Macross Frontier 23-24: Shame on You, Luca

After watching the first five minutes of this episode (and that’s even including the OP) it’s absolutely clear: Alto and Sheryl slept together last episode.  Wow.

So this seems to be setting up for a happy ending, huh.  Sheryl and Alto, Brera and Ranka.  Sure, Brera plays the harmonica but I think Ranka is a forgiving human being and she’ll let that one pass.  In fact, allow me to propose the theory that it was Brera’s awful harmonica that suddenty turned the Vajra against Ranka after things seemed to be going so well.  Before you dismiss it, consider that my other theory (that Ranka was part Vajra because she had green hair, though her mother had green hair too oh well forget it then) turned out to be right, according to Leon in this episode.

[Wasn’t it disappointing not to see Child Brera’s exposed chest?  No, it wasn’t.  Thank you animators, thank you.]

15 minutes in the Brera x Ranka connection grows even stronger.  Cybernetic Oniisan Romance?  Bonus!

Is Alto’s flashback cum interpretation of his entering the SMS accurate?  I can’t really say, but it’s clear that Ranka is strongly on his mind now.  This is where the question of whether Alto and Sheryl slept together becomes relevant.  A certain type of men is known for valuing women they haven’t (yet) bedded higher than those they already have.

It’s amazing that after complaining so many episodes about the love triangle focus now I’m more interested in how these relationships are going to turn out than in the Vajra deal…  Like for example: what will happen to Klan?!  I don’t see a happy ending for her at all 😦

Episode 24

Luca’s kiss is unethical.  I don’t care for sentimentalities here, this is highly unethical.

I love the song duel in this episode.  Ranka’s music is clearly superior from a biological standpoint, and in a wacky way I see Sheryl’s costume change (into a skimpier outfit) as an attempt to make up for the gap.  Alas, the Vajra aren’t very sexy beings at all and they still prefer the fully clothed Ranka.

As an Evangelion fan, this kind of situation always reminds me of that.  I know Eva is nowhere near being the only show that does this, but Giant Rei immediately comes to mind.  [Ghostlightning agrees with me here] While we’re at on the topic, Luca’s kiss reminds me of Shinji and Asuka if you know what I mean.  I don’t see Shinji being more culpable than Luca, do you? The whole battle sequence looks lovely, BTW.

What’s most amazing is that Sheryl gets to see Alto’s dogfight on the big screen.  I can kind of understand how a big screen picture of the fighting could motivate Sheryl to sing better and stronger, but who had a camera pinned on her lover?!  And if someone did, why would they?!  For military reasons the rational move would have been to keep Sheryl unaware of any injury or dearth on Alto’s part for as long as possible.

By the end of the episode it would seem Sheryl is in shock and the Vajra are going to have a field day.  Ranka needs to snap out of it, play the diplomat and have both humans and Vajra coexist peacefully.  Hopefully some day we can have Vajra plating pumpkins and what not on Macross Frontier.  I do believe those Zentraedi could use the competition 😉

~ by Haloed Bane on March 13, 2012.

15 Responses to “Macross Frontier 23-24: Shame on You, Luca”

  1. Guys who wear skin tight shorts steal kisses from unconscious girls. This is a known fact 🙂

    Having said that, I cannot quite bring myself to compare Luca kissing Nanase to the Shinji/Asuka special. I think Shinji took it a BIG step further.

    • But he didn’t actually touch Asuka, did he? Luca’s is worse in that sense. Who knew Luca was a little pervert?

  2. I don’t think Luca stole a kiss like a creep would cop a feel. I’m fully convinced he thought he was giving something than was taking something away.

    But who knows, maybe he went for her cannons when we weren’t looking.

    As for you getting into the triangle shenanigans more than the Vajra stuff, it’s just as planned.

    Macross is a love triangle set against the backdrop of great battles. This is its primary narrative difference vs. Gundam and other “Real Robot” anime (militarized robot shows). Among the sequels of Macross, Frontier is the most committed to this ideal.

