Harlock Origins (Research Material)

As we await with trepidation the opening salvo of the Matsumoto Restoration (=Ozma, 9 days from now) it is fitting for us to look back and research Captain Harlock’s origins.  Leijiverse Integrated Timeline creator Mandel comes to our aid again with a couple of projects on just this topic.

Monchhichi Harlock is always relevant.

First we have an adaption of the 1970 manga short Great Pirate Harlock, of which I’ve written [here].

Then, he brings us his adaptation of the entire Harlock Saga / Ring of the Nibelung manga, of which (excruciatingly) more [here] and [here].  [this in a torrent, BTW]

So we have a seminal story in the Captain’s development and the tale of Harlock’s childhood and tutelage under his father!!

And as a bonus the latest edition of the Leijiverse Integrated Timeline (3.04) is bundled in with all of this!!!


~ by Haloed Bane on March 7, 2012.

6 Responses to “Harlock Origins (Research Material)”

  1. Question A.K. Did you know about these statement:

    “”Ozma” is gaining a lot of attention in Japan after it was revealed that the anime was actually written in 1980, and it has taken over 20 years for it to be revealed.”

    “According to Nikkan Sports, Matsumoto Leiji’s unpublished work “Ozuma” was announced to get a TV anime adaptation. Matsumoto wrote the draft script of Ozma in the 1980s but it hadn’t been animated. Satellite TV channel WOWOW proposed him to animate Ozuma as the 20th anniversary project of the channel.”

    Jesus I didn’t know this crap.

    • Yeah, that was in the ANN report when we first heard of it.

      To me, quite frankly, it sounds like a made-up story to pique people’s interests but who knows? It might be true. I even read somewhere that the script had been lost and recently found. It’s a miracle!!

  2. Hi, I just wanted to let you know that the mf link is dead – Is a re-upload possible?

    • I’ll check..

      • Should be up now. Mind you, the LIT isn’t bundled anymore but stay tuned to this blog and you’ll find a nice surprise very, very soon…

        • Thank you! And I’m looking forward to your surprise. ^_^

          I tried torrenting Harlock Saga, but it looks like no one is seeding it, or it’s not working for me.

          Is there some way to load the individual pdf files as downloadable links? You don’t have to, since the whole file is huge, but I was really looking forward to reading HS beyond where the OVAs stopped. I remembered watching to the end and thinking, “That’s it? There has to be more to the story!” I’m sorry if it seems like I’m pestering you about this, but your coverage of the HS manga only made me more curious. -_-;

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