Persona 4 16 / [Mouretsu Pirates Dropped]

Persona 4

Nothing wrong with this episode, nothing wrong at all~

I’m solidly in new territory with this episode (meaning I didn’t play this part of the game) so please be careful with spoilers.

How long has Kanji come, huh!  It’s going to get really complicated for him, but I’m sure he’ll get through it.  It’s kind of like a vegetarian who gets hooked on hamburgers, so he starts eating them in secret fearing he’ll get caught by his fellow vegetarians.  Eventually he starts eating burgers in the open and is really proud to be doing so, only to find out that the burgers he was eating were made of tofu all along.  Will he simply go back to being a regular vegetarian or will he instead decide to go for real beef burgers?!  Stay tuned and find out!!

I must confess something now: I’ve been interested in the legal profession for the longest time, but I’ve just been too lazy to even dare becoming a lawyer.  But now I will become a lawyer.  My motivation?  Persona 4 the Animation.  I want to sue the Velvet Room for all the precious time those two b#@!## have made me waste.  Pair of losers!

I’m already relishing final episodes of this show.  They’re going to be great.

Mouretsu Pirates



~ by Haloed Bane on January 30, 2012.

15 Responses to “Persona 4 16 / [Mouretsu Pirates Dropped]”

  1. Sad to see you dropped Mouretsu Pirates (although not particularly surprised).

    For Persona, I got a little bit farther than this, to the next dungeon I think, before I stopped (although I should resume eventually…). On a vaguely related note, have you played other SMT games?

    • Haven’t played any other ones, no. Actually, I am currently consoleless (sad and un-console-able). Hopefully later on this year I’ll be able to afford a new PlayStation or Xbox or something..

      • Ah, you should give some of the others a try if you can, in particular Nocturne (which is the latest in the main series and the only one I’ve played). It is post-apocalyptic and you’re in charge of recreating the world, you can make it into Nirvana, eliminate free will and put the angels in charge, rebel against God and a few other choices, some interesting stuff. It doesn’t have the dating sim aspects of Persona but has more of a focus on the mythology / demons. And it’s much harder.

        • You had me until the words “much harder”. I prefer easy games. Still, sounds pretty awesome.

          • Personally, I found Nocturne not as difficult as most claimed; but then again the thing about all SMT games is that their difficulty depends more on how well you understand the mechanics of fusion. In SMT, your party is comprised of fused monsters, so if you figured out Persona’s system Nocturne shouldn’t be that much more difficult.

            But for “easier”, perhaps you should take a look at the Raidou Kuzunoha series – it’s set in Taisho era Japan circa the 1930s.

  2. I haven’t seen any of the P4 anime but are you saying they fucked up the Velvet Room? Because fuck that, no one fucks up the Velvet Room.

    • Well, no, it’s just the same as in the game. But what works in a game doesn’t necessarily work in a TV show. There’s no explanation or background or anything, you get a minute of Velvet Room time at the beginning of each episode and then nothing else. They might as well have put little notes at the end of each episode with lists of Personas acquired and so forth. Boring.

      • I can just imagine Igor and Margaret showing up at the final episodes and dumping all the exposition down. So I take it no persona fusion happens?

        • I think they had a fusion once briefly, but it just doesn’t fit. It’s hard to discuss “mechanics” like that in anime without it being boring. If I hadn’t played the game then by now I’d have a very vague and fuzzy view of what Personas are. Then again, even playing the game I didn’t really care much for the theory of Personas, just which ones looked cooler~

          • well, in theory, personas are supposed to be personifications of the users state of mind.. so one really gotta wonder just whats wrong with every single persona-maincharacter to have mara (demon lord who looks like a giant green penis on a chariot) as a personification of his/her mind… also, the main protag must always be extremely schizophrenic with that logic… having 100 and more personas…

  3. Interestingly thte Space Pirates seem interesting to me. That and the actual action from episode 5 sounded a whole like like a Matsumoto homage. From the Club Presidents’ responce to the optical sighting on beam weapons at rather large ranges…like 400,000 km. (400 Megameters)

    • Too tame for my taste, though it looks like 99% of people who didn’t drop it after the first 2 eps are still watching it..

      • Well she did finally call her mom “Mom”. Also it looks like we are in for some actual piracy now. Not sure it it is tame, or just spends time making sure nothing seems like they just pulled it out of their pocket, or an “I win button” that was there but the forgot about it. Though it might be better to watch the series after t finishes so that things flow faster (rather than waiting a week to see if something happened.) But the first five episodes setup reasoning and skills that make it believable that Marika would become a privateer and how things work in their universe.

        It is slower than most. By now Arcadia would have blown its way out of someplace. But those worlds are rarely really explained. They just are.

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