Persona 4 15 / Mouretsu Pirates 3: The Truth

Persona 4

Was it alcohol that the kids drank that night?  Yes, it was.

We’ve seen this all before.  Shows have episodes with underage drinking all the time (I can’t remember a single example right now but trust me, they do).  This allows the shows to explore all sorts of characters’ relations and frictions, the underbelly of the beast as it were.  But of course underage drinking is bound to upset the censors, so the writers have to put in a disclaimer at the end: it wasn’t alcohol at all!!  This is as silly as the ending to Dorian Grey.

But here’s the deal, to do the trope correctly you have to create a misunderstanding.  Yukiko, for one, should have been told that she was drinking alcohol before she “got drunk”.  But she wasn’t.  Yukiko thought it was a regular drink, otherwise she wouldn’t have even taken a sip.  And yet the drink got her drunk.  Therefore, this was truly alcohol and not a soft drink QED.

The only evidence we have against this not being alcohol is Naoto’s statement?  Are we really going to believe Naoto??!!  Of course not.  Fine, the detective can take his liquor.  We wouldn’t expect less of Naoto, now would we.

I loved this episode.  Chie seems well on her way to becoming Yuu’s girl, there’s a hint of returning darkness at the end of the episode, there’s a fantastic love triangle developing (Teddie, Yosuke and Kanji), God’s in his heaven, etc etc.

Mouretsu Pirates

Now, this thing on the other hand…

I couldn’t bring myself to comment on anyone’s posts on this episode because I’d just end up soiling their comment threads.  I was bored, end of story.

~ by Haloed Bane on January 26, 2012.

24 Responses to “Persona 4 15 / Mouretsu Pirates 3: The Truth”

  1. The game said they were drunk off the atmosphere too, and remember both P3 and P4 have an MA rating. I love how the soundtrack in the episode was P3 based (and the Chie/Yuu scenes were great too, but they’ll probably do that with all the female party members).

    • Right, so they can’t say that it’s alcohol. But it’s obviously alcohol.

      I hope Chie wins out in the end 😉

  2. This whole “we’re saying it’s not alcohol even though it obviously is” thing can be amusing when used with a figurative wink-wink nudge-nudge in a comedic scene, but its rather annoying when used in a more serious context where it makes zero sense except for appeasing the censors (I could cite an example, but you’re currently watching the show in question and probably haven’t seen the episode in question yet).

    As for Pirates, I’ve been enjoying it despite how slow it is. There were some things I found questionable about the latest episode though, such as the idea that you can take over another ship’s systems through remote hacking (shouldn’t flight control and life support and stuff be isolated from external systems?) and the fact that the space suits lacked tethers or obvious means of propulsion.

    Also this is probably something I should have mentioned last episode, but what’s with the girls wearing short skirts in zero-g? That’s just asking for trouble. (Also this is not the first Japanese series I’ve seen do that -Starship Operators did it as well, though there it was at least hinted that the girls wore something akin to bike/gym shorts under their uniforms. (Like Pirates that show didn’t try to take advantage of the situation.))

    • To put it succintly, I enjoyed Pirates ep. 03 in principle, but not in practice. I like the idea of taking things slowly, but I’m not at all captivated by the way they’re spending their time. Thankfully, I’m very ignorant when it comes to Science and so I don’t even notice when they mess up the technical stuff 😀

      I imagine the skirts are made from some tough fabric. Or there is a gravity generator underneath the skirt to counteract the lack of gravity outside.

  3. “Right, so they can’t say that it’s alcohol. But it’s obviously alcohol.”

    Er, no. In an MA (Mature) rated game, they CAN say it’s alcohol. If the game made a point of saying they were just drunk off the atmosphere ( & ) and the anime followed suite, that’s what happened. That’s what was so hilarious about the situation.

    • I see, I see. I still like my theory better though 😀

    • A game made for the Japanese market is foremostly concerned with appeasing the domestic rating system though, not a foreign one.

      The Persona series are rated CERO-B (12 yo and above). I can’t find a detailed breakdown of CERO regulations on the web (their site only seems to have general guidelines such as “promoting underage use of alcohol and tobacco”), but as far as I know, having teenagers drinking alcohol would cause the game to be rated CERO-C (15 yo and above).

