Persona 4 17: Plotting

I really enjoyed this episode, especially in how it was paced: the resolution to the Naoto battle in the first half and the setting up of further sleuthing in the second.

The best compliment I can give to this show (and the game it’s based on) is that watching it kinda makes me want to live there.  It just seems like a nice place to be at (except the getting hung upside down part).

Now, there is one development that’s so dark and so disturbing in this episode that I hesitated to even type it down.  It’s the level of disturbing that makes people deny they saw what they saw and experienced what they experienced, so it’s pretty pointless for me to reveal it since you’re all going to violently shake your heads and proffer opposing viewpoints.

What I’m talking about is this: Yuu’s move at the end of the episode.  We know Yuu is one of them mega-playboys who seems totally natural at it.  He’s just really good at getting people to like him, but he never deliberately tries to rope people into liking him, does he?  Does he?!  I don’t see his invitation to Naoto at the end there as being totally innocent.  No way, no how.  Just after being excruciatingly nice to Kanji Yuu does what?  Go behind his back and act all cool for Naoto’s sake?  Say it ain’t so!!

I do not mean to say that Yuu wants to date Naoto.  I mean to say that Yuu wants Naoto firmly in his spiderweb of adoring fans, for what dark purpose I have no idea.  Welcome to the web, child detective~

~ by Haloed Bane on February 7, 2012.

4 Responses to “Persona 4 17: Plotting”

  1. MUAHHAHA yees, yees, gather more and more people just to get stronegr personas.. maybe he wants to unlock izanagi no ookami, lol. but seriosuly, as someone who played the game, i gotta say theres no way the way the story progresses here is yuu’s first “playthrough”, with what him having high enough stats to have all thsoe social links already, and especially the usage of beelzebub against naoto’s shadow is just plain gong totally overboard! he shouldnt be at a level high enoguh to even have that thing at this point in the story, it should not be possible except if he did a “new game +” …(oh and for the non-gamers, beelzebub is the strognest devil arcana (the social link of that nurse) persona, he has high level spells and is immune to fire, physical attacks, and somethign else which i forgot.

    also i wodner when they will have everyone else’s second form persona; (the teammate’s perosnas change when yuu finishes his social links with them); they are kidna runnign otu of time for that… i hope they dotn just leave it out.. they desperately need soem of the teammates to shine a little, too, after all.

    • The number of episodes left is pretty small, though. I don’t know how they’ll wrap up the whole Persona thing AND dedicate enough time to the velvet room etc.. Anyway, it’ll be fun to watch I’m sure..

  2. Creating a harem was pretty much my main objective when I played Persona 4 so ….

    • I was way too paranoid to do that!! But it’s interesting to see Yuu actually behaving like a player 🙂

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