Konna no Idol Janain?! 05: Blogging

So Umika is in the club room, and she starts changing from her regular school uniform into a more idol-friendly sailor school uniform (as per Sensei’s instructions).  All of a sudden she notices the side zipper on her skirt has been wide open all day long!

She tells this to the other girls and they’re all impressed that Umika can spend so much time without having to go to the toilet (since she would have realized the skirt problem if she had been to the toilet once).  It’s a good example of the insanely abnormal thought process that these girls indulge in.

Umika has to explain to them that they’re missing the point.  The fact is she just had a conversation with a male sempai who’s on the basketball team, and she’s embarrassed to think the guy might have caught a glimpse of the skirt situation.

Enter Sensei with two comments (she’s been eavesdropping):

First, the fact that Umika didn’t go to the toilet for such a long time is important, because true idols never go to the toilet.

Second, whether Umika is dating this basketball player or not is of grave importance as well.

Umika claims he’s just a friend, and all the girls forlornly confess they don’t have boyfriends.  Sensei says this is good, the reason being that idols need to feel the loneliness and sorrow of not having a partner…  Sensei then confesses she doesn’t have a guy either.

Sensei’s lesson for the day is that a proper idol needs to blog.  To the girls’ protestations that they really don’t have enough going on in their lives to blog daily, Sensei replies that they should just make stuff up.  A blog is a weapon idols wield to increase the number of fans.  [Hirano’s blog is pretty popular..hmmm…]

Anyway, the key to a successful J-idol blog is to have the word “suppin” in the title (suppin = without makeup).  The title lures men to click on the blog (because they’re curious see what the woman looks like without makeup) and women as well (since they have an evil desire to see and mock the woman without makeup).

The girls promptly go online and find a blog with the word “suppin” on the title.  Sensei tries to stop them from clicking on it and yes, it turns out to be her own blog.  Judging from the girls’ reaction (below), Sensei’s “suppin” side is rather shocking:

Umika mercilessly points out the blog has no comments.

One week later, two of the club members have uploaded their blogs online.

Hirona’s gets good marks from Sensei.  The youngest club member, nicknamed Hiroro, is clearly the most deviously cunning (she calls herself an “idol egg”), uploading pics of herself being silly and cute.

Umika’s blog has pictures of her pug.  Sensei is disappointed, but then notices Umika has one comment from someone liking her post.  And that’s all this is about: getting new fans.

We don’t get to see the other two girls’ blogs.

[From a cursory look I can tell you that IRL Umika’s blog averages over 200 comments per post, Hiroro’s about 140.  Aya Hirano’s posts garner under anywhere from 20 to 50 comments of late.  animekritik, for his part, well…it’s no contest!!]



~ by Haloed Bane on February 8, 2012.

4 Responses to “Konna no Idol Janain?! 05: Blogging”

  1. Personally I’d find it kind of odd if someone was able to go through an entire school/work day without needing to take a leak too. Then again I’ve known for a long time that my thought processes aren’t exactly normal. 😛

    Also, for some reason this post is reminding me of my experience as a Macross Frontier fanboy watching Idolm@ster. I kept wondering “What would Sheryl Nome do?” while watching that show.

    Yeah, I think becoming a Macross F fanboy has really skewed with my expectations/impressions for anything featuring idol singers. 😆

    • Interesting. I very rarely had to go to the bathroom during my schooldays. I’d go before school, and right after school, not usually in between. But girls in particular seemed to go often.

      You’ve just reminded me I need to catch up with Macross Frontier!!

  2. How many episodes do you have to go? It would be useful for me to know so I know whether I need to do any catch up to keep pace.

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