (A term dad and I use for being really angry) on them! 😡
    With prayers that this bill doesn’t get passed,

    • The latest I heard is that the bill is dead. It’s pretty much been shelved halfway through. You can rest easy..for now.

  5. Well now there is ACTA in Europe. Also SOPA is now in ireland ( OPEN is now the brother of SOPA/PIPA (….

    The government really hates us 🙂

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