Konna no Idol Janain?! 07: ZZZZZZZZZ

Today’s lesson is about the ways idol should sleep, more precisely, about the elements that go into the creation of a perfect setting for the paparazzi to sneak up on a sleeping idol “unawares”.  The point is of course that the idol is expecting paparazzi journalists to show up so it’s all about pretending not to realize this.

Sensei advises the students to leave the following items on the bedroom floor:



a mug

a discarded sweater

The idol is to leave these things around as if in a state of messiness, even though in fact she should follow an ideal set-up known as the Cassiopeia Line.  Behold:

Umika wonders out loud why don’t they just call it the “W Line” but all she gets is a cold stare..

With this Cassiopeia Line in place, the paparazzi will have no trouble drinking from the idol’s mug, sniffing her discarded sweaters (and reporting it all along in subdued tones).

Another important element for the sleeping idol is of course the clothing.  Sensei rejects traditional Japanese wear, sexy nightgowns and sweatpants in favor of plain pajamas.  And of course pajamas with overly long “moe sleeves” are even better.  Umika and Hiroro get an A+ as seen here:

This is truly an educational show.

~ by Haloed Bane on February 22, 2012.

8 Responses to “Konna no Idol Janain?! 07: ZZZZZZZZZ”

  1. So… why are you watching this again?

    On an unrelated note, did you finish with the translation of De los remedios de cualquiera fortuna on tumblr? Just wanted to mention that I loved that entire series, now that it’s over there is no point in even checking tumblr. 🙂

    • You mean, why am I watching something that’s absolutely ridiculous?? Why, I’m “doing a draggle” as they say 😀

      I think I finished that tumblr series, yeah. It should be 64 posts altogether.

      Quevedo rocks, he really does.

      • Haha, I didn’t realize I had become an action. But come to think of it, I am the guy who’s blogging Guilty Crown…

        Quevedo does rock. I’d actually never heard of him before your series, but I went ahead and read the rest of the book. It was a bit slow going since it’s so old and all the c’s are q’s and the s’s are f’s, but very clever. I have to go read some of his other stuff now.

        • It is said that if Cervantes didn’t exist, everyone would know of Quevedo today. I guess there’s only space for one 17th century Spaniard in the universal mind and Cervantes is occupying it.

          • Let me join in on the unrelated note 🙂 I wanted to thank you for Quevedo too! But is the series finished? I thought there were less than 64.

            You rock too. I was careless enough to disregard the sidebar note at first, and only got suspicious when “Quevedo” got on a more upbeat side and started playing upon words 🙂 The last one makes a real good finale.

            • I just counted now, 61. OMG, and I erased my papers on that so the last three are gone forever. I can’t remember what I had for the last few but they were good… I’ll guess they will remain 61 for now.. Thanks for reading them 😀

              • You did? I don’t believe it 😀

                On another unrelated (and somewhat belated) note, that’s a cool new banner you’ve got yourself here. I’ll surely miss the old one, but yay, it’s Captain Harlock!

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