  4. there’s a fantastic love triangle developing (Teddie, Yosuke and Kanji)

    Yes! I’m shipping Yosuke x Kanji. (sorry, Teddie, you can have Nanako)

    As for Yuu, I’m rooting for Yukiko (how can you say no to her sense of humor?) but I think the Chie end is more likely.

    • Yosuke x Kanji.
      Teddie x Yukiko.
      Chie x Yuu.

      Let Nanako grow up for chrissakes!

      • what are you all talkign about? obviously teddie gets the harem end, with nanako and yosuke beeing his number 1 and 2 haremeses!

        also, mr. author.. naoto can take “his” drink? “his”?

        btw there is a recent exampel of a scene of the student-cats gettign drunk in anime on real alcohol in ano natsu to matteru^^

        • As of this episode, Naoto is considered by everyone to be male. I have no reason to suspect otherwise.

          Getting drunk in’s as popular as in real life!

          • hmmm i see i see^^ i didnt watch the episode yet, but im pretty sure int he game at this point wer already a bunch of hints as to her true identity; i could be wrong though, it has been some time. i remember this scene though; didnt rise act as if it was alcohol when she ordered the drinks? was that different in the anime? i gotta catch up…

            and yes, i guess so^^ on a side note, anonatsu is actually beeing pretty good i think.

            • In the anime Rise says she specifically asked for soft drinks, and is surprised they served alcohol instead.. I didn’t play this scene in the game so I wouldn’t know..

              • in the game, rise acted as if she ordered alcoholic drinks in the beginnign and only admitted they were softdrinks later on.. hmm… strange. dunno why they would change that. then again, alcohol censorship ges strange ways soemtiems.. liek in the german version of grandia (the first one), where “alcohol” is simply subsituted for coffee… dunno if the original or any other versions had that too.

                • I linked to the clips from the game in my earlier post, Naoto–not just Rise–states twice that the drinks are NOT alcoholic and goes onto call the Investigation Team “a pack of imbeciles” for acting so drunk off the atmosphere. 😛 So there you go. (The clips aren’t spoilers, they’re pretty much the same as the anime.) Also, Persona 3 wasn’t censored with Ken/FemC from the original Japanese (you have to play the route properly to unlock it), so I seriously doubt anything was censored in the U.S. release of P4, as well. Censorship for either game would have been mentioned by now somewhere online, since the games were out for so many years in the States.

      • Hey, Teddie needs to grow up too! It’ll work out!

        • on a side note, how in the world are you going for yukiko x teddie? yukiko is pretty much the only one otu of the group whos totally unfitted for teddie.. well, fromthe current group. i guess naoto is pretty unfitting for him a swell. at least give him rise, they are both showpeople with really positive attituds unless they get into thoughts about themselves, plus their role is very simlar at the beginning (the analyzing of enemies was doen by teddie before he joined your group, and then by rise)

          • Yukiko x Teddie comes out in my system because they’re the only two left, basically. But the thing is I’m not going for them at all. I’m going for Chie x Yuu and then everything else is pretty much whatever to me.

            • i..see? so your completely ignoring rise’s existence…

              • She had her Rise. Now it’s time for her Fall.

                • uhhh i see what you did there.
                  but its true that i wodner how the plan to actually make her visibly useful in the anime, sicne she doesnt actively fight; her job is to find the ways in the TV world and to find weaknesses on the enemies; sicne hats essential for the gameplay, you notce how important she is in the game, but i guess that stuff is reaaaaally hard to transition into anime-form sicne its no active action…

                  • true, true. she comes off as a bit superfluous in the anime.

                    • which is really sad, considering how her ability is pretty much the second most important after yuu himself.. sicne striking the enemie#s weaknesses is EXTREMELY important in the fighting system. plus gettign her social link higher will let you see more of the minimap and enemies and treasures on said map which is a lot more important thatn it may sound, sicne they also cut out the whole dungeounrunning in the anime too… daamnit they cut out all of rise’s important points, wtf?

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