    • Giving something? That’s even creepier!!

      Is every single Macross series about a love triangle, or just most of them??

      • Love triangles are considered a staple of Macross shows. All Macross anime have at least one. Their composition and prominence vary considerably however. Macross Plus switched the triangle’s gender ratio for instance, while Macross Zero could be said to have a token love triangle. Token in that eleven year old Mao Nome wasn’t going to stand a chance against her older sister unless Shin Kudou was a lolicon, which he thankfully was not.

        Speaking of Mao Nome, Episode 24 confirmed that Sheryl is indeed her granddaughter (so obviously she moved on from losing the triangle in Zero). Fans had been somewhat divided on that, probably because there isn’t much of a family resemblance.

      • Not necessarily creepier.

        I kiss my parents, wife, siblings, my child when they are asleep. Sweet dreams, my love goes with you, etc.

        As for love triangles:

        SDFM/DYRL: Misa Hayase x Hikaru Ichijou x Lynn Minmay
        Macross Plus: Guld Goa Bowman x Myung Fang Lone x Isamu Alva Dyson
        Macross 7: Gamlin Kizaki x Mylene Fallnya Jenius x Nekki Basara

        It is fundamental to the franchise.

        • These people are your family, though!! Luca and Nanase are not a couple, or did I miss that development?

  3. One of the more significant developments in Episode 23 in my mind is Alto saying that he “may have been running away” and was “pretending not to notice certain things.” I like the idea that Alto is not as dense as he may have seemed, but was deliberately failing to acknowledge certain things (like say, Sheryl and Ranka totally having the hots for him) because he had other issues to work out. Viewed this way his character development at this point in the series can be seen as him coming to the realization that he no longer has time to mess around with his own issues and needs to start making some decisions about what’s truly important to him (and that applies to more than just the love triangle).

    Of course that Episode 23 rooftop scene it rather ambigious in many respects, at least to someone like me who has little knowledge of Japanese and has to rely on fansubs.

    Speaking of fansubs, I believe there have been more than one translation of one of Sheryl’s lines during that dressing room scene in Episode 24. According to one translation she says “Let’s save the lover business for later” while a different translation has her saying something along the lines of “Let’s call an end to this pretending to be lovers.” Quite a significant difference.

    • I’m reading your comment after having watched episode 25, and sadly I think any chance of Alto developing along the lines you indicate was completely dashed at the end.

      IIRC what Sheryl says in ep. 24 is closer to the second translation: “let’s stop playing this game of being lovers”.

      • I think Alto actually had moved past some of his issues and started making decision about what was important to him in Episode 23 in particular. Then they sort of ruined it with the series ending and it’s apparent reset.

        Now I’m actually kind of glad that Alto didn’t end up following through on that thing about killing Ranka if it became necessary to protect Frontier, but it might have been nice if the ending hadn’t trivialized his developments in these later in the game episodes. Getting over his daddy issues and admitting that his home was not simply a cage and was worth defending were big developments for Alto.

        Plus I still like the idea that he was aware of more than he let on. 😆

        • Characters are at the mercy of writers, and writers are at the mercy of directors and producers, and god knows what those guys are thinking 😀

  4. Well yeah this anime have lots of “what if’s” etc.but about saying things about the triangle is that none of them are official dating or seriously hangign out with each other rather than OK let’s be this for a while and after this war let’s hear out what’s concerning matters in this triangle..
    Sheryl does say that stop pretending to be lovers coz she knew that alto didn’t say a thing on how he really felt for Sheryl rather than that talk some other time and emotion less on hearing out rankas confession so it’s leaving there hanging!!
    And on the sayonara no tsubasa,, alto did confess without expliciting how things have happened!! Although the fact that yeah their are signs of love interest in each part,,so I must admit,,they should create a 3rd movie of this and a season 2 of the series!!!!!
    Coz honestly Im trully love this triangle goes and it’s very realistic,,,it happens a lot!!!

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