Persona 4 20: Pingolo

The main plot takes a back seat again!!  I wouldn’t mind it all if we got the climax and resolution to the show in concentrated fashion in the last 3 episodes.  It looks like 21 will begin the final arc though…

The ping pong sessions raise a disturbing question.  You’ll notice that Yosuke and Kanji played ping pong to vent their sexual frustration after the open-air bath fiasco.  Logic then indicates that when Kuma and Yuu have their own ping pong game they are doing the same exact thing.  And yet what gets them going is Nanako’s innocent question: “Are you perverts too?”  The innocent argument would be that Kuma and Yuu are playing ping pong to forget the fact that they’ve been accused of being perverts.  But that doesn’t make sense, now, does it?  Far more likely it is that Nanako turned them on at that point and that it was that whirlwind of lust that provoked the ping pong.  And that’s of course disturbing (though a bit predictable, considering imoto romances are all the rage in anime these days and Nanako is Yuu’s imoto for all intents and purposes).

I’ve been saying that Yuu is the natural gigolo for forever, but this episode shows it in the most glaring way.  Instead of going to sleep at the inn he gets a drink and literally roams the place.  He’s a gigolo and a pervert. Of course, many couldn’t get away with this kind of behavior but Yuu can.  He offers his drink to Yukiko and she doesn’t reject it outright.  True, she makes a joke about wanting something else but I think she’ll have a sip.  I don’t think Yukiko would accept an indirect kiss from Yosuke, would she?

This begs the question: who will Yuu end up with?  Are we going to have some grand cop-out that leaves everything open?  (For example, a scenario in which practically all the cast members express their interest for Yuu, and even Nanako declares when she grows up she wants to live with him forever, and yet Yuu keeps them all on tenterhooks).  Or is the show going to force Yuu to actually choose someone and stick with him/her??  If I had to bet I’d still put my money on Chie but I’m much less sure about it than I was ten episodes ago 😦

~ by Haloed Bane on February 26, 2012.

2 Responses to “Persona 4 20: Pingolo”

  1. While I’ve been enjoying this show a fair bit I can’t say it doesn’t have issues. Pacing is one of the big ones. While I can understand why they put a lot of the persona battles early on and a lot of the lighter hearted stuff later, it still seems kind of off to be doing so much filler this late in the series’ run.

    • Objectively speaking I totally agree: the pacing is horrible. If these people were going to Pacing School they’d have totally flunked. It’s almost as if they changed their minds on how the show was going to work halfway through. But I have enjoyed these last 7 episodes, say, more than the first I can’t really complain.

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