Konna no Idol Janain?! 04: Normal

The prof and the girls get to talking about singing, and Umika is ecstatic that now finally the lessons will come upon a topic that’s more like what she thinks idols are all about.

To Umika’s dismay, Gonda-sensei says that the most important aspect of an idol’s singing career is not the singing at all, but the crying that comes with it.  Sensei breaks crying down into three constitutive elements.

1) Timing

The perfect time for a singer to cry is when she is receiving an award at a show.

2) Gratitude

Amidst the tears, a singer has to dedicate the award to someone.  Sensei goes around the room asking the girls who is the perfect person to thank for an award.  One comes up with the teacher, another one comes up with a boy, and Umika hits on her Mom.  Mother is the right answer.  The other girls praise Umika for her utterly normal response, so normal that it didn’t even cross their minds.

Sensei teaches them how to cry.

3) Pink Mozart

Pink Mozart?!   Well, this is the title of a song by a very famous idol called Seiko Matsuda.  Matsuda is well-known in Japan for crying frequently, copiously and badly (as in, no actual tears streaming out).  You can see evidence of this [here] and [here].  The first video in the second link is particularly insightful, especially toward the end.

Pinkmozartness is thus the ability to “cry” at will for purposes of display.

Once again, Gonda-sensei’s advice for idols boils down to pretending to be innocent.  And once again Umika is the only one among the four would-be idols who is actually normal and innocent enough to be a natural at this business, except that she’s not pretending at all.  Though of course at the meta-level she is an actress in this show, so she is an idol and she is pretending (quite successfully, I might add).

Russian doll kinda thing.

~ by Haloed Bane on February 4, 2012.

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