Persona 4 19: Identities

It’s funny that the animation budget for this show has shrunk so much that it reminds me of actually playing the drama portions of the game (basically, character standing with music in the background).  And of course since you can’t control events like in the game then what’s the point of watching this??

The answer to the question is that the question is wrong.  The point is not watching this, the point is listening to this!!  The dialogues and voice actors keep this show afloat.  Think about it and thank me later for my wonderful insight (or should I say, insound?!).

I was surprised to see the music girl show up here.  She actually turns up early in the game.  I remember helping her out a lot and then suddenly deciding that the relationship was too darn creepy and quitting it in disgust.

But here in the show we get more evidence of what Yuu really is.  There’s nothing at all mysterious about him at all, is there?  In this anime series, Yuu is a player.  Not “player” as in “playa/playboy/mcdaddy-o” (although he’s got plenty of that going) but “player” as in gamer.  Yuu in this show is a person playing Persona 4.  Now, if you’ve seen School Days you know that that series was all about a protagonist acting like a player in a game and suffering real-life-like consequences.  But so far Persona 4 seems to be playing the fiction as if it’s a game and not real life, so Yuu is bound to get a very happy ending.

Yosuke’s “momentary madness” didn’t surprise me at all.  He’s always had a weakness for Yuu..always.

The fortune telling incident was truly mysterious.  I wonder if Ebi will show up again before the end.  And seriously, I’d almost prefer to keep watching this kind of episode than a great big arc to some big reveal that ends up sucking.  NO SPOILERS EVERYONE!!  We’ll see what happens..

In the meantime Yuko was absolutely hilarious.  Funny, funny stuff.  She comes off as an older girl desperately trying to pass for a younger one.  And Kumata is just… 😀  [Pity we didn’t get to see Naoto in the competition.]

Next episode looks like it’s going to be awesome too!

~ by Haloed Bane on February 19, 2012.

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