Space Battleship Yamato 2199

This upcoming series looks like it’s going to be top-quality and one of the reasons I hardly ever talk it is because its Leijilessness just makes me sad.

The other reason is that as the title suggests, they’ve decided to remake the original rather than do something totally new.  I always prefer new material.

I’m not a big Yamato franchise fan anyway, and I know many of the big fans would probably prefer to see a remake of Season 1 over anything else, so there hasn’t been any reason for me to publicly discuss or gripe about this BUT now there is!

We get word that none other than Hideki Anno (Gunbuster, Neon Genesis Evangelion) is storyboarding the OP.  Now, as I wrote in my Gunbuster post series the Yamato series is an important one for Anno and so I guess it must be pretty rewarding for him to work on this project.

However, isn’t this a little sad?  They get Anno on board… do the OP?!  I get that this is done to promote sales and all, but it just makes me suffer considering what could have been.  Imagine Anno working on actual episodes of this thing.  Wouldn’t it be great!!  But oh wait, this is a remake.  Right.  Anno wouldn’t be that interested in being creatively restricted like that.  Hmm.

P.S. In related news, and to be fair and balanced, I am currently reading Leiji’s Great Yamato manga, which takes place in 3199.  Gee, 2199 is so last millennium~

~ by Haloed Bane on January 31, 2012.

13 Responses to “Space Battleship Yamato 2199”

  1. Wow. Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t the first Space Battleship Yamato the most popular anime in Japan for many years?

    Bringing in Anno just to storyboard the OP reminds me a bit of the first Superman movie were Marlon Brando had the top billing yet appeared less than 15 minutes out of the 143 it lasts. I

    • I think so. It was a huge hit in the cinemas.

      The Brando brand is powerful stuff. So is Anno I guess. Anyway, they’re going all out with this anime and it’s going to look gorgeous.

  2. There were few things that were bigger than Star Wars in the late 1970s when it came to sci-fi. Space Battleship Yamato was one of those things in Japan. Especially the second movie and series.

    There seems to still be a bit of Matsumoto in the mechanical designs and costumes. The arrow is become more of an anchor, but it is still there. Yuki’s uniform is pretty much the same as before. However the character models are not Matsumoto style anymore, save for maybe the Captain. Though we’ve only seen four so far.

    • To me the character designs look relatively Matsumotoesque. No matter, they look great and all in all I think we can expect this to look and feel very good.

      Ah, Star Wars. Star Wars ruled my life as a small kid. Star Wars and Mazinger and Ultraman. Quite eclectic I guess 🙂

  3. I’m hoping the remake will answer those random questions that seem to be there but aren’t. Especially needed if you are gaming within this universe. Such as the notion of shields on the warships. They don’t have shields, but every once in a while they seem like they have shields (like when laser fire bounces off the Gamilon warships early on…or when Yamato take huge amounts of fire from energy weapons and takes little to no damage).

    • I’m sure they’ll be more consistent than the 70s anime, definitely. Fans are much pickier these days.

    • Since the whole thing WW2 in space the ships wouldn’t have shields.
      It would be a matter of armor really. First episode Earth didn’t have weapons capable of breaching the armored hulls of the Gamilon ships. Also it would take time to sink navel battleship. These aren’t your ships from gundam that explode with one hit because somehow the whole thing is made of explodum

      • Yet the same Gamilon ships are destroyed a half dozen episodes later by fighter plane gun fire.

        However what they called a battleship in the first episode is classified as a destroyer for the rest of the show, and it actually a rather small ship even by real world standards. Something like 72 meters long. Which is shorter than a Japanese destroyer from any time after 1911.

  4. The cast and mechnical pages have updated. Looks like Yamato has some new crew members…including four more women.

    • I see, I see. There’s nothing Leijiesque about their names either. I hope Matsumoto doesn’t get around to that character page.

      On the mechanics, I like the ship that looks like it’s on skis 😀

      • Well one comes from an Arcadia City….
        I’ll be watching these new characters to see if they add anything to the story. The four women full the random roles Yuki would do later in the series when for some reason all the other women on the ship suddenly were not there anymore.

  5. Oh the new trailer looks awesome for those that remember the original. it may or may not be one’s cup of tea, but it is Yamato.

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