Ozma Promo Vids

There are two PVs on the Ozma website [here].  Please watch them!!  My translations are below.

The 15-second version on the left has the following text on screen:

WOWOW’s 20th Anniversary Series

A phantom scenario written 30 years ago

comes back to life: an unprecedented spacetime romance

Then the voiceover says:

WOWOW’s 20th Anniversary Series: Leiji Matsumoto’s Ozma

The 30-second version on the right has Leiji Matsumoto say the following:

WOWOW viewers, I am Leiji Matsumoto.  Ozma is a film scenario that I penned about 30 years ago and has been sitting inside a desk drawer all this time.  Everyone please have fun watching it.  I will also have fun as I do my best producing it.

Then the voiceover says:

WOWOW’s 20th Anniversary Series: Leiji Matsumoto’ Ozma will begin on March 16th!


A very quick comment: the word “romance” here is ambiguous.  It could refer to a love affair but it could also mean and adventure.  It could also mean both.

QUESTION: Has anyone heard of any plans for a fansub???

~ by Haloed Bane on March 10, 2012.

4 Responses to “Ozma Promo Vids”

  1. I became more interested in this after reading your recent post on his interview. Fascinated to see how this turns out considering the path it’s taken to manifest.

    No clue on fansub, I don’t quite follow that realm anymore and fansubwiki has an empty slot for groups. ^ ^

    • Oh oh oh. I hadn’t gone to fansubwiki… Hmmm….let’s hope someone picks it up. At this point I’m not even sure if we’ll be able to even watch the thing.

  2. Consider me interested. I do hope it get’s picked up by someone, or better yet, licensed and released.

    • I think it’ll have to be a fansub. I don’t see even crunchyroll picking these 6 episodes up..

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