Persona 4 22: Chromatic

So evidently the series colorist won the lottery last week and was gracious enough to spend it all on the production of this episode.  However, he was so stubborn that he wouldn’t share the money on the animation or the art, he just put all of it into the colors.  All right, I’ll admit I just made this up but it makes sense to me.  What a rainbow we have this week!

Around minute 15, Naoto interrupts Yuu’s “point-scoring session” and tells him he’s really unique.  Call me innocent but I actually believed that Naoto was about to unmask our protagonist.  “You’re really something, huh.  You just go around telling people what they want to hear and pocketing all of these Personas.  I’m onto you!” etc etc.  Alas, I was utterly wrong.  Naoto has fallen hook, line and sinker, and the nouveau riche colorist has made sure to make her cheeks blush an extra two shades of crimson:

Naoto is silly-putty right now, and she ends up apologizing to Yuu, who replies with a befuddled look: “Don’t worry about it.”  My perverted pun radar immediately detected something here, but it was so perverted that I thought I was the only one who would spot the pun (which would mean it wasn’t a pun and I was just a pervert).  I should have known that 2ch’s radar would be as good as mine, as several people commented on the same thing.

The thing is that in Japanese Yuu says “okamai naku”.  This is a polite expression, where “okamai” roughly means “worry” and “naku” roughly means “not”.  The whole thing is thus literally “Worry not” or “No worries”.

If you say this quickly, as people normally do in conversation, this sounds the same as the phrase “okama inaku”.  “Okama” means “gay person” and “inaku” can roughly mean “isn’t” or “there isn’t”.  Add Yuu’s puzzled look and it’s almost as if he’s asking Naoto “Aren’t you gay?”  Since Naoto cross-dresses and acts like a boy, and yet here is acting like she’s gota crush on Yuu, it all kinda makes sense.  I wonder, I truly wonder, from the bottom of my heart I do wonder, if this is all accidental or the writers were being mischievous here.

As for the ending, well, wow.  I’m eager to see what happens next week…

~ by Haloed Bane on March 11, 2012.

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