Macross Frontier 25: The End


Let me get this straight: Sheryl doesn’t have a hold on Alto at all.  Ranka challenges her for the dude and not only doesn’t she slap her down but she accepts the challenge (and implicitly recognizes they’re both equals in their pursuit, even though it’s abundantly clear that Sheryl has already given her body up to Alto).  But that’s not all.  What is Alto up to?  He’s in the sky flying about with no concern for tomorrow.  Alto, my friends, is in love with the sky.  The two girls are nothing to him.  Sure, he’s grateful for them but why?  Because they helped open up the sky for him.  Dude literally tell us this.

So in a nutshell: we’re back to square one romantically speaking.  Except, that is, for one fundamental thing, which is that the Vajra larvae seem to have vacated Sheryl’s brain.  I do hope that once she recovers completely she snaps out of it and forgets about this kabuki schnooki dude.  And then I further hope, and almost think it likely, that once Ranka has Alto all to herself she’ll wake up and realize he’s not worth it.  Alto will be left alone with the sky, but that’s just what he wants!!  HAPPY ENDING.

Alto is Alto, and he’s Alto till the end.  As I’ve written several times before, he also happens to be an all-around attractive fellow and so it makes sense that Ranka and Sheryl would be interested in him even if he has a sky fetish.  Getting saved by someone is also bound to make you like them (i.e. firemen are sexy).  Thus, this all makes sense.  However, from the standpoint of entertainment, where a TV series generally tries to reward its viewers by providing some kind of resolution to the major issues at hand, this is terribly flawed.

And Klan…poor Klan…

Anyway, it was a fun series.

~ by Haloed Bane on March 14, 2012.

14 Responses to “Macross Frontier 25: The End”

  1. IIRC there are interviews indicating that the decision not to resolve the triangle was made because the staff started to feel more and more that Alto didn’t have it in him to make that decision. This is a point of contention with some fans, as a number of them feel he was doing pretty well at being decisive in the episode leading up to the finale.

    Of course a more cynical take on it would be that the staff just wanted to leave it unresolved so that people would go see the alternate continuity movies that were already being worked on by the time this episode aired. 😆 (For the record, the second movie actually does resolve the issue of which girl Alto’s heart belongs to.)

    Now to be honest, I think it’s possible to assemble a quite logical argument as to why certain things that happened in this episode don’t preclude Alto’s heart belonging to one particular girl. Given how much Alto wanted to fly in a real sky it actually makes sense that he’d take the opportunity to do so even if he did love one of the girls. The problem however is that the series emphasized the love triangle so darn much. Because of that, a safe, ambigious “you can interpret it how you want to” ending seemed like a lame cop out.

    Though I do have to admit that back when this aired I kind of appreciated the ambigious ending because of how rabid parts of the Alto/Sheryl and Alto/Ranka fandoms had become.

    • It did seem to me that Alto had pretty much chosen Sheryl and looking at Ranka as an little sister toward the end there.

      Maybe one (smart) idea to leave this unresolved is precisely because of the factional strife among fans. If Sheryl had clearly won out, Rankaites might have been disgusted and stopped buying merchandise etc. Same goes for the Sherylites if the opposite had taken place. Ambiguity here allows all parties to continue the debate, and that’s good for the franchise..

  2. Yes, very unsatisfying “resolution” to the triangle. Of course, the Sheryl fans are absolute in declaring their victory based only on what flimsy evidence (if you can call it that) from the series.

    The rage and animosity persisted for years.

    It is all settled in the movies, which you may find more satisfying as narratives.

    The slap in this episode is one of the stupidest things I have ever seen. Completely forced symmetry. Ugh.

    One thing I meant to ask you is your take on Ranka’s joining Brera to go to the Vajra home planet. I have no doubt that her intentions are “pure.” Never mind that she got captured and used. The point of contention is that many viewers, not necessarily only Sheryl fans have no problem looking at this act, as a kind of betrayal of the Frontier Colony.

    This is in the episode where she left the funeral service she was supposed to sing in. At this point, despite the contrary results her singing did to stop the massacre in Frontier City, she was “the songstress of hope.”

    • Hmmm…if Sheryl cannot claim a victory here, I don’t see how her fans could. The most we can say is that Sheryl’s at least derived some physical satisfaction from her love interest (though Ranka might be too young to care about that).

      Ranka’s actions struck me as a spur-of-the-moment follies-of-youth kinda thing, though granted the consequences were humongous. I didn’t feel it was a betrayal though. I’m sure she thought it was all for the best.

    • Actually members of both camps were arguing how their particular girl was the winner based on supposed evidence from the TV series. 😆

      I’d recommend checking out the movies if you get a chance.. I personally have a preference for the TV series, but even I think that the movies are in many ways superior.

      And kind of agree with Ghostlightning on that slap… I think a sudden and tight embrace coupled with a “baka!” would have been a more appropriate way for Ranka to get her point across.

  3. Ah, Macross F. Never had I seen a narrative with such breathtaking disregard for resolution. Honestly, it’s something of an achievement in just how completely it fails to provide a satifying ending.

    They should have received an award for it.

    • You know, as a Matsumoto fan I shouldn’t be complaining. There’s about 17 million Leiji OVAs with up-in-the-air endings, though that’s mostly because the producers never animated the stories till the very end.

  4. So eventually Ranka and Sheryl will fall madly in love with each others voices and have their own wedding. Alto will be Ranka’s Best Man and Sheryl’s Maid of Honor….or is it the other way around?

  5. Aah, the memories of the Macross F shipping wars…the horrror… the horror.

    Anyway, yes you’re right in your view that he ending left a lot of people unsatisfied ,yet maintained an interest in the franchise from non-Macross fans until the films came out.

    I think you might appreciate the films narrative and resolution more.

  6. “What is Alto up to? He’s in the sky flying about with no concern for tomorrow.”

    Pretty much. I just finished my rewatch of the 23-25 last night and recalled how disappointing some of these event were. What is difficult to come out of this episode with is who did Alto want to save, Ranka or Sheryl? He gives Sheryl a ton of attention, perhaps because he identifies with her in ways and possibly feels pity for her situation, but I think it’s the opposite with Ranka. Alto’s connection with Ranka is whimsical and pure, so the attention she receives and his desire to save her is driven from the heart more than the conscience imo. I’m not sure which makes for a better romance, lol.

    I’ve yet to see the films, but I look forward to them.